How To Maintain Sauce Packaging Machines?

This automatic sauce packaging machine is a compact equipment for filling sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juice, milk, and other liquids into sachets. For the liquid filling, polyethylene film or a pre-made bags are used. This machine can automatically make bags, fill them to a certain level, print ink, seal, and cut them.

Sauce Packaging Machine Feeding System Composition

This sauce packaging machine has a system for feeding the sauce, mainly made up of a barrel and a sauce pump. This feeding system only has a liquid pump connected directly to the liquid silo by a feeding pipe. The sauce pump comprises of a feeding pipe, a rotary valve, a rotary valve cylinder, a measuring cylinder, and a material pushing cylinder. The main parts of the liquid pump are a feeding pipe, a plunger valve, and an intake pipe.


sauce packaging machine


How to clean and maintain the sauce pump?

Many materials will be left in pipes and other spaces during daily production. So, every day, the feeding system of the sauce packaging machine needs cleaning. First, run clean water through the sauce body blanking system until the water that comes out of the system is no longer cloudy. Then, remove the barrel and feeding pipe. Clean the inside of the barrel and feeding pipe, and clean the rotary valve to eliminate any leftover materials.

How to clean and maintain the liquid pump?

Because the structure of a liquid pump is pretty simple and the liquid flows well, it will not get stuck very easily. Most liquid pumps clean with water. After taking apart the feeding pipe and the feeding pipe, clean the plunger valve when the water that comes out is no longer cloudy.

It is important to clean and maintain the sauce body and the liquid-blanking system every day. Because this type of blanking system has a simple design and is mainly has bearings and cylinders. So, the mechanical parts of it don’t need much upkeep.

All of the above information is about how to take care of the automatic sauce packaging machine as a whole. This includes the main parts of the sauce packaging machine’s feeding system. How to clean and maintain the sauce pump, and how to clean and maintain the liquid pump.

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