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MAKWELL Filling Machines & Packaging Equipment

We provide a wide range of fillers as a leading manufacturer of filling machines, inline filling machines, and liquid packaging technologies. You may choose a manual, semi-automatic, or automatic filling system. We offer gravimetric and volumetric liquid filling equipment for food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, industrial, and corrosive product manufacturing.

Our automatic liquid filling machines are available in a range of sizes, from small machines that fit on a table to large systems for packaging liquids used in factories. Check out our filling machines below. Please feel free to get in touch to learn more about what we offer!

Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

E-liquid Filling Machine

The Siemens PLC control system allows for 2-12 customizable filling heads, 1000-3000BPH speed, ±1% accuracy, and food-grade material contact.

gluefilling machine

This machine works with glue bottles of various shapes and sizes. It uses servo piston filling, with ±1% accuracy at 1200-2000BPH.

Eye Drop Filling Machine

This machine can automatically insert the inner stopper, outer cover, fill and cap different liquids.

perfume filling machine

The filling heads are individually regulated, precise, and adjustable. Sensor fiber, no bottle, no filler, for perfume bottles.

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Liquid Filling Machine Advantages


Design and build to fit your production needs.

Auto Liquid Measure

Measure and split liquid charges automatically.


Versatile to fill different types of liquid products.


Easy to use and maintain. More economical and accessible.

How servo filling systems work?

The filler’s primary processor counts pump head rotations. This helps determine the amount of product added. Each pump and tip shut off when filled to the required level, ensuring precise product filling. The system stores all fill settings in memory to switch between fills quickly.

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How to choose the right liquid filling machine?

Focus on your filling needs when choosing an automatic liquid bottle filling machine. These are;

  • Product viscosity: The effectiveness of a liquid filling machine relies on its filler. Thin liquids need gravity fillers; thick substances need piston fillers.
  • Container’s Characteristics: Consider your containers’ size, shape, and material. 
  • Filling Accuracy: The level of accuracy impacts liquid filling system selection. A vacuum-level filling method may be useful for visible containers. It accurately measures viscosities and containers within +/-0.5%.
  • Scalability: Container capacity determines automation. Some high-speed manual or semi-automatic liquid filling devices accommodate hundreds. Fully automated liquid filling devices may generate 1,000 or more. Scalability impacts price as well.

How does the liquid filling machine accurately fill containers?

Schneider servo motors power our liquid filling machines, which allows for precise, fast, smooth, and easily adjustable filling.

cosmetic overflow filler

Liquid Filling Machine | Get Fast and Reliable Filling Experience

HMI Operation Interface

Touchscreen Mitsubishi PLC. Easy-to-use colored MMI.

photo electric eye
Panasonic Electric Eye

This liquid bottle filling machine has an electric eye that uses photo electricity. Position and angle adjustments are quick and reliable.

Install A Complete Liquid Filling System

splinder capping machine
Spindle Screw Capping Machine

This flexible automatic spindle screw capping machine can cap trigger caps, metal caps, flip caps, etc.

4 wheel capping machine
4-Wheel Capping Machine

This 4-Wheel Capping Machine is suitable for trigger spray cap, pump cap, push-pull cap, snap hinge cap, and sport push-pull cap.

single head capping machine
Single-head chuck capping machine

This single-head chuck capping machine automatically places and torques most cap types on most bottle types. It can install and torque flat, oval, flip-top, pull-spout, safety, child-proof, sport, and caps with over-caps or induction seals.

double sided labeling machine
Double-Sided Labeling Machine

This double-sided labeling machine labels flat, square, and round bottles single and double-sided.

vertical labeling machine
Vertical Round Labeling Machine

This vertical round bottle sticker labeler optimizes output, excellent for labeling round containers—optional ribbon coder and printer, printing batch number, date, etc.

Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

Are you looking for a liquid filling machine manufacturer to help you conditionally achieve a prosperous filling business? MAKWELL is the right place! We can provide you with a fully customized liquid bottle filling machine service to meet your needs and requirements.

Why Choose MAKWELL Liquid Filling Machine?

  • Our liquid bottle filling machines are CE, ISO9001, and GMP certified. We build high-end liquid bottle filling equipment using proven raw materials.
  • We make sure our machines meet your production demands. Thus, before delivery, our expert inspectors carefully verify and observe every aspect of our liquid bottle filling machines following factory requirements to ensure their strength and longevity.
  • Good service, humanization, and high-quality machinery are our priorities. OEM and ODM liquid bottle filling equipment are welcome as well. We can provide catalogs, manuals, and samples of our full-length liquid bottle filling machine for quality assurance.

