How to Troubleshoot a Tablet Capsule Counting Machine?

Capsule Counting Machine


Ideally, a tablet or capsule counting machine should be reasonably dependable, particularly the fully automatic and semi-automatic models available for the pharmaceutical industry. This ensures that while you are using it, you won’t have to deal with any annoying problems that keep cropping up.

Nevertheless is possible that you may encounter specific problems from time to time, most of which should be straightforward to resolve. The following is a list of solutions to issues that often arise with tablet and capsule counting machines:

Jamming of Tablets/Capsules

High speeds are often the culprit when tablets or capsules get stuck in the machine. In order to avoid this issue, make sure that the vibration of both the feeding track and the vibrator are under control.

Misaligned Bottles

It’s possible that the timing of the bottle was off, causing the bottles to be misaligned. The control panel is where the necessary corrections are made in this case. In addition to that, the fact that the dropper is not aligned with the opening of the bottle may also be contributing to this issue.

Changing the dropper station is the solution to this problem. You could also need to modify the distance between the rails of the conveyor belt, as this might be another source of the problem.

Slipping Bottles

A sluggish opening of the bottle holder could cause the problem. Changing the bottle and increasing the passing period via the parameter setting page in the control unit is the most effective technique to resolve this problem.

Counting Errors

Such inaccuracies might be caused by inaccurate counting and end durations. Change the channels on the settle page. In addition to that, you need to adjust the photoelectric time while ensuring that the unit is in milliseconds.

Tablet/Capsule Spillage

The capsules either pour out or spill out because there is a large distance gap between the mouth of the bottle and the mouth of the filler dropper. This causes the capsules to flow out or spill out.

Check to see that the height of the filling dropper and the space that corresponds to it between the mouth of the bottle and the filler dropper are both less than the diameter of the capsule or bottle.

Miscounting Sensor System

It is possible that the problem is caused by dust that has accumulated on the sensor. In order to fix the issue, you only need to clean the sensor. In addition, the counting sensor in your machine can lose some of its sensitivity.

Turn the sensor’s little adjustment knob, which can be located on the device’s circuit board, until it starts to function normally to restore it to its prior condition.

Alarm Sounds

There are several triggers for an alarm to sound on a machine. the tablet and capsule counting machine have the ability to raise alarms for a variety of causes, including the following:

  • You are responsible for addressing the lack of bottles by providing the necessary bottles.
  • It’s likely that you’re using white bottles that release an intense amount of light. Turn off the light as a solution to this problem.
  • Dust buildup could have made the sensor’s sensitivity less sensitive. Clear the sensor of any dust. Make careful to light up the area and clean the sensor to get rid of any dust.
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