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When filling liquid products, we can help you choose the best filling and packaging machine for your business. Let us give you free real advice now!

MAKWELL Filling Machines & Packaging Equipment

We are a leading and reputable manufacturer of filling machines, inline filling machines, and liquid packaging technologies, offering you an extensive selection of fillers. You may choose a filling mechanism that is operated manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatic. We offer gravimetric and volumetric liquid filling machines for the food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, industrial, and corrosive product production industries, among others.

Our automatic liquid filling machines are available in various capacities, from tabletop equipment to large systems for packaging factory-used liquids. Check out our filling machines below. Please feel free to get in touch to learn more about what we offer!

Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

E-liquid Filling Machine

Siemens PLC control, the filling head can be customized 2-12 heads, the filling speed is 1000-3000BPH, the filling accuracy is ±1%, and the material contact part is made of food-grade material.

gluefilling machine

This machine is suitable for all kinds of glue bottles, round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles, etc. It adopts the servo piston filling method, and the filling accuracy is ±1%, 1200-2000BPH.

Eye Drop Filling Machine

This machine is suitable for the production of various liquids that need to be filled, stoppered and capped, and can automatically insert the inner stopper, the outer cover and the capping.

perfume filling machine

Each filling head is independently controlled, easy to adjust, and high precision. Sensor fiber, no bottle, no filling, suitable for different perfume bottles.

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Liquid Filling Machine Advantages


Design and build to fit your production needs.

Auto Liquid Measure

Measure and split liquid charges automatically.


Versatile to fill different types of liquid products.


Easy to use and maintain. More economical and accessible.

How servo filling systems work?

The filler’s main computer keeps track of each pump head’s rotation separately to know exactly how much product has been supplied. Each pump and nozzle is turned off as soon as the required fill volume is met, ensuring that your products are filled accurately. The computer keeps all of the fill parameters in memory so that it can quickly switch between different types of fills.

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How to choose the right liquid filling machine?

Focus on your filling needs when choosing a liquid filling machine. These are;

  • Product viscosity: A liquid filling machine’s efficiency depends on its filler. Thick substances need piston fills—thin liquids require gravity fillers.
  • Container’s Characteristics: Consider your containers’ size, shape, and material. 
  • Filling Accuracy: Accuracy level affects liquid filling system choice. For instance, a  vacuum-level filling technique may be helpful when you prefer visible containers. It works with different viscosities and containers with +/-0.5% accuracy.
  • Scalability: A container’s capacity defines the level of automation. Manual or semi-automatic are for dozens to hundreds. For 1,000 or more, a fully automatic liquid filling machine may be advantageous. Scalability affects pricing as well.

How does the liquid filling machine accurately fill containers?

Schneider servo motors power our liquid filling machines, which allows for precise, fast, smooth, and easily adjustable filling.

cosmetic overflow filler

Liquid Filling Machine | Get Fast and Reliable Filling Experience

HMI Operation Interface

Touchscreen Mitsubishi PLC. Easy-to-use colored MMI.

photo electric eye
Panasonic Electric Eye

This liquid bottle filling machine has an electric eye that uses photo electricity. Position and angle adjustments are quick and reliable.

Install A Complete Liquid Filling System

splinder capping machine
Spindle Screw Capping Machine

This flexible automatic spindle screw capping machine can cap trigger caps, metal caps, flip caps, etc.

4 wheel capping machine
4-Wheel Capping Machine

This 4-Wheel Capping Machine is suitable for trigger spray cap, pump cap, push-pull cap, snap hinge cap, and sport push-pull cap.

single head capping machine
Single-head chuck capping machine

This single-head chuck capping machine automatically places and torques most cap types on most bottle types. It can install and torque flat, oval, flip-top, pull-spout, safety, child-proof, sport, and caps with over-caps or induction seals.

double sided labeling machine
Double-Sided Labeling Machine

This double-sided labeling machine labels flat, square, and round bottles single and double-sided.

vertical labeling machine
Vertical Round Labeling Machine

This vertical round bottle sticker labeler optimizes output, excellent for labeling round containers—optional ribbon coder and printer, printing batch number, date, etc.

Liquid bottle filling machine

Are you looking for a perfect partner to help you achieve a prosperous filling business conditionally? MAKWELL is the right place! We can provide you with a fully customized liquid bottle filling machine service to meet your needs and requirements.

MAKWELL’s liquid bottle filling machine has exceeded CE, ISO9001 and GMP certification. We only use tested and verified raw materials to configure high-end liquid bottle filling machines.

We ensure that our products exceed the diverse needs of our customers. Therefore, before the delivery transaction, our professional inspectors strictly inspect and observe every detail of our liquid bottle filling machine in accordance with the factory guidelines to ensure that our machine has sufficient high strength and durability.

MAKWELL recognizes that it is the number one source of liquid bottle filling machines in all leading market branches both locally and internationally. We can also accept most of your orders and promise that we will deliver them to your address as soon as possible.

Good service, humanization and first-class quality products are MAKWELL’s priority. We enthusiastically accept all your customized liquid bottle filling machines, including OEM and ODM. We can also provide you with catalogs, manuals and samples of our full-length liquid bottle filling machine for you to prove its quality.

