Why choose MAKWELL filling and packaging machines for filling and packaging needs?

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Need a filling and packaging machine to start your own business? Or would you like to expand your existing line of production? If so, then you have visited the right place! Welcome to MAKWELL! Where an industry-leading filling machine manufacturer is now conveniently available and ready to serve you.

So the question is, what makes us the right company for you to manufacture your filling and packaging machines?

As an industry leader in filler machine China for over 15 years, our company can provide filling equipment for every application. MAKWELL can provide you with completely customized services based on the needs of your product. We provide you with professional services with the help of our senior engineers with 15 years of experience and technicians that have more than a decade of experience.

MAKWELL, Your Filling Machine Manufacturer

As part of our filling and packaging machine services, we only provide you with machines that conform to high-quality standards. Filling machines in Europe are subject to very strict rules, and our equipment meets CE requirements.

To better serve all our clients, we offer a 2-year machine warranty service, online installation training, and on-site maintenance, installation, and commissioning. We will respond within 24 hours if a problem arises during your operation. We will then arrange for a professional engineer to solve the problem through video or by physically going to your factory.

As one of China’s best filling machine manufacturers, MAKWELL filling machines are CE-certified and ISO9001-certified. Whether you need an automatic packaging machine or a semi-automatic filling machine, we have the best solution for you.

Having now seen why we are an effective filling and packaging manufacturer, let’s further examine our line of filling and packaging machines.

As you may know, we have a wide range of filling and packaging machines that can help you meet your needs. These are filling machines, tube filling and sealing machines, mayonnaise filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, mixer machines, and packaging machines .

Filling Machines

Measure bulk products by a predetermined value, such as volume, mass, or container level. The machine then fills the product into a box, bag, or other packaging containers.

Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

Fill plastics and laminated tubes with gels, creams, or other products, apply a hot air seal, stamp date, or batch number, and remove any excess plastic at the end of the tube.

Mayonnaise Filler Machine

This machine is suitable for filling mayonnaise products into various containers. The machine has an automatic stirring feature, easy operation, high accuracy, and convenient use.

Capping Machines

This helps to put the caps on different containers quickly and effectively. The capping machine will automatically handle the containers and apply the appropriate pressure on the caps, based on the kind of equipment.

Labeling Machines

It provides labels for various items, products, containers, and packages.

Our filling machine and packaging equipment come in different types suited for a wide range of applications. For more information, please visit our page, and MAKWELLMACHINE now!

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