Oil Bottle Filling Machine

Warranty: 2 years
Power: 3.2KW
Voltage: 220V(customized)
Hertz: 50/60Hz
Capacity: 50-1000ml(customized)
Dimension: 1900*780*(2650-3000)(customized)
Weight: 2200KG(customized)
Speed: 15-100 bottles/min

Oil Bottle Filling Machine

This automatic oil bottle filling machine is a three-in-one device capable of rinsing, filling, and capping oil containers. It is excellent for packaging viscous liquids and liquids with small particles. The PLC automatically controls the plunger bottle-in’s quantitative filling, positioning, and bottle-out. All adhering to the GMP standard. Suitable for filling pharmaceuticals, foods, daily chemicals, pesticides, and fine chemicals, as well as other types of products.

Our oil filling machine is compatible with a wide variety of other machinery, including bottle blowing machines, labeling equipment, cartoning machines, and more. A PLC and touch screen provides control and parameter setting for the whole manufacturing line. Using only the finest GMP-compliant food-grade materials throughout.

beverage bottle filling machine

❶ A single oil filling machine can rinse, fill, and cap oil packaging.
❷ Accuracy of filling within +/- 1%
❸ Stainless steel (SUS304) is used for the oil filler machine’s frame.
❹ SUS316L may be used for any material-contacting parts if desired.
❺ Intelligent bottle detection means no filling and no capping if there is no bottle present.
❻ Customizable depending on the target production speed.
❼ Combined ISO9001 and CE standards.

  • Palm Oil
  • Olive Oil Filling Machine
  • Peanut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Cooking Oil
  • Blended Oil
  • Edible Oil
  • Essential Oils
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Lubricating Oil
  • Industrial Oil
  • Special Solvents



Oil Filling Machine Efficiency

This oil filling machine is very effective in filling oil containers. From 12 up to 80 filling heads, with a maximum throughput of 35,000 bph, it offers a wide range of speed options. Features bottle rinsing, filling and sealing. The PLC automatically regulates all of the components.

Configure oil filler machines for various viscous, thick liquids, such as edible oil, industrial oil, and other oils. Benefit from a high level of automation, effortless operation, and precise filling. CIP cleaning systems are available for further sanitation needs.

Water Bottle Filling Heads

Oil Filler Machine Main Parts

  • Filling nozzles: Under vacuum pressure, nozzles fill bottles volumetrically.
  • Electric cabinet: This starts the machine’s power at a voltage of 220 V and has an electric box made up of electric cables and parts.
  • Touch screen: This is where you regulate machine frequency, speed, and pressure. It can track each step using an interface.
  • Tank: The liquid is kept in its main body before filling nozzles and release into bottles.
  • Cylinder: The cylinder stores the necessary liquid before it pours from the nozzles into the container.
  • Input valve: The input valve controls how much liquid flows into the bottle.
  • Lifting cylinder: It balances the machine and prevents damage by lifting other parts.
  • Product level sensor: The sensor can measure how much liquid is added to the bottle and if it matches your setting.
  • Neck localizer: This positions nozzles for proper filling and waste reduction.
  • Conveyor: This automatically moves empty bottles between parts to complete the filling procedure.
  • Alarm indicator light: The indicator light alerts you to safety hazards and helps you stop the operation from continuing.
  • Drip tray: If liquid spills from the nozzles, the drip tray collects it, keeping the machine clean.

Oil Filler Machine Working Principle

First Step: Feeding Bottles 

The initial stage is placing the bottles into the oil filling machine by a conveyor belt. As soon as the machine recognizes that the bottles are empty, it starts filling them.

Second Step: Filling Bottles

Once the bottles are empty, they may be filled with oil at the filling machine. Various machines, such as those that use pistons, net weight, gravity, and other similar mechanisms fill the bottles.

Third Step: Capping Bottles

Following the filling of the bottles with oil, they are sent to the sealing station, where they are later sealed by pressing the caps into the mouths of the bottles.

