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Filling machine is mainly a small parts of packaging machine. According to the materials of the packaging products, it can be divided into liquid filler, paste filler, powder filler, particle filler. From the degree of automation, fillers are divided into semi-automatic and automatic filling production line. Recently with the food QS certification, edible oil manufacturers have begun to focus on product quality and packaging, so the oil filler in the production line status highlights.

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Filling Machine Importance

Filling equipment are widely used in the food industry, beverage industry, cosmetic industry. With the increasingly fierce competition in food packaging machinery, the future food filling machinery will cooperate with industrial automation to promote the overall improvement of packaging equipment and develop multi-purpose, high-efficiency and low-consumption food packaging equipment.

The filling equipment are the solid backing of the beverage market, especially in the modern market. People is increasing demands for the quality of the product, so the market demand continues to expand. The business requirements for efficient automated production, in such circumstances, fillers become a demand in packaging equipment. In addition, in recent years, with the improvement of science and technology, the domestic filling industry has also been developed rapidly, and the technical level, equipment performance, quality and other aspects have been greatly improved. In support of efficient and safe production has played an important role.

How to choose the best filling machine?

Reasonable choice of filling equipment is an important way to ensure product quality and improve economic efficiency. In general, liquid fillers should be linked to the actual production closely. Try to choose high quality, high efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance, small size, light weight liquid filling machine. Filling solution knowledge in the choice of filling machine, should follow the following principles.

  1. First of all should be based on the nature of the filling material (viscosity, foaming, volatile, gas, etc.) to choose the appropriate filling equipment to meet the production process requirements.
  2. The level of productivity directly reflects the production line capacity. So the higher productivity, the better the economic benefits it produces.
  3. Filling process range refers to its ability to adapt to different production requirements. The wider the process, the more packaging equipment can be used more efficiently

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