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The paint industry can be divided into two categories: artistic and industrial. As a filling machine manufacturer, we can provide you with an industrial paint filling machine, an acrylic filling machine, or an acrylic paint tube filling machine, depending on your needs.

  • Acrylic filling machines with a 1ml-100ml acrylic paint filling range.
  • Paint filling machines with a paint filling range of up to 200l.
  • Suitable with a wide range of packaging/containers, including tubes, jars, pails, tins, bottles, gallons, etc.
  • Customized filling and packaging solutions tailored to your filling demands.
  • Integrate a filling machine with capping and labeling devices to create a complete production line.

We can fill the following products...

paint pail
Paint Pail
paint tin
Paint Tin
Acrylic Paint Gallons
Acrylic Paint Gallons
paint bottles
Paint Bottles
Acrylic Paint Tubes
Acrylic Paint Tubes
Acrylic Paint Gallons
Acrylic Paint Watercolor
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Automatic Paint Filling Machine Advantages

Product Innovation

Multifunctional machines effectively mix and fill paints. Allow for pinpoint accuracy when tinting surfaces with precise hues. Manufacturers can determine the optimal dosage for a specific product.

Flexible Paint-Filling

Modern paint filling machines fill a variety of paint and coating sizes; Store in a wide variety of containers, including bottles and totes—giving more options for customers.

Enhanced Raw Product Traceability
Enhanced Raw Product Traceability

Industries benefit from smart sensors with enhanced asset tracking—estimate monthly, quarterly, or periodic raw material needs; Save resources, and reduce waste.

Worker Safety

Reduced interaction of paint means less exposure to paint and paint fumes for workers. This risk reduction is a positive development toward protecting employees.

Paint Filling Equipment for Efficiency and Profit

Automatic versions of liquid filling machines may significantly increase productivity in paint-packing processes. With these pieces of machinery, the filling procedure will be dependable, guaranteeing no product loss and precise fill levels.

The best filling machines are becoming more customizable and user-friendly as a result of advancements in technology that are increasing efficiency and automating many of the components.

Paint Filling Machine
Paint Filling Machine

Paint Filling Machine and Packaging Equipment Salient Features

  1. Filling by weight is an effective method for ensuring precision.
  2. The entire system may be simplified by combining the labeling and capping machines into one unit.
  3. There are several options for capping and sealing a wide range of acrylic paint and other paint containers.
  4. Pneumatic system components provide the equipment with the highest level of security and appropriate blast-proof methods.
  5. Small tanks to maintain a consistent flow of fluids with varying viscosities.
  6. The machines can be quickly and easily set up and adjusted.
  7. A control device in case of an emergency stop.
  8. The whole framework and all of the outlets are constructed of stainless steel.
  9. Offers the capacity to modify volume and precision accuracy.

Paint Packaging Safety Measures

As highly combustible liquids, paint products need special filling tools and procedures to avoid ignition and careful sealing methods, and dependable materials to prevent leakage and the consequent risk of fire.

Paint, acrylic paint, lacquer, stain, varnish, enamel, liquid filler, liquid lacquer base, and shellac all fall within the category of liquid paints. Paint reducers, thinners, dryers, and removers are also used. Packaging equipment like fillers is essential to package this and other volatile liquids safely.

Because the fumes released by many solvent-based paint products pose a serious health risk, these products must be packaged to eliminate any possibility of exposure to the operator. Paints should be safely packaged using packaging machinery that ensures the products are ready for transit and storage for an extended time.

The Safety Data Sheet provided by the manufacturer is useful for learning about potential risks associated with paint products. Chemical qualities and any dangers may be further explained.

Paint Filling Machine

Acrylic Paint & Paint Filling Machine Types

Paint Filling Machine
Paint Filling Machine

Paint and other related liquids are very viscous because they are intended to adhere to surfaces. Because of their heaviness, special liquid filling machines and other packaging machinery are essential to safety and effectively package them.

Filling products need specialized equipment, including interior paint, exterior paint, paint thinners, printing ink, adhesives, lacquers, solvents, and cleaning chemicals. The suitable paint filling machine may prevent build-up and other limitations throughout packing.

What is a filling machine?

Filling machines fill goods into bottles, bags, pouches, pails, or bins. Filling machines vary by product—liquid, paste, granule, or powder, and are widely used in the chemical industry.

What is a paint filling machine?

