Manual Ultrasonic Plastic Sealing Machine MWPF-4

Model: MWPF-4
Tube Material: Plastic Tube, Aluminum Plastic Tube
Output: 8-12 tubes/min
Power: 2.6kw
N.W 85kgs
Dimension: L850*W600*730mm
Voltage: AC220V/110V 1PH 50/60HZ

❶ This ultrasonic tube sealing machine adopts ultrasonic technology to seal, and the sealing effect is stable and lasting; the lines at the seal are clear and not deformed;

❷ Manually drop the tube, press the start button, the machine automatically sets the standard, fills, seals, codes and cuts the tail, and the operation is convenient and fast;

❸ Independent research and development of digital ultrasonic automatic frequency tracking electric box, no need to manually adjust the frequency, increase the power automatic compensation function;

❹ Controlled by PLC touch screen, easy to operate;

❺ Using Japan’s Panasonic high-sensitivity benchmarking electric eye to configure a stepping motor, the benchmarking speed is fast and accurate;

❻ The machine is small in size and can be used directly on the table;

❼ This tube filling machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is resistant to acid and alkali and corrosion.

Sealing Diameter: 13-50mm
Tube Height: 60-210mm
Filling range: 100-500ml
Air pressure: 0.6 Mpa
Output: 8-12 tubes/min
Power: 2.6kw
Frequency: 20KHZ
Filling Accuracy: ≦±1%

plastic cosmetic cream tube

aluminum tube filling and sealing machine

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