Do you know vacuum emulsifying machine?

Vacuum emulsifying machine principle: As the name suggests vacuum emulsification refers to the material in a vacuum state, using a high shear emulsification is quickly and evenly distributed with one or more of the organic phase in the continuous phase to another, the use of mechanical strong kinetic energy , so that the material in the narrow gap in the stator and rotor withstand hundreds of thousands of times per minute hydraulic shear. The combined effect of centrifugal impact extrusion tear, evenly dispersed emulsion moment, after high-frequency circulation and eventually get no bubbles delicate and stable high quality products.

Vacuum emulsifying machine is mainly composed of pretreatment boiler, main boiler, vacuum pumps, hydraulic, electrical control systems and other components. Water pot and pan the materials are fully dissolved after the vacuum suction main pot mixed homogeneous emulsion.

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