Ketchup Filling Machine

Type: Automatic Ketchup Filling Machine
Power: 1.5KW
Voltage: 220V, 50-60Hz
Filling Nozzle: 8 Nozzles (customized)
Capacity: 50-1000ml
Dimension: (L)2000mm X (W)1050mm X (H)1970mm
Weight: 650KG(customized)
Speed: 15-100bottles/min

Ketchup Filling Machine

This ketchup filling machine fills fluids with different viscosities with the help of a piston. An in-line structure is used to build this equipment. The number of filling heads is adjustable to meet various production needs, such as 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, or 20. The filling system uses a servo motor that can be operated directly through a touch screen to provide high filling accuracy.

Aside from filling thick liquids, this machine is also used as a honey filling machine, sauce filling machine, etc., to fill food products. It is widely used in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, personal care, and many other industries.

beverage bottle filling machine

❶  The ketchup sauce filling machine uses a touch screen PLC programmable control system.

❷  Auto-bottle feeding, bottling, and filling are all automated processes.

❸  The filling nozzle dive is filled using a double-ball screw rod.

❹  Servo motor drive and double screw-rod drive are used. Control the movement of the piston rod to make sure the filling stays steady.

❺  Use this machine with a capping machine and a labeling machine to build a manufacturing line.

❻  It has optical, mechanical, electrical, and gas properties all in one. Easy to use and operate.

❼  Ketchup filling machines have a steady and dependable operation, high production efficiency, and a strong ability to adapt to changes.

The ketchup filling machine is ideal for filling high-viscosity liquids, pastes, thick sauces, such as;

  • ketchup
  • paste sauce
  • jam
  • chili sauce
  • beef sauce
  • chicken sauce
  • soybean sauce
  • tomato sauce, etc.

This machine is also suitable for the filling of solid food granule sauce. And handles glass, metal, paper, plastic, and other packaging materials. It applies in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, lubricants, and special industries.

automatic ketchup filling machine

Servo-Driven Piston Filler

Ketchup makers benefit from servo-driven piston fillers’ uniformity, accuracy, efficiency, adaptability, and ease of maintenance, which all increase ROI. 

Efficient and Fast

Servo-driven piston fillers efficiently fill ketchup bottles, boosting production and minimizing waste. These machines handle a lot of products, making them ideal for ketchup makers. Automatic servo control via an HMI allows for machine speed adjustment and maintenance. 

Maintainable and Easy to Clean 

These fillers are built for easy maintenance. It is simple to sanitize and clean with CIP and WIP procedures, assuring ready usage. 

The quick-fit removal mechanism allows for simple maintenance of the piston pump. 

jam filling machine

Reliable Ketchup Filling 

This piston tomato sauce filling machine has 304 stainless steel frames. Touch screen HMI and PLC control are standard, ensuring reliable, repeatable control with minimum operator engagement.

Servo motor-driven screw movement is quicker and more accurate, and food-grade stainless steel and polymers serve as materials for sanitation. The motor conveyor and indexing system for seamless handling of containers and placement are among the numerous features, including anodized metal components. 

The No Bottle, No Filling feature detects missing or wrongly positioned bottles to prevent waste and spills.

For challenging products or top-off applications, a variable, independent speed control, and dual-stage filling actuator provide accurate “no-spill” control. 

Ketchup Filling Process

The primary drive conveyor arranges and ready empty bottles before feeding into the piston filler. To make sure there are the right amount of bottles in the filling system, optical sensors check the bottles’ position as they come in. 

The pneumatically powered bottle clamping device locks the bottles in place once they are in position. This prevents under or over-filling by making sure bottles are below each filling head appropriately. A sequence of stainless steel valves goes down into the bottles to begin the filling process, which is quick, precise, and uniform. 

Once we achieve the necessary volume, the out-gate cylinder retracts, allowing full bottles to move down the conveyor for sealing. 

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Why Piston Fillers are Best for Ketchup Filling Machines? 

Automated piston filler is a very flexible filler and can fill any viscous liquids on ketchup filling machines quickly and accurately. Depending on how you want your bulk tank product delivered to the pistons, you may use a buffer tank with level-sensing floats, a manifold with direct draw, or recirculation systems. The automatic piston filler has a frame made of 304 stainless steel and can hold up to 16 fill heads. It comes with PLC controls, a touch screen HMI, food-grade parts, stainless steel, anodized aluminum construction, etc.

Using a piston filler on a production line that makes products for the cosmetic and food industries will make the process more efficient. There are more options for hygienic, hazardous, explosive, and corrosive environments.

This ketchup filling machine filler is made to be the most efficient and easy to maintain. We consider engineering, cost and availability, flexibility, and efficiency when we make the best piston filling machines for liquid packaging systems.

An important part of the ketchup-filling machine is that it uses volumetric filling for a wide range of products. In both semi-automatic and automatic piston fillers, the piston pulls back to allow a certain amount of product from the supply system to enter the cylinder, which is then filled with the chosen product. It then pushes the product out of its nozzle into the containers that have been waiting.

Because piston fillers can handle a wide range of viscosities, they are often the best choice for high-viscosity products and products with many small parts.

You can rely on excellent consistency, stability, and adaptability with a broad selection of high-quality machines. Our ketchup filling machines’ goal is to make your manufacturing process more efficient.

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