How To Solve Problems When Using Mayonnaise Making Machines?

Industrial mayonnaise machine uses advanced technologies in the manufacture of mayonnaise. It is a fully automated system that is made up of compact mixing tanks and buffer tanks. The design makes it easy to clean and maintain. Modern technology and a modern approach to designing the whole plant can mean production costs will go down.

This mayonnaise machine has a vacuum emulsifier, an essential and unique piece of machinery in the mayonnaise production line. It is also used in many other industries, such as cosmetics, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. It mixes, emulsifies, and homogenizes materials in a vacuum to make mayonnaise of high quality.mayonnaise making machine
During normal production, the operator may forget to check how the equipment runs. So, when the technicians from the regular emulsifier manufacturers go to the site for debugging, they will stress that the operator should pay attention to how the equipment works to avoid misusing it and should check the status of the equipment at all times so as not to break the rules. Damage to equipment and loss of materials is caused by the operation.
Carelessness can cause problems with the order of starting up and feeding materials, the cleaning method and the choice of cleaning supplies, the feeding method, the treatment of the environment during the working process, etc., such as foreign objects falling into the emulsification by accident during use.
Boiler damage, incorrect operation sequence leading to the scrapping of trouble and materials, spillage of materials during hand feeding, and human safety issues like sliding and knocking with objects, etc., are all simple to miss and more complicated to analyze later on. The operators need to improve supervision and safety measures. Also, if there are strange happenings at work, like strange noises, smells, or sudden vibrations, the operator should check it immediately and handle it the right way.
  1. Keep the vacuum emulsifier clean and sanitary regularly.
  2. Electrical maintenance. The equipment and electrical control system must be clean and hygienic. Moisture-proofing and anti-corrosion work must be performed effectively. The inverter must be appropriately ventilated and dust-dispersed. If this part is poorly handled, it might significantly influence the electrical equipment and cause it to burn out. Before doing electrical maintenance, turn off the main gate, lock the electrical box with a padlock, and ensure reasonable safety signs and protection.
  3. Heating system. Both the steam trap and the safety valve should be routinely inspected to avoid blockages caused by debris as well as corrosion, contamination, and failure of the valve.
  4. Vacuum system. In the process of using the vacuum system, especially the water-ring vacuum pump, rust or debris can sometimes cause the rotor to get stuck and the motor to burn out. In daily maintenance, checking to see if the rotor is blocked is essential. The water ring system should make sure that water flows smoothly. If the vacuum pump stops working when you try to start it while it’s being used, stop it right away and try again after cleaning it.
  5. Sealing system. The emulsifier has a lot of seals. The mechanical seal’s moving, and stationary rings should be changed regularly. How often the equipment is used affects the length of the cycle. The double-end mechanical seal should always check the cooling system to ensure that a problem with the system doesn’t burn out the mechanical seal. The skeleton seal should be chosen based on the material’s properties, and it should be replaced regularly according to the maintenance manual.
  6. Lubrication. The user manual will tell you how often to change the lubricating oil in motors and reducers. Check the viscosity and acidity of the lubricating oil ahead of time if it is likely to be used a lot, and change it before use.
  7. Whenever you use the equipment, you must send the instruments and meters to the proper departments to be checked. This is to make sure that the equipment is safe.
  8. If the vacuum emulsifier makes a strange sound or does something wrong while running, it should be stopped immediately. It should then be turned back on after the problem has been fixed.

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