Nail Polish Filling and Capping Machine

Power: 1KW
Voltage: 220V
Hertz: 50 Hz
Capacity: 3-20ml (customized)
Dimension: 2500*000*1600mm
Weight: 600KG
Speed: 40-80 bottles/min(customized)

Nail Polish Filling and Capping Machine

The automatic nail polish filling and capping machine which meets the requirements of GMP. Made of high-quality stainless steel material, it is suitable for liquid filling, stoppering, capping or capping of various bottles.

This bottle filling machine combines filling, capping  into one. Advanced design and compact structure. The replacement is very convenient, and it can be combined with other equipment to realize assembly line production.

Nail polish filling machine

❶ This nail polish filling machine can fill various-sized containers and modify filling parameters in minutes.

❷ Electrical component arrangement, double-acting main power cylinder, and photoelectric magnetic switch provide machine quality and stability.

❸ Simple to maintain. It’s easy to dismantle, clean, and install without tools. Convenient adjustability. Adjust the measurement across a wide range until it’s close to optimum, then fine-tune the precision.

❹ Different filling techniques, including peristaltic pumps, piston pumps, gear pumps, etc., are applicable to assure material filling accuracy depending on product viscosity.

The nail polish filling and capping machine widely used in food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other small bottle automatic production.

  • nail polish
  • ointments
  • UV nail gel
  • hardening gels
  • nail strengtheners
nail polish filling machine

Nail Polish Automatic Machine Workflow

  1. Unscrambling of bottles
  2. Washing of bottles (optional)
  3. Product filling into bottles
  4. Adding dropper, plug, and cap
  5. Cap screwing
  6. Labeling of bottles
  7. Optional ribbon printing 
  8. Optional shrink-sleeve labeling 
  9. Optional inkjet printing 
  10. Collecting of filled bottles 
  11. Cartoning 
Nail Polish Filling Machine
Nail Polish Filling Machine

Nail Polish Filling Machine Advantages

🔵 This model nail polish filling and capping machine uses motor and energy to fill and cap tiny bottles automatically.

🔵 Continuous and reliable automatic bottle unscrambling, feeding, filling, capping, and discharging are achieved using a circulating conveyor belt.

🔵 Important elements include automated bottle unscramble, quantitative filling, equal division positioning mechanism, automatic outer cap insertion, capping, bottle ejection manipulator, and electric control. Combining machine components and the electrical system ensures reliability.

Gel Polish Filling Machine Performance Features

  1. Piston pump measuring or peristaltic pump or (if piston pump, replace pump body when filling volume difference is high) is accurate and simple to manage.
  2. Peristaltic pumps may regulate the filling volume on the touch screen and stop filling automatically when there is no bottle, reducing waste.
  3. Filling features a suction and anti-drip mechanism.
  4. Screw caps using a mechanical arm and an automated sliding system to avoid damage.
  5. The filing line is compact, fast, automated, and labor-efficient.
  6. Brand-name electrical components.
  7. 304 stainless steel machine shell is GMP-compliant and simple to clean.
  8. Color touch screen, PLC control, no bottle, no filling (peristaltic pump), no plug, no capping.
Nail Polish Filling Machine
Touch screen control panel

Touch Screen Control Panel

The nail polish liquid filling machine whole working process start from bottle automatic feeder, sensor detector bottles, no bottles no filling; Automatic feed the steel ball; filling machines with multi heads, Automatic feed the brush, Automatic feed the outer cap, Automatic capping, Automatic discharge.

The neatly arranged bottles are sent to the filling station by the conveyor belt, the filling needle extends into the bottle to start filling, and the filling needle slowly lifts up and leaves the mouth of the bottle. Filling is stopped and the bottle is placed. The bottle enters the stopper, upper cap, and capping stations, and the stopper and cap are automatically sorted under the action of the shaker.

Nail Polish Bottles

Bottle Shapes

First is the bottle’s body shape. Most polishes come in round or square bottles. Some manufacturers offer them with heart or floral bottle shapes. You may use the polish regardless of the bottle’s form.

Bottle Sizes

Size is the second consideration for nail polish bottles. Full-sized nail polish bottles carry 0.5 oz (15ml). A full-size bottle provides for a full-size brush and an easy-to-hold lid. Mini bottles are usually half the size of regular ones.

Nail Polish Bottles
Nail Polish Filling & Capping

Nail Polish Filling & Capping

Consider the following while filling and capping nail polish;

Brush, Bottle Caps

Because the cap is the polish’s handle, it must be easy and convenient to grip. Consider the bottle brushes as well, as these are crucial for nail painting.

Glitters and Balls

A nail polish monoblock filling and capping machine can fill and cap small nail polish bottles. But because some nail polish bottles include glitters and balls, the monoblock machine may need more stations.