We appreciate your consideration of our services whether your filling company is operational or in development. We appreciate your support in our successful and developing liquid bottle filling equipment manufacturing and distribution. Furthermore, we aim to continuously provide you with more effective filling and packaging strategies and methods.

Follow MAKWELL’s website and hotline for liquid bottle filling machine updates!

How many units per level of production can you expect?

Production rates may be estimated using basic math. Consider liquid filling equipment with eight fill heads and four fill rotations per minute. The machine loads 32 bottles every minute, filling 1,900 per hour, or roughly 15,000 per eight hours. Increased fill heads or pump speed enhance output. Each liquid filling machine product should be efficient.

Is it possible to integrate the liquid filling machine with my current equipment?

Yes. Compatibility with packing equipment should be considered after choosing the filling machine. Nearly all automatic liquid filling equipment can fill bottles on any power conveyor. Buying appropriate packaging machines would help you avoid obsolete equipment.

Why choose our automatic liquid filling machines?

We offer the most reliable liquid filling machines for all kinds of products. Because these machines are flexible, they apply to many different product materials, depending on your system’s needs.

Streamline your production processes with our liquid packaging solutions;

  • Our inline liquid filling systems range in size from one to sixteen or more heads.
  • Choices for environments that are sanitary, corrosive, and hazardous.
  • Construct to fit your needs and your budget effectively
  • Sturdy, adaptable, and long-lasting design
  • Low breaks for maintenance and cleaning
  • Easy to set up and changeover.
  • Customizable settings.
What are the different fillers of a liquid bottle filling machine?

Piston Filler

Piston fillers effectively package liquids. It is quick, accurate, versatile, and product-friendly. This machine fills paste, semi-paste, and chunks. Fills salsas, salad dressings, cosmetic creams, shampoos, gels, etc. They’re applicable in paste cleansers, waxes, adhesives, heavy lubricating oils, and greases.

It pulls the piston back into its cylinder to draw in the product. The product exits the nozzle instead of the hopper through a rotating valve. The same quantity of product comes out as it goes into the cylinder.

Gravity Filler

A gravity filler bottles water-thin to medium-viscosity liquids. It handles thin, frothy materials and higher-viscosity products.

Pump Filler

A pump filler fills low, medium, and high-viscosity liquids into various containers. It can use progressive cavity pumps, gear pumps, lobe pumps, rotor pumps, or any best pump.

Overflow Filler

Overflow fillers provide a consistent amount of fill, which makes them ideal for transparent containers. Gravity and pressure overflow fillers handle materials with low to moderate viscosity. This filler fills small glass containers with low-viscosity liquids for specialized applications.

Corrosive Filler

This filler is resistant to corrosive conditions. Timers of 1/100 second on each fill head provide exact tuning. It handles liquids with viscosities ranging from thin and foamy to very thick.

What to expect when using an automatic liquid filling system?

Accurate Filling

The servo system controls filling with precise piston strokes for proper filling. The piston’s intelligent adjustment mechanism ensures maximum accuracy.

System of Servo Drives

Volumetric filling systems use sensitive servo drives to regulate the primary filling structure. It provides exceptional stability and precise positioning control.

Piston Driven Vertically

The servo control system and filling piston vertical movement save energy and reduce machine load rate over time.

Easy No Tool Adjustment

Tool-free PLC adjustments provide rapid, efficient production. Surface, bottom, and bottleneck liquid filling are possible with the precision servo control system.

Flexible and Adaptable

Filling machines benefit several sectors, including food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetics. The user-friendly, customizable control panel system manages results well with PLC-based production monitoring.

How does a filler fill containers?

Filling begins in an inline or horizontal piston filler. The piston filler monitors fluid levels in the machine. Pumping liquid output into a jar or container using a stainless filler with several heads is the next step.

How convenient is it to use an automatic liquid bottle filling machine?

Automatic liquid fillers operate automatically. It generates high-quality products quicker with less cost and work. It may provide the following for convenience:

  • Touchscreen control panels with smooth operation.
  • Customizable filling choices.
  • Multiple filling nozzle configurations and height-adjustable.
  • Product gating systems and bottle stabilizing clamps give reliable results.
  • Memory slots for quickly storing filling settings.
  • Use air-controlled positioning, which has low noise and is simple to maintain.
  • Automation of repeated operations such as filling nozzle height adjustment.
  • Versatile to different bottle sizes without changing any parts.
  • Easy to use, no-bottle, no-filling equipment.
  • One-time or micro-adjust of filling capacity with little error.
  • Use of ss#316 for liquid-contacting parts.
  • Install and dismantle quickly, clean easily, and meet GMP requirements.
Why is there a custom filling solution?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for fillers. We build every machine to your specifications. Our liquid bottle filling equipment may be customized for your manufacturing.

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