Mexican Client Purchased Customized Automatic Syrup Filling and Capping Machine MWFC-2-80

Mexican Client Purchased Customized Automatic Syrup Filling and Capping Machine MWFC-2-80, Bottle Unscramble Machine, and Bottle and Cap Mold Change Parts

Our Mexican client in Guadalajara Jalisco purchased one (1) unit of our customized syrup filling and capping machine MWFC-2-80 together with sets of accessory machines such as an automatic bottle unscramble machine and bottle and cap mold change parts.

Throughout the communication process, we collect information from the client, including detailed information about the filling products, to suggest a suitable filling machine. We continued to communicate and signed a contract as part of the customization process because of our client’s high degree of satisfaction. After completing the machine, our client shipped us bottle samples to start testing the unit.

As soon as the test is successful, the machine is securely packaged and shipped to the client within the specified timeframe.

A summary of the key points of the successful business deal between us, MAKWELL, and our Mexican client is as follows:

Issued Purchase Order and Important Subjects Discussed at the Business Meeting

(chat conversation pictures)

Packaging and Product Samples Sent by Our Mexican Client

Sample 1 of Bottle Packaging

Packaging Bottle Sample 2

Packaging Bottle Sample 3

Payment Information of Customized Automatic Syrup Filling and Capping Machine MWFC-2-80

Automatic Syrup Filling and Capping Machine MWFC-2-80 Sample Video


Automatic Syrup Filling and Capping Machine MWFC-2-80 Wooden Case Packaging

Here is the information on the machines that were purchased:

Automatic Syrup Filling and Capping Machine MWFC-2-80 Description and Application

The Automatic Syrup Filling and Capping Machine MWFC-2-80 comes with a mechanical drive, electric motor, and pneumatic system that makes it easy to operate and maintain. It is a monoblock machine that performs both filling and capping tasks. This apparatus fills glass or plastic bottles ranging in capacity from 120 to 180 ml using screw or push cap closures. The main parts are durable as they are GMP-compliant 304 stainless steel.

The Automatic Syrup Filling and Capping Machine MWFC-2-80 can handle various liquids, including semi-fluids, pastes, particles, thin liquids, viscous materials, and any type of bottle. It applies to similar products commonly used in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, food, etc.

Syrup Filling Capping Machine MWFC-2-80 Working Principle

The drive for this machine is mechanical. The pneumatic system is used to push the caps. For an orderly flow, electrical and pneumatic control is the recommended method. It uses a magnetic drive pump to apply the filling; the filling nozzle has a special mechanical design for precise adjustment and recognizes no bottle, no filling. It is an easy-to-maintain monoblock machine powered by electricity and pneumatics.


Following delivery, the client must follow the instructions of our installation to unpack and arrange the equipment at their location to correspond with the placement design. The client may choose to have the machine set up by an MAKWELL expert; the cost of the services is agreed upon in advance.

Technical Training

Providing operators with technical training is our responsibility. The training will cover equipment control and operation, as well as its construction and maintenance. Operators’ technical personnel may learn operation and maintenance skills effectively. This is through training or video, and they can handle common problems quickly. Schedule consultations with expert technical specialists to provide guidance.

Quality Assurance

We guarantee that the machine will meet its technical performance standards after a few days of feeding operation. As long as meeting the operating and setup guidelines appropriately.

We take full responsibility for any issues that may arise with the manufacturing line. These may due to our design, manufacturing, installation, or material defects, among other things. The 24-month warranty term begins on the day after receiving the machine.


We will handle any issues that develop within the 24-month maintenance term. We provide the client with the appropriate parts and efficient service as well. After the guarantee term ends, we will continue to provide extensive and helpful technical assistance.

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