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The demands for mass cosmetic packaging are the most diverse of any packing machinery type. The cosmetics packing market encompasses a wide range of products—from sachets to bottles, creams to nail polish, hot fills to cold fills, jars to kits—all of which need a high-quality cosmetic packaging machine as their visual appeal is just as essential as the contents.

Cosmetic Packaging Machine 

🔵 Piston Filling Machine

Most cosmetics packaging will make use of a piston filler, which is the most prevalent form. Filling products from a thin liquid to a thick paste requires a rotary valve, whereas a check valve style fills products with a thinner consistency.

🔵 Inline Pressure Filling Machine

An inline pressure filler is an excellent tool for reliably filling bottles with fluids like shampoo, lotions, or other liquids. For smaller bottle sizes, you may have a pressure filler with as many as 20 filling heads for semi-automatic or fully-automatic operation.

🔵 Tube Filling Machine

Squeeze tubes are common in cosmetic packaging, requiring a specialized tube filler. A tube filling machine feeds the tube, fills and seals it, embosses a code, and trims the edge. A piston filler is typically used, although powders are also applicable.

🔵 Pre-Made Pouch Packing Machine

It is possible to fold, fill, and close a sachet pouch on three or four sides as it is made from a single web.

Cosmetic Filling Machine Process

🔵 Storing & Feeding

A customized system is developed for storing and feeding the products. This is according to the cosmetic bottles and the method of distribution. Disc sorters, plate conveyors, and dosing elevators are just some of the specialized pieces of equipment used in this stage.

The machinery then sets the bottles, caps, and other packaging components in product-friendly transport pucks, systems for transport, or directly in a machine farther down the feeding line.

🔵 Bottle Cleaning & Filling

Our cosmetic filling machines are adaptable and can meet various cosmetic industry requirements. Our machinery can accommodate the filling of both small and large volumes of products of different viscosities. Choose the filling machine that best fits your needs from our selection of semi-automatic compact fillers and fully-automatic high-capacity fillers. Our filling options come in a wide range of sizes and are suitable for use with a wide range of cosmetics.

The flexibility of our filling mechanisms is a major strength of our machinery. To ensure we can fill everything from the lowest to the highest viscosity products, we use mass flow meters, rotary piston pumps, and linear piston pumps. We can provide the highest levels of process dependability, regardless of filling volume.

It is well-known that preparation for filling always includes cleaning. Our equipment is suitable for sanitizing, CIP/SIP sterilization, and cold and hot cleaning, amongst others.

The pump change trolley we provide also makes manual cleaning convenient and easy. Because the filling mechanism is disconnected from the rest of the line, maintenance is a breeze.

To further help you save time, we ensure that both filling and cleaning may be done simultaneously. Repetitive filling methods allow us to maximize productivity. Any cosmetics firm wishing to upgrade its filling process would benefit significantly from our cosmetic packaging machine.

🔵 Closing/Capping

We can assure you of the best possible outcome as our automatic closing or capping machines are capable of gentle pressing and precise screwing with various closures. There are two distinct cappings that we can identify:
Multi-part closures, press-on caps, spray and dispenser pumps, and screw caps may all be applicable with intermittent capping machines.
Constantly operating and accommodating a variety of closure types, efficient capping machines for bottles of all shapes and sizes are available.

Intermittent modules may be coupled and used in many configurations on the main machine, all made possible by modern servo drives. They have various screwing settings such as torque, stop, and angle and need cautious container closure.

Using servomotors, a consistent and repeatable torque is possible while screwing, and future formats can be easily configured and operated on the machine.

🔵 Product Transport

The right fit for your products: Product transport services may be continuous or intermittent or a hybrid of the two, depending on the line.

When it comes to the filling and capping machine, walking beams built with cleanliness are preferable. The conveyor belts travel slowly and moderately to ensure that everything moves as smoothly as possible.

If you need to ship anything that isn’t stable enough to fit in the transport puck, we can do that as well. We also boost the adaptability of processing lines by using sophisticated transport systems with fully configurable transport carriers.

🔵 Labeling & Marking

Our machinery may also include labeling and marking features. The massage belt carefully applies labels on the packing containers after pointing by a precise star guide. Because of this, the final result is a product ready for use right out of the box.

Keeping an eye on things like strip end and tear-off is essential for ensuring a reliable procedure. Thermal transfer and laser printers are often the norm. However, other printers may also be applicable for the label if necessary.

With the help of vision systems or sensors, we can deliver a top-notch outcome in terms of labeling and marking. Our labelers can be independent devices or installed in the production line. Their small footprint makes them ideal for applications with a small footprint.

MAKWELL Cosmetic Packaging Machine

We acknowledge that every cosmetics factory is different and has its own set of requirements. For this reason, we provide first-rate filling solutions and support to ensure you get the best filling for your needs. We’ll be there from the beginning of the project all the way up to the filler’s optimal performance with your product range in mind.

Every facet of our manufacturing, from GMP-compliant procedures to sanitary construction of the machine’s most vulnerable parts, demonstrates our dedication to the latest technical standards.

Our team is committed to developing new machine designs to accommodate the ever-changing requirements of the cosmetics packaging industry. Products like perfume, shampoo, lotion, and other cosmetics all benefit from our continual research and development of new and improved solutions. We always prioritize using the most suitable processing method for each product.

All line motions are controlled by advanced servomotor drives, guaranteeing every procedure’s reliability, efficiency, and accuracy. Weighing and torque testing stations, as well as camera systems for visual examination, are all available, allowing us to maintain the highest quality control standards. With us, you can be confident that your consumers will consistently get excellent products.

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