If you have already started to establish a filling business or plan to establish this business, if you choose us as your main resource, MAKWELL is very happy. We are very grateful for helping you achieve the prosperity of the liquid bottle filling machine business. We can provide you with some successful strategies and techniques.

Don’t miss to follow MAKWELL official website and hotline to get more information about the latest update and version of our liquid bottle filling machine!

How many units per level of production can you expect?

Basic math may be used to estimate production rates. Assume a liquid filler has eight fill heads and can perform four fill rotations per minute. The machine will load 32 bottles every minute, filling 1,900 bottles each hour, or nearly 15,000 bottles in eight hours. Additional fill heads or increasing the speed of the pumps help boost output. About all products for liquid filling machine, they ought to be efficient.

Is it possible to integrate the liquid filling machine with my current equipment?

Yes. After selecting the filling machine, it is important to examine compatibility with present packaging equipment. About all products of automated liquid filling machines can be constructed to fill bottles on any existing power conveyor. To avoid getting outdated machinery in the future, make sure the equipment you purchase is compatible with other packaging machines.

Why choose our automatic liquid filling machines?

We offer the most reliable liquid filling machines for all kinds of products. Because they are flexible, they apply to many different product materials, depending on your system’s needs.

Streamline your production processes with our liquid packaging solutions;

  • Our inline liquid filling systems range in size from one to sixteen or more heads.
  • Choices for environments that are sanitary, corrosive, and hazardous.
  • Construct to fit your needs and your budget effectively
  • Sturdy, adaptable, and long-lasting design
  • Low breaks for maintenance and cleaning
  • Easy to set up and changeover.
  • Customizable settings.
What are the different fillers of a liquid bottle filling machine?

Piston Filler

A piston filler efficiently packages liquids. It is fast, accurate, adaptable, and product-friendly. This machine fills paste, semi-paste, and chunky material. Fills sauces, salsas, salad dressings, cosmetic creams, shampoos, gels, etc. Viscous chemical preparations like paste cleaners, waxes, adhesives, heavy lubricating oils, and greases use them.


It works by pulling the piston back into its cylinder to draw in the product. A rotary valve forces the product out of the nozzle instead of back into the hopper. The amount of product that comes out is the same amount that goes into the cylinder.


This filling machine uses easy-to-understand mechanical technology. It’s the quickest, most cost-effective approach to fill thick products. 


Gravity Filler

A gravity filler bottles water-thin to medium-viscosity liquids. It handles thin, frothy materials and higher-viscosity goods.


Pump Filler

A pump filler fills low, medium, and high-viscosity liquids into various containers. It can use progressive cavity pumps, gear pumps, lobe pumps, rotor pumps, or any best pump. 


Overflow Filler

Overflow fillers provide a consistent amount of fill, which makes them ideal for transparent containers. Gravity and pressure overflow fillers handle materials with low to moderate viscosity. This filler fills small glass containers with low-viscosity liquids for specialized applications.


Corrosive Filler

This filler is resistant to corrosive conditions. Timers of 1/100 second on each fill head provide exact tuning. It handles liquids with viscosities ranging from thin and foamy to very thick.

What to expect when using an automatic liquid filling system?

Accurate Filling

The servo system regulates the quantity of filling by accurate piston strokes, resulting in the perfect filling. The piston is smartly built with an adjustment mechanism that enables you to achieve the highest level of precision.

System of Servo Drives

A delicate servo drive system controls the main filling structure in a volumetric filling system. This gives the system excellent stability and accurate positioning control.

Piston Driven Vertically

The combination of the servo control system and the vertical movement of the filling piston results in long-term energy savings and an effective reduction in machine load rate.

Easy No Tool Adjustment

You may have tool-free PLC adjustments for fast and effective output. The precise servo control system design allows a surface layer, a bottom layer, and bottleneck (opening) liquid filling.

Flexible and Adaptable

Filling machines are helpful in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, and many other industries. The customizable control panel system is user-friendly and provides excellent result management through PLC-based production monitoring.

How does a filler fill containers?

The first step in the process of filling is in the inline or horizontal type piston filler. The piston filler moves and measures the amount of fluid in the machine. Then the liquid output is directly pumped into a vessel or container using a stainless filler with one or more heads.

How convenient is it to use an automatic liquid bottle filling machine?

By definition, automatic liquid fillers run automatically. It means less human work and fewer expenses but produces high-quality products faster. To offer convenience, it can provide you with the following;

  • Touchscreen control panels with smooth operation.
  • Customizable filling choices.
  • Multiple filling nozzle configurations and height-adjustable.
  • Product gating systems and bottle stabilizing clamps give reliable results.
  • Memory slots for quickly storing filling settings.
  • Use air-controlled positioning, which has low noise and is simple to maintain.
  • Automation of repeated operations such as filling nozzle height adjustment.
  • Versatile to different bottle sizes without changing any parts.
  • Easy to use, no-bottle, no-filling equipment.
  • One-time or micro-adjust of filling capacity with little error.
  • Use of ss#316 for liquid-contacting parts.
  • Install and dismantle quickly, clean easily, and meet GMP requirements.
Why is there a custom filling solution?

When it comes to fillers, we recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, we create every machine to your exact requirements. Our liquid bottle filling machines are adaptable to provide a perfect fit in your production.

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