Oral Liquid Filling Machine

Type: Automatic Oral Liquid Filling Machine
Filling Range: 20-1000ml
Filling Speed: 40-120bottles/min
Power Supply: 220V 50/60Hz
Filling Heads: 16 heads
Compressed Air Pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa
Dimension(L*W*H): 3600*1000*1800
Weight: 2200KG
Filling Accuracy: ≤1%

Oral Liquid Filling Machine

The oral liquid filling machine automatically fills different pharmaceutical liquids or viscous liquids. It has automatic bottle feeding, automatic filling, automatic stopper feeding-pressing, automatic cap feeding-closing, and automatic bottle-out, which are all very stable.

Using a piston pump to fill allows for more precise filling and a larger filling scope. It has an easy way to set it up and clean it. The pump doesn’t contact the material, so it doesn’t make the material bad. This machine is high-tech, with no filling without bottles, auto counting, and a PLC control system. CE standards have been used to make it safe to use and have a long-term performance.

16 heands oral filling machine
  1. This bottle filling machine is made in line with cGMP standards.
  2. AISI 304 for non-contact parts and 316 for contact parts.
  3. The dosage may be simply set using a dosing block and a pin.
  4. “No container, no filling” feature to keep material from spilling.
  5. Accuracy of filling: ±1% in a single dosage.
  6. Vibration-free performance is achieved by the sturdy design.
  7. Minimal changes in the container or fill size over time.
  8. UHMW-PE is the guide profile for the SS slat belt. It makes the belt move smoothly, quietly, and without friction.
  9. Pneumatic bottle stopper setup.
  10. With a VFD, the filling and conveying drives are synchronized.
  11. Tray on machine platform for draining and tray under conveyor for drips.

The oral liquid filling machine uses volumetric filling with a syringe, piston, and nozzles. This machine is used for filling liquid into bottles in the food, beverages, dairy, pharmacy, agrochemicals, and other industries.

It is widely used in oral liquids, care solutions, eye drops, nutrient solutions, medicine, wine, disinfectant, perfume, pesticides, lubricants, edible oil, chemical, and other special industry liquid filling. Applicable as ointment filling machine, cream filling machine, etc.

Oral Liquid Filling Machine Characteristics

  1. The oral liquid filling machine has a stepless frequency control using a PLC.
  2. The automatic program does the unwinding and plastic molding. It also operates the filling, the batch number, the cut tail, the punching, and cutting.
  3. User-friendly interface for machine-human communication.
  4. Filling heads that do not leak, bubble, and overflow.
  5. Stainless steel is used on all parts of the machine that come into contact with the liquid. This is to meet the GMP requirements.
  6. The main pneumatic and electrical parts are from foreign suppliers.
  7. An electronic peristaltic pump control system and mechanical filling are available on this machine, which provides great filling accuracy.
oral liquid filling machine
16 heands oral filling machine

Oral Liquid Filling Machine Process

The oral liquid filling machine is compact, flexible, stainless steel with a beautiful, matte finish and an S.S. slat conveyor. The machine comes complete with a syringe and piston drive unit, a “no bottle, no filling” system, and a reciprocating nozzle with a self-centering feature. A gear motor with synchronized adjustable drive power the machine’s primary drive and the conveyor.

The containers from the turntable or washing machine are fed below the filling nozzles using a settable dual pneumatically operated stopper system. With the reciprocating nozzles and the twin pneumatically driven stoppers, no liquid will be spilled on the container below the nozzles.

Then sucks liquid into the bottle through a syringe and piston assembly. An eccentric driving block is used to adjust the filling doze. The adjustable nozzle will move back and forth depending on the filling dosage to minimize foaming. As the nozzle fills the bottle, it slowly moves up to the neck.

Oral Liquid Filling Machine Optional Features

  1. This oral liquid filling machine has electrical parts that are flame-resistant.
  2. A conveyor belt that has an automatic chain washing system.
  3. Pre-inspection is built into the design.
  4. Cabinet made of acrylic.
  5. Nitrogen flushing setups before/after.
  6. A float or holding tank that may have a stirrer or not.
automatic oral liquid filling machine

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Why is Oral Liquid Filling Machine Important in Pharmaceuticals and other Industries?

Oral liquid filling machines are used in pharmaceutical and other industries because they are very efficient and always get the same results. Using a syringe, piston, and nozzle, a semi-automatic liquid bottle filling machine follows the basic volumetric concept. It is commonly used in the food, agricultural, beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors to fill containers like bottles with liquid.

A closed-circuit manufacturing facility is used to make oral liquids, from the sugar or water phase to the volumetric liquid filling machine. The plant helps to keep materials clean because there is no human contact up to the filling machine hopper, which is where the material is put in. It has no coupling in the drive assembly, so its shafts don’t move. The storage container comes with a stirrer used to keep materials suspended in a closed container.

Capping and Sealer Machines

Capping machines are very common in the pharmaceutical and FMCG industries, where liquid goods are made. They are used to apply a cap or lid to every container that goes through the packaging process. This machine helps you improve the quality and efficiency of your manufacturing process. The bottle capper machine is a cap sealer machine and a cap placer because it sorts, lifts, and seals the containers. The machine is incredibly adaptable and may be easily fit into any workplace.

A capping machine known as a vial capping machine seals the glass vial or container with a flip-off cap or tear-off top. It’s important to use a syringe capper in an injectable manufacturing facility because it provides an airtight seal that protects the contents of the glass container.

For easy removal of the injection and quality assurance, vial capping is useful for paramedical personnel. When the stopper is securely held in its sealed position, the medicine stays clean, protecting the stopper from any outside damage. Oral filling machines are important for pharmaceuticals and food and beverage companies to keep making their products safely and quickly.

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