What are the different types of machines does MAKWELL has to offer?

Filling Machine Manufacturer

MAKWELL, Your Filling Machine Manufacturer

MAKWELL, a filling machine manufacturer, produces a range of packing and filling machines to suit several industries with varying needs.

A proper machine is essential for your company to meet all your requirements- increasing production levels will boost sales and bring drastic changes to your business.

We provide machines that can fill powder, liquid, and granule products; and are applicable in numerous containers such as bottles, plastics, bags, pouches, tubes, etc. Our filling machines feature high flexibility, ease of use, corrosion-proof, compact, easy to maintain, and suitable for all filling applications in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemical, and other industries.

ALL Type of MAKWELL Packaging and Filling Machines to Support Your Projects

Our filling machines fill proper quantities into a specific container. These machines are either semi-automatic or fully automatic. Below are the different packing and filling machines types that we offer.

Filling Machine

The MAKWELL filling machine has an adjustable filling range and filling speed. You can customize the equipment to suit your specific products, bottles, and bags. Filling machines feature a variety of types, this includes;

  • Bottle Filling Machine
  • Cream Filling Machine
  • Food Filling Machine
  • Liquid Filling Machine
  • Aerosol Filling Machine
  • Powder Filling Machine

Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

Tube Filling and Sealing Machines fill and seal tubes made of plastic or aluminum. Applicable for filling body lotion, cream, toothpaste, ointment, other products.

Capping Machine

This low-cost and easy-to-use machine can handle different cap types, such as spray caps, pump head caps, and so on.

Packaging Machine

This machine packs products in back-sealed, three-side-sealed, and four-side-sealed bags. It can pack sauces, powders, shampoos, etc. Also available in different machine variants, such as;

  • Powder Packing Machine
  • Liquid Packing Machine
  • Sauce Packing Machine
  • Granule Packing Machine
  • Spout Pouch Packing Machine
  • Food Packing Machine
  • Blister Packing Machine
  • Pre-made Pouch Packing Machine

Labeling Machine

Fast labeling speed and high accuracy are among the features of this machine. The date printing function is also available and can label both round and flat bottles.

Mixer Machine

Mixing tanks from MAKWELL come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on your product, they can have various capacities and functions.

Mayonnaise Filling Machine

Mayonnaise is the application for this filling machine. Featuring automatic induction and “no bottle, no filling” technology. It is easy to adjust and has high fill accuracy.

You can substantially reduce labor costs and improve output capacity by automating packing equipment. Filing machines are usually integrated into a packaging line. Often, they work with conveyer belts that move products from a cap to a sealing machine or labeling equipment.

A filling machine can help you save substantial amounts of money by reducing labor costs and boosting production. We believe that these factors contribute to our filling machines’ success across many industries.

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