Fourth Step: Labeling Bottles

Lastly, brand the bottles. Oil filling machines like olive oil bottling machine apply labels well. Labeling is the last step before distribution, informing customers, and promoting the brand.

Water Filling Machine Components

Automatic Oil Filler Machine Trusted Partner Brands

Internationally known brands manufacture the oil filling machine’s major components. Japanese MITSUBISHI is used in parts such as PLCs, inverters, and touch screens. The issued SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC for the switch, contactor, and relay. The drive motor is made in Germany by SIEMENS. NSK, AUTONICS, AIRTAG, and more brands are also available.

Oil filling machine is characterized by the details of their parts, and well-known brands also make the device more durable.

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What is the Main Configuration of the Fully Automatic Oil Filling Line?

The main configuration of the fully automatic oil filling line consists of the following;

  • Bottle sorting machine
  • Filling and capping machine
  • In-line weight inspection and removal device
  • Aluminum foil sealing machine
  • Code spraying machine
  • Code tracing system
  • Unpacking machine
  • Partition machine
  • Packaging machine
  • In-line weight inspection and removal machine
  • Stacking machine and robot stacker.
  • Automatic Oil Filling System Characteristics
Top Tank with No Dead Corner
  1. Round or semi-round top tanks eliminate dead corners and make cleaning easier.
  2. Selectable: two-jacket hopper, CIP system and mixing mechanism.
  3. 316SS is for internal nozzle seals as an option, and 304SS is for construction.
Suction Head Vacuum
  1. Filing nozzles for anti-drop vacuum systems.
  2. High precision while filling.
  3. Optional diving nozzle for frothy liquids.
  4. Internal nozzle seals and O rings are of excellent quality.
  5. Complete with a dropping tray.
  6. 304 SS structure.
ESG Valve
  1. Works well with both thin and thick liquids.
  2. Quickly dismantle three-way connections.
  3. ESG valve to provide more stable and accurate shutoff.
  4. ESG high-performance, long-life valve.
Automated Piston Take Off Technology
  1. Piston cleaning without tools ensures food quality and saves time and effort.
  2. Effortless cleaning. Optional CIP system.

An automated oil filling system is suitable for packaging various products in different sectors such as edible oil, lubricants, food, sauces, condiments, hair conditioner, shower gel, daily chemical detergent, disinfectants, pesticides, coatings, etc.
Two to three individuals may run the whole line to minimize work intensity and labor expenses.
All in all, the line can fill between one thousand and eight thousand bottles every hour, depending on your production needs.
The ideal filling precision can be within ± 0.5%, which is precise and helps save materials and costs.
The entire automated oil filling line is constructed of stainless steel, giving it a sleek, modern look and high perceived value.

How does the oil filling machine work?

The empty bottles are positioned on the main drive conveyor before entering the oil piston filler. Optical sensors count the bottles as they approach the filler to ensure the correct number of bottles. The pneumatic bottle clamping system secures the bottles once they are in position. This prevents under or over-filling by ensuring that bottles are ideally placed under each filling head. To rapidly, precisely, and consistently fill the bottles, a series of stainless steel valves are dropped inside them. The out-gate cylinder retracts from its position once the target volume is achieved, allowing the filled bottles to proceed on the conveyor for sealing processes.

Oil Filler Three-Way Valve

✔ The tank, rotary valve, and position tank are connected via a quick-release clip.
✔ The valve is specially designed to prevent oil leaking. Achieve optimal precision.
✔ Use a three-way oil valve, which works well with oil, water, and other fluids.

Clean and Safe Operation

✅ Tri-clamps connection is hygienic and simple to remove and clean.
✅ Available with a CIP cleaning feature.
✅ In-tank level controls for buffer tanks.
✅ Modern alarm system for safe operation.
✅ Integrates premium electric and pneumatic international configuration.

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