How To Make Mayonnaise?

how to make mayonnaise


These days, you can whip up a batch of mayonnaise using a fork, whisk, or even a blender. Oil is slowly added to an egg yolk while constantly whisking. The egg yolk is then beaten to mix in the oil. The oil and water in the yolk are the base of the emulsion. While the lecithin and protein in the yolk are the emulsifiers. The strength of the bonds between oil droplets is a result of both van der Waals forces and electrostatic forces. The thick consistency of mayonnaise comes from the combination of two forces between molecules. Mustard, which already has small amounts of lecithin, is added to improve the taste and make the emulsion even more stable. Straight vinegar can be added to the egg yolk to make more mayonnaise.

A mayonnaise machine is used to prepare mayonnaise on a large scale. Either liquid or powdered eggs are first added to the water. The additional components are added once the emulsification process is finished, and the mixture is well stirred to hydrate and distribute all of the new ingredients. Oil is then pumped in as soon as it can be absorbed. Components other than the oil are crucial to effective formulation, despite the fact that they make up a very small portion of the overall. Properly hydrating and dispersing them within a very small volume of liquid may cause issues, such as emulsion breaking during the oil-adding phase. The extended agitation required to generate proper dispersion or emulsification is one of the most challenging aspects of production. Thanks to developments in food technology, it is now possible to produce 1,000 liters of mixtures in only 10 minutes.

Mayonnaise Machines for Large-Scale Production


mayonnaise making machine


Mayonnaise Mixer Machine

This mayonnaise mixer machine has a high-speed emulsifying homogenizer, an external loop device, and automatic pneumatic valve control. The finished product is of excellent quality and tastes delicious.



Mayonnaise Filling Line


mayonnaise filling machine

This mayonnaise filling machine applies to other high-viscosity products, such as sauce, honey, paste, etc. The speed is adjustable depending base on how much production you need.



Makwell provides you with several customization choices for our mayonnaise machine. To complete your packaging system, choose from a variety of sizes, layouts, and setups. We can help you choose the right equipment and develop a system that will operate optimally in your business.

Let us know if you need help planning, designing, and installing a turnkey system that includes mayonnaise filling machines and other equipment. We may be able to offer you a number of extra services to keep your production line running smoothly!

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