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Liquid Packing Machine

Fully Automatic Liquid Packing Machines with piston fillers to package liquids and
pastes including detergent, softener, shampoo, shower gel, milk, water, juice,
soybean sauce, oil, ketchup, mayonnaise, and more.

MAKWELL Liquid Packing Machines

Liquid Packaging Machines are reliable machines in industries that pack liquids into different containers. Multi-lane packing machines offer the most flexibility in packing olive oil, soup, shampoo, water, handwashing fluid, etc. MAKWELL offers you the “Multi-Lane Liquid Packing Machine multi-lane stick packing machine” straight from China, to suit your needs.

This MAKWELL liquid packing machine can pack with both plastic and paper, including:
1. An automatic roll film alignment system automatically adjusts film roll position in real-time.
2. A piston pump filling device for multilane filling.
3. And a pouch-pulling design for accurate and stable packaging.

Liquid Packing Machines

Oil Pouch Packing Machine

Packaging speed of 30-60 bags/min. Suitable for packing oil, laundry detergent, milk, water, honey, juice, ketchup, sauce, oil, etc. in pouch bags or plastic bags.

Water Packing Machine

Packaging speed of 50 bags/min. Suitable for packing water, milk, soybean milk, sauce, vinegar, wine, and all types of drinks and beverages with film and plastics.

Shampoo Packaging Machine

Packaging speed of 30-60 bags/min. Suitable for packing liquids and pastes such as shampoo, milk, sauce, oil, ice candy, juice, water, honey, ketchup, cream, gel, etc.

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Liquid Packing Machine Advantages

One-Time Packing Completion Icon Liquid Packing Machine
One-Time Packing Completion

Filling, measuring, sealing, cutting, counting, and printing the batch number are all completed automatically.

Easy to Modify Icon Liquid Packing Machine
Easy to

Pump measurement adjustment tools may modify packing capacity while the machine is working, reducing material loss and boosting output.

Accurate Bag System Icon Liquid Packing Machine
Accurate Bag

Bag system with high accuracy, less than 0.5mm error, and stepping motor subdivision technology.

Efficient Sealing Icon Liquid Packing Machine
Efficient Sealing

Innovative integrated sealing, efficient heat sealing, intelligent temperature controller with heat balancing for different packaging materials, high performance, clear sealing texture, and firm sealing.

Liquid Packing Machine Applications

MAKWELL liquid packing machine has all the features you need for packing liquid. For products like water, olive oil, shampoo, handwashing fluid, liquid detergent, etc., a multi-lane filler is a practical solution.

MAKWELL’s Multi-Lanes Liquid packaging stick packing machine lets you automate the entire packing process, from bag-forming, feeding, and printing, to final product seals. Product sealing types can all be adjusted to fit your requirements. This machine is widespread in food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemical, pesticides, machinery and hardware, textiles, and many other filling industries.


liquid packaging machine
liquid packing machine

Liquid Packing Machine Features

Liquid Packing Machine Features MAKWELL liquid packing machine offers all the characteristics necessary for packing liquids. Multi-lane fillers are an excellent solution for packing multiple bags simultaneously.

The PLC control system helps the operator control and monitor the machine’s operation. And the large touch screen makes the machine easy to use. No film alarm saves material, and no waste occurs.

Moreover, the photoelectric tracking system is responsible for the exact bag length and film positioning. Overall, this liquid packing machine works at a high level of precision and speed.

Technical Highlights

Servo Control System

Machine weighing devices, film pulling devices, bag manufacturing, and bag sealing require servo control systems. One person may operate 15 machines simultaneously to save money when there is a problem with one of the parts. The machine will automatically stop working and sound an alert to remind the operator to inspect.

Multilingual Touch Screen

The multilingual touch screen allows for simultaneous language switching. In the event of a machine malfunction, it will sound an alert, stop the process, and display the precise location of the malfunction.

Pneumatic Pump Metering Device

When the package weight is off, the pneumatic pump weighing system automatically adjusts it to the target weight without human intervention.

Double Scale Weighing Device

When the packaging weight is inaccurate during secondary weighing and testing of the finished products, it will automatically reject the unqualified items and feed that information back to the measuring cup metering device system to automatically adjust the entire weight, increasing the qualified rate items to 100%.

packaging machine for liquid

Why Choose MAKWELL Liquid Packing Machine

liquid packaging equipment
liquid packaging machine

Experience in Manufacturing for more than 15 years

Our established manufacturing facility, highly-skilled manufacturing method, and stringent product quality control give us a leg up on the competition.

We manufacture various packaging machinery, including but not limited to food packaging machines, vertical packaging machines, filling machines, automatic packaging machines, powder packaging machines, granule packaging machines, liquid packaging machines, automatic packaging lines, semi-automatic packaging machines, and so on.

