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MAKWELL Liquid Packing Machines

Liquid Packaging Machines are virtual machines in industries that pack liquids into different containers. Multi-lane packing machines offer the most flexibility in packing olive oil, soup, shampoo, water, handwashing fluid, etc. MAKWELL offers you the “Multi-Lane Liquid Packing Machine multi-lane stick packing machine” to suit your needs.
This MAKWELL liquid packing machine can pack with both plastic and paper, including:

1.An automatic roll film alignment system automatically adjusts film roll position in real-time.

2.A piston pump filling device for multilane filling.

3.And a pouch-pulling design for accurate and stable packaging.

Liquid Packing Machine Applications

MAKWELL liquid packing machine has all the features you need for packing liquid. For products like water, olive oil, shampoo, handwashing fluid, liquid detergent, etc., a multi-lane filler is a practical solution.

MAKWELL’s Multi-Lanes Liquid packaging stick packing machine lets you automate the entire packing process, from bag-forming, feeding, and printing, to final product seals. Product sealing types can all be adjusted to fit your requirements. This machine is widespread in food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemical, pesticides, machinery and hardware, textiles, and many other industries.


liquid packing machine
liquid packing machine

Liquid Packing Machine Features

Liquid Packing Machine Features MAKWELL liquid packing machine offers all the characteristics necessary for packing liquids. Multi-lane fillers are an excellent solution for packing multiple bags simultaneously.

The PLC control system helps the operator control and monitor the machine’s operation. And the large touch screen makes the machine easy to use. No film alarm saves material, and no waste occurs.

Moreover, the photoelectric tracking system is responsible for the exact bag length and film positioning. Overall, this liquid packing machine works at a high level of precision and speed.

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What is a suitable product for multi-filling and sealing liquid machines?

MAKWELL liquid packing machine can pack liquids in all their forms. In general, multi-lane fillers are a great way to pack many bags at once. MAKWELL’s Multi-Lanes Liquid packaging stick packing machine fills products made of liquid.The equipment’s primary functions are to fill and seal products simultaneously while providing high-quality results.

Applicable industry:  shampoo,  mouthwash, water, olive oil, soup, shampoo, handwashing fluid, liquid detergent, hotels, garment shops, farms, machinery & hardware, etc.

Packing Type

Liquid Packing Machine Features
1.The machine has a high-speed motor and a strong frame.
2.Control with PLC and HMI with touch screen.
3.304 stainless steel comprises the whole equipment.
4. It has a “No waste of film” system, which doesn’t require reserving film edges.
5.Motorized roller-based film divider.
6.Film pulling machine with servo motor guided by a horizontal seal.
7.Auger dosing by servo motor in each lane.
8.The dosing range is automatically adjusted through a PLC control.
9.It has an openable door that makes the hopper visible.
10.Automatic temperature control with PID.
11.And interlocking doors and stopping mechanisms.

Liquid Packing Machine Advantages
1.The temperature controller controls both horizontal and vertical enclosures.
2.The system uses photoelectric positioning, anti-interference, and a warning feature if the pointer moves abnormally in consecutive bags.
3.Using an integrated PLC controller, the bag length can be settable at will, display production data, and automatically set the total output to stop the production.
4.The liquid packing machine features stable, reliable performance, an attractive design, all-steel construction, and hygienic food and medical packaging.

The Multi-Lanes Liquid packaging stick packing machine will meet all your multi-purpose filling and sealing needs.

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