Multi-function Automatic Flour Powder Packing Machine

Type: Multi-function Automatic Flour Powder Packing Machine
Filling range: 200g-2kg
Bag length: 80-250mm
Bag width: 30-400mm
Packaging speed: 20-50bags/min
Voltage: AC220V/380V  50HZ/60HZ
Power: 4.5KW
Machine Size(L*W*H) 1488*1080*1490mm
 Weight: 980kg

Automatic Small Sachets Spice Chilli Powder Filling Packing Machine

This automatic flour packing machine is used to fill and pack powders that are fluid or have low fluidity, such as milk powder, coffee powder, granular additives, etc. It can automatically weigh, make bags, fill them, and print the date. This machine highlights screw pole putting material, servo-code, and microcomputer control. For consistent code control, silent operation, reliability, speed, fast, and high accuracy.

It may also show the measurement counter. The design is simple; the circulator works well and is easy to maintain. This new flour packing machine is widely used in the powder industry, food, etc.

Automatic Flour Powder Packing Machines

Multi-function Automatic Flour Powder Packing Machine Features

  1. This automatic flour packing machine features a Siemens PLC control system and easy to use human-machine touch screen.
  2. With its two servo motors, this machine can do accurate positioning, operate quickly and smoothly, and run in a stable way.
  3. It comes with an auto alarm protection function, which minimizes loss.
  4. Processes like measuring, feeding, filling, bag making, and printing are all automated.
  5. Use of stainless steel 304 that is food-safe and long-lasting.
  6. This machine is easy to maintain with only one operator.
  7. Generates packing speeds of up to 80 bags per minute.
  8. It has four temperature controls. Each heating block has its temperature controller to make the temperature more stable.
Flour Powder Packing Machines
flour powder packing machine

Multi-function Automatic Flour Powder Packing Machine Applications

This automatic flour packing machine is used to fill and pack materials that need to be handled carefully and measured with high accuracy. This includes protein powder, milk powder, sugar powder, coffee powder, wheat flour, detergent powder, coconut powder, etc.

It is equipped with a screw elevator and augur filler for fast and smooth filling of powdery and granular materials. This flour packing machine is widely applied to pack products in the industry of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, hardware, etc.

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How can a flour packing machine benefit your business?


Reliable and Functional

This automatic flour packing machine can do filling, capping, sealing, and labeling with little to no human intervention. With the help of the latest technologies, this automated machine can make sure that the packaging process works well. It can produce more flour packs per minute, which helps meet the market’s needs.

Efficient and Cost-saving

One unit of a flour packing machine may cost a lot of money, so buying one is a big investment. But in the long run, this investment will help you save money on labor and get rid of human errors. It can help you meet the high demand for products quickly and efficiently. In today’s competitive world, flour packages must be made quickly and well.

Boost Brand Awareness

Automatic flour packing machines make diversified packages. Making different package designs with your brand’s logo on them is easier. It will help consumers remember your brand and give you the trust of your target market. How your product looks on the shelves of a store is an essential part of getting buyers’ interest.

Long Products Shelf Life

Flour packing machines are important for keeping flour fresh and making it last longer. The material that these machines use to make packages is safe for the environment and won’t react with your product. This keeps your product safe and keeps its quality.

Better Ergonomics and Low Injury Risk

With automated flour packing machines, the amount of work will go down, and so will the number of workers who get hurt. Process automation systems are an excellent fit for tedious and repetitive tasks that need to be done the same way consistently. When workers do repetitive work, they can be more productive by using machines to help them.

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