Help with Customization

To accommodate a wide range of requirements, we provide design flexibility. Our technical team may also assist with product research, development, and testing.

Effective After-Sales Service

We provide guides and videos to help you set up and maintain your equipment. After-sale support that is responsive and helpful to customers.

packaging machine for liquid
Single Lane Liquid Packing Machine

🔵 Automatic alarms and computerized PLC control.
🔵 Accessible interface in several languages.
🔵 Photoelectric eye color tracing with increased sensitivity.
🔵 Varieties of bags, such as 3- and 4-side seal bags, pillow bags, long stick bags, link bags, and more, are all possible.
🔵 Using parts from well-known brands guarantees the machine’s quality and longevity.
🔵 Automating weight measurement, bag creation, filling, sealing, cutting, and bag counting is possible.
🔵 Multipurpose packaging, perfect for a variety of product packing.
🔵 Link-bag technology or a ribbon code printer are options.

liquid packing machine
Multi-Lane Liquid Packing Machine

🔵 PLC control with stable, dependable biaxial high precision output and color touch screen, bag-making, measuring, filling, printing, and cutting all completed in a single operation.
🔵 Pneumatic and electrical circuits are housed in their enclosures. The circuit is less noisy and more reliable.
🔵 Using a servo motor to pull the film. The advantages of using a double belt include reduced pulling effort, improved bag shape and aesthetics, and resistance to wear on the belt.
🔵 Installation of packing film is made simpler and more accessible by the external film release mechanism.
🔵 The touch screen was required to manage the bag variation adjustment. The operation is easy to understand.

Liquid Packing Machine Bag Types

stick sachet
Stick Sachet

Fill and pack food, pharmaceutical, and chemical liquid items such body wash liquid, ketchup, flavoring, popsicles, sauce, pastries, etc.

sachet bag
Sachet Bag

Best for a wide range of liquid products, including popsicles, milk, shampoo, ketchup, honey, sauce, oil, chili sauce, paste, ice candies, and coffee liquid, among others.

horizontal pouch bag
Horizontal Pouch Bag

Perfect for diverse liquid products with various readymade bags. Tomato sauce, washing detergent, honey, milk, oil, ketchup, paste, fruit juice, etc.

vertical pouch bag
Vertical Pouch Bag

Suitable for storing a variety of liquid products, including ketchup, salad dressing, soy sauce, oil, water, juice, milk, honey, etc.

horizontal premade pouch bag
Horizontal Premade Pouch Bag

Premade pouches to pack liquid detergent, liquid soap, juice, edible oil, sauce, salad, mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, anchovy essence, etc.

MAKWELL - The Best Packaging Machine Supplier in China

What are the Suitable Products Applicable for Multi-Filling and Sealing Liquid Machines?

MAKWELL liquid packing machine can pack liquids in all their forms. In general, multi-lane fillers are a great way to pack many bags at once. MAKWELL’s Multi-Lanes Liquid packaging stick packing machine fills products made of liquid. The equipment’s primary functions are to fill and seal products simultaneously while providing high-quality results.

Applicable industry:  shampoo,  mouthwash, water, olive oil, soup, shampoo, handwashing fluid, liquid detergent, hotels, garment shops, farms, machinery & hardware, etc.

Packing Type

  • Bags
  • Film
  • Foil
  • Pouch
  • Sachet

Liquid Packing Machine Additional Features

  1. The machine has a high-speed motor and a strong frame.
  2. Control with PLC and HMI with touch screen.
  3. 304 stainless steel comprises the whole equipment.
  4. It has a “No waste of film” system, which doesn’t require reserving film edges.
  5. Motorized roller-based film divider.
  6. Film pulling machine with servo motor guided by a horizontal seal.
  7. Auger dosing by servo motor in each lane.
  8. The dosing range is automatically adjusted through a PLC control.
  9. It has an openable door that makes the hopper visible.
  10. Automatic temperature control with PID.
  11. Interlocking doors and stopping mechanisms.

Liquid Packing Machine Additional Advantages

  1. The temperature controller controls both horizontal and vertical enclosures.
  2. The system uses photoelectric positioning, anti-interference, and a warning feature if the pointer moves abnormally in consecutive bags.
  3. Using an integrated PLC controller, the bag length can be settable at will, display production data, and automatically set the total output to stop the production.
  4. The liquid packing machine features stable, reliable performance, an attractive design, all-steel construction, and hygienic food and medical packaging.
Film Structure

Multiple film-release formats provide adaptability and user-friendliness.


Improved efficiency and speed thanks to a reinforced membrane structure.


Uniquely shaped and sealed cutter for enhanced appearance

Date Printer

The printing quality of a brand date printer is excellent and steady.

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