How to deal with common issues when using a powder packing machine?

As a filling and packaging machine manufacturer, we’ll tell you about the most common problems with automatic powder packing machines and how to fix them. Using the packing machine may also lead to some problems. When buying this equipment, you should look for one made of high-quality materials, well-built, and comes from a company you can trust. Powder packing machines are easy to use and run, but if you want to be prepared, you should know that you might run into some problems as you use them. How about we look at the most common issues? How to deal with products that come in bad packaging?

Running and Leaking Powder

During use, there will be problems with powder spilling out and leaking. In fact, the seal needs to be used in a certain way for it to work as a seal. It is also a problem in the business of making packaging machines. But as new technologies and methods improve, this issue is being handled. New innovate, cut down on dust, and avoid bigger losses. You can also see how changes are made to the structure as it is being made.

Poor Packaging Performance

If the equipment breaks down, the packaging won’t work well. That is why it is best for professionals take care of the powder packaging machine. Not only will you know where the problem is, but you will also be able to fix it quickly. If we do excellent work of checking and maintaining the packing machine every day, it won’t break down and will be very safe to use.

To do an excellent job with powder packing, examine the different types of powder packing machines thoroughly, with a professional if possible. After buying the equipment, you may fix bugs and test it to see its real packing effect. If the packing result is excellent and the operation and use are effortless, it is a safe choice. After adjusting to your production needs, packing machines can now wrap routinely, which greatly cuts packaging costs.

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How does the Automatic Powder Packing Machine Prevent Explosion?

Explosion-proof motors make it simple to prevent an explosion. We all know that food is vacuum-packed by a machine called a vacuum packing machine. So, how can we actually pack powders? Many people don’t believe it because the powder can explode, which is very dangerous, and regular packaging tools can’t be used.

A dust explosion is the fast dry distillation or gasification of suspended dust by a heat source to make combustible gas. When mixing the combustible gas with air, it will burn. The explosion-proof vacuum packing machine mostly applies in packing powder and has an explosion-proof motor. Dust that is not likely to cause an explosion includes soil, sand, iron oxide, abrasive materials, cement, quartz dust, and dust that is similar to smoke.

Explosion Guide

First, we need to look at how explosive dust is put into groups. In general, dust that can cause explosions includes aluminum powder, zinc powder, ferrosilicon powder, magnesium powder, iron powder, and aluminum processing grinding powder. Various plastic powders, intermediates of organic synthetic drugs, wheat flour, sugar, wood chips, Dyes, bakelite ash, milk powder, tea powder, tobacco powder, coal dust, plant fiber dust, etc. Strong reducing agents like H, C, N, S, and other elements are in the dust of these materials. This makes it easy to catch on fire and cause an explosion.

Moreover, these elements break down and create oxidation reactions when they are in the same place as peroxides and explosive dust. A big amount of gas, or a small amount of gas that burns and gives off a lot of heat. As long as carbon dioxide is in the air and aluminum powder is in it, there is a risk of an explosion.

How hard it is for the dust to explode depends on the dust’s physical and chemical properties as well as the environment. Most people think that coal dust, carbon, and sulfur are more likely to explode. This is when they burn at a high temperature. Substances that burn quickly, like magnesium powder, aluminum powder, ferrous oxide, dyes, etc., are easy to blow up. Dust that is easy to charge, like synthetic resin powder, fiber dust, starch, and so on, is also easy to explode. Static electricity builds up when these materials that don’t conduct electricity rub against the machine or the air. They will discharge and make electric sparks when they reach a certain level. These sparks are what starts the fire that causes the explosion.

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