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What is the Best Filling Machine for Nail Polish?

In bottling nail polish, there are various options for filling equipment. Designed to adapt to the changing demands of the Nail Polish business, liquid filling machines for nail polish are available. MAKWELL designs and produces suitable equipment to fulfill your nail polish filling requirements and production targets.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the Nail Polish Remover Filling and Capping Machine Monoblock fill and seals 2-30 mL bottles of liquid. Among its numerous benefits are the consistent piston pump or peristaltic pump filling, precise measurement, customizable settings, ease of operation, and maintenance, with the function of “no bottle, no fill, no plug cover.”

A. Nail Polish Filling Machine Highlights

  • Smart interface with touchscreen controls. Setting up the working settings is simple and requires no operator training, which increases productivity.
  • The language of the control panel’s interface is adaptable.
  • The bottle sorting structure ensures that bottles are in the correct order before the filling and capping process begins; it is adjustable to accommodate different bottle sizes, which boosts productivity.
  • The vibratory bowl sorter is meant to sort bottle caps before capping. It adjusts depending on cap size to decrease production mistakes.
  • Peristaltic pumps are used for liquids; ceramic and piston pumps are alternatives. Peristaltic pumps provide a high degree of filling accuracy and prevent liquid from passing through the pump while filling.
  • Anti-drip filling nozzle. It comes with a dual-filling nozzle that may be operated independently. You may adjust the nozzle’s filling material sensitivity to optimize the machine’s performance with your products. The filling pump in this machine is of the highest quality, allowing for precise filling every time.
  • As manufacturing demands change, so too may the configuration of the filling nozzles. Prevent liquid from spilling out during filling by adjusting the size of the filling nozzles to match the opening lip of the bottle.
  • High-quality capping structure works well with bottle caps that include screw threads, such as those on dropper bottles, spray bottles, and screw-on bottle caps.
  • Cap-taking device to get and put caps automatically
  • The height is adjustable to accommodate bottles of varying heights, making it both convenient and adaptable.
  • Card bottle rotary table. Rotating table for cards. While functioning, the rotational dish can carry and fix bottles. Depending on the size of the bottle, this dish is adjustable. For various types of bottles, switch out the rotatable dish.
  • The rotatable plate is tailored to the size of the bottle. It can stop bottles from toppling over while transporting.
  • Electronic eye for detection. This device has a top-notch electric eye that recognizes bottles and starts or stops the machine’s operation. The adjustable component may change the electric’s sensitivity. Increases the precision of work.

B. Nail Polish Filling Machine Characteristics

1. Premium Materials

High-grade stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion, manufactured in accordance with GMP requirements, and has a long service life.

2. Color Touchscreen

Using a touchscreen and PLC control system, the operation is easy to use, convenient, full of features, and stable.

3. Compact Structure

High efficiency, reliable performance, and well-known brand electronic components.

4. Durable and Safe

To ensure the machine’s safety, the power supply has over-current protection. If the power supply exceeds the range of normal usage, the fuse will automatically fuse.

C. Nail Polish Filling Machine Usability

This nail polish filling machine can perform automatic feeding, peristaltic pump filling, positioning cap, high-speed cap turning, and automated labeling. It is primarily used for filling manufacturing lines of test tubes and other small-dose products. The machine uses mechanical transmission to guarantee precise and reliable operation, low noise, minimal loss, and no air pollution. The whole equipment is constructed of 304 stainless steel in accordance with GMP specifications.

D. Nail Polish Filling and Capping Machine Molds

For different size bottles and caps, only need to replace the mold plate and cap sorter, they can work in common set machine!

Nail Polish filling Machine Solutions

The Nail Polish Filling Machine is the most practical and adaptable method of packaging tiny quantities of nail polish and other nail-specific items. This machine is notable for its ease of use, speed of operation, and cleaning. But, most importantly, it is durable and built of high-quality materials, making it ideal for filling nail paint or some other kind of nail solution. The dosing equipment is precise and prevents product waste.

Installing a Nail Polish Filling Machine 

  • Your facility should be equipped with the proper liquid filling technology to produce the desired results from varying viscosity nail polish solutions. Various fillers are available depending on the product viscosity, such as overflow, piston, pump, and gravity.
  • Following the liquid filling process, different kinds of equipment may be used to ensure that the packing process runs efficiently. Containers of any type can fit various types of caps using capping equipment.
    Labelers may create professional-looking labels with customized images and text. Conveyors may also transmit items at varying speeds.

We offer cosmetic filling machinery and packaging equipment for your liquid cosmetic assembly to accommodate and keep your manufacturing line running efficiently.

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