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Multi-Lane Sachet Packing Machine

Fill and pack honey, milk, sauces, ketchup, shampoo, and other similar liquid and semi-liquid
products on 20 to 40 sachets per minute using our multi-lane sachet packing
machine with up to 10 lanes!

Multi-lane Sachet Packing Machine

This multi-lane sachet packing machine is used for dispensing liquid or semi-liquid products and sealing them in the form of a 3/ 4 side-sealed sachet. It includes the sachet forming, product dosing, filling, and sachet sealing processes, with either single or string sachet cutting—servo-driven piston pump with shut-off apertures for maximum precision and zero leakage.

8-lane Sachet Pack Machine
8-lane Sachet Pack Machine

It is more suitable for packaging sauces, such as ketchup, syrup, etc.; it can pack up to 320 sachets per minute.

10 lane sachet pack machine
10-lane Sachet Pack Machine

This machine is able to produce up to 400 sachets/per minute & can pack liquid products.

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Industries and Applications

sauce sachet
cosmetic sachets
pharma sachets
clear shampoo sachet
Personal Care

sauce sachet pack machine
  • Fill anything from 4 to 12 lanes depending on the sachet’s dimension. It can be linked to the automated cartoning machine and the mending line to form a whole line.
  • The PLC software controls the whole machine. Man-machine interaction touch screens configure the function parameters.
  • This machine can automatically fill, measure, bag-make, seal, print batches, count, and finishes final products.
  • The horizontal seal uses independent servo control and has a straightforward, sturdy design.
  • The film runs steadily and has cursor adjustment and correction.
  • Vacuum feeds the storage bin continuously.
  • The filling device is removable, simple to set up, and quick to clean and sanitize.
multi-lane sachet pack machine

This multilane liquid filler can produce up to 360 sachets per minute and is excellent for the measurement packing of liquids in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, and other packaging industries;

  • Milk
  • Honey
  • Sauces
  • Ketchup
  • Shampoo
  • Hair conditioner
  • Oil
  • Ice candy
  • Paste, etc.
Model 8-lane Sachet Pack Machine 10-lane Sachet Pack Machine
Sealing Style 3/4 Side sealing sachets
Speed 20-40 sachets/per minute (Depends upon the type of product & quantity to be filled)
Maximum Pouch Length 150 mm 150 mm
Filling Range 1 ml to 50 ml for liquids and pastes, 1g to 40g for powders
Product to be Packed Liquids, pastes, sticky Powders and free flowing powders

Packing film Holder

It has a method for automatically aligning roll film—Automate roll film placement during machine operation to prevent the issue of misaligned pouch closure.

Piston Pump Metering & Filling Device

Multiple filling lines significantly increase efficiency and output. Less variation and more precise filling.

Pouch-Pulling System

More consistent pouch filling with fewer variations. Strong torque allows for use under heavy loads. Simple specification updates through a monitor.

With the advanced technology, this machine can pack various liquids, including those with high and low viscosities. Designed to be simple to use, requiring fewer tools, and including a manual I/O testing facility. The servo-driven, shut-off piston pump guarantees pinpoint precision and leak-free operation.

Importantly, this sachet packaging machine uses components from trusted global manufacturers like Siemens and Omron. This guarantees that the final product will meet or exceed the production expectations.

Because horizontal sealers operate with a linear servo action, they need no regular servicing. Additionally, the machine incorporates an anti-vibration mechanism to prevent any ongoing or unexpected harm.

For any liquid application, the intermittent motion sachet machine is the best choice. This method of packaging includes the multi-lane sachet packing machine, which;

◎ Low-to-Zero Mechanics: Because the intermittent sachet machine has no mechanics, it does not need a skilled mechanical specialist. All motion drives are factory-set servo motors with linear guides. Depending on their use, technicians must change sealing time, filling, sealer pressure, etc.

◎ Technical Assistance: 90% VPN-diagnosed downtime. The technical assistance connects to your system and diagnoses your issues.

◎ Low Usage of Spare Parts: The advantages reduce spare parts use. It doesn’t require costly, heavy, time-consuming replacement parts since it has no heavy mechanicals. The only spare parts needed are low-cost, long-lasting, and easy to distribute.

Why Choose Multilane Sachet Packing Machines for Liquid Applications?

The latest development of our sachet packaging equipment is optimal for liquid sachet uses. If you’re looking to package liquids, these are some of the benefits of using our multilane packing machines:

Advanced Control Mechanism

Servo motors and a high-speed PLC are capable of automatic synchronization to improve the controlling movements. The operation is now quicker and simpler. The formerly complex mechanical solutions become more manageable and quicker to implement directly.

Straightforward Syncing 

All the movements are pre-set at the manufacturer, so adjusting before using the machine is unnecessary.

☞ Low Maintenance and Downtime

Maintenance and downtime are reduced, which is yet another advantage of motion control technology. This is due to the fact that sachet machines do not have any internal mechanisms. Linear guides and servo motors power all the movements. This means that fundamental factors like sealing duration, filling, sealer pressure, etc., may be tailored to each individual’s demands by regular technicians rather than professional technicians.

Faster and Better Packaging

The machine’s ability to adjust the speed of various actions is essential in achieving larger capacities. The most crucial stage in preventing leaks and errors is the rate at which liquid is poured into sachets. Thus, it cannot move as quickly as other movements. Maintaining this step’s pace while altering the speed of subsequent phases.

For instance, the film pulling and sealing rate might be much higher than the filling rate. Taking time with some of these procedures guarantees that your sachets will be free of leaks and other defects when filling.

Low Consumption of Spare Parts

The multi-lane sachet packaging machines above advantages all result in lower spare parts usage. The device never requires pricey, heavy replacement parts since there is no hefty mechanical. The only spare components necessary are those with low cost, extended use, and basic consumption that can be delivered quickly.

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