A paint filling machine  is a tool that precisely and rapidly fills paint containers with specified amounts of paint. It can accommodate various container sizes and shapes, including paint cans, pails, drums, and more. It is widely used in industrial and manufacturing settings for the packaging and distribution of art paints, industrial paints, coatings, and related materials.

How many types of filling machines are there?

Filling machines can be manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated. Modern automated liquid bottle filling machines are very efficient and durable. It works with many bottles because of its adjustable nozzle height and speed.

What is a liquid filling machine?

The liquid filling machine automates the operation to optimize productivity and decrease error. Standard liquid filling machinery operates automatically or semi-automatically. Fully automatic devices can fill liquids without human interaction, whereas semi-automatic machines require it.

How does the automatic filling machine work?

The delicate support system opens the bottle mouth when the filling valve touches the empty bottle. The full bottle is automatically removed from the bottle line to continue filling.

What is the purpose of filling equipment?

You may fill a bottle, bin, pouch, or bag with your product with a filling machine. Most items are made to specifications and packed in packaging for distribution.

Acrylic Paint & Paint Filling Machine Types

Weigh Filling Machine

The net weigh filling machine is one form of liquid filling machine that may suit the requirements of the paint and coatings sector. Net weigh fillers are great for filling liquids in bulk, such as 5-gallon pails, with uniform weight levels, as they can handle low to high-viscosity products.

The microprocessor in a net weigh filler allows for precisely timed valve openings and closings depending on the filler’s unique specifications. They may then use gravity to fill containers to the exact weight, eliminating the need for measuring devices.

These filling machines can accommodate a wide range of container shapes and sizes; many of the best are built to endure for ages.

Volumetric Piston Filling Machine

Paint and coating products may also benefit from using a volumetric piston filling machine, another liquid filler. The filling process in liquid packing lines may be maintained at peak efficiency with the help of a specialized piston filler.

Rotary Lobe Pump Filling Machine

A wide range of liquid items, including denser ones, may be filled using various pump-filling equipment. Similar to net weigh fillers, they work well for filling large amounts of paint and coating materials into containers of varying sizes and shapes.

Modern pump fillers often include an operating system that is simple to control, allowing for individualized fill settings; this helps to standardize the fill volume across containers and reduce waste.

Depending on the type of paint manufacturing line you require equipment for, our packaging specialist may advise you on the best machinery to use.

Paint Filling Machine
Various Paints Our Equipment Can Handle

The two main categories of paint are those designed for industrial usage and those designed for artistic expression. Pails or metal cans are typical packaging for industrial paints, but plastic bottles are more common for artist-grade paints. If you need a mixer, filling, and packaging machine for liquid or thick substances, we can design and construct one for you.

  • Paints
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Heavy Body Acrylics
  • Fluid Acrylics
  • Inks
  • Glues
  • Resins
  • Sealants
  • Coatings
Paint Filling Machine
Paint Filling Machine Selection

Our paint filling equipment can range in size to accommodate various applications. With two main types of paint-filling methods: 5fl oz to 8G and 8G and above.

These categories include multiple machines. Paint packaging machine choices include:

  • Cap and lid varieties available.
  • Accurate weight-based filling.
  • Equipment with a single machine line that combines the filling, capping, and labeling procedures.
  • Space-saving designs.
  • Explosion-proof structure maximizes safety.
  • Regardless of viscosity, flow control, and smaller tanks will provide a steady flow.

Complete Paint Production Line

tube filling and sealing machine
Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

Tube filling and sealing machine for filling plastic and laminated tubes with acrylic paints or other paint materials, hot air seal, stamp date and batch number, and cutting excess plastic on the tube end.

Aerosol Paint Spray Filling Machine
Aerosol Spray Paint Filling Machine

Aerosol spray paint filling machine with complete configuration increases the rate of production, convenience of use, safety, and labor cost savings.

paint filling machine
Paint Filling Machine

Our paint filling machines may be customized to fit your specific business’s requirements. We make the best equipment around for filling paint cans and can help you reach your production targets.

Paint Capping Machine
Paint Capping Machine

Product-filled containers need closures to avoid spillage and contamination. Capping machines may cover numerous bottles and containers, matching their size and form requirements. Use an automated vertical wheel plugger, chuck capper, snap capper, or spindle capper, depending on the cap. Cap elevators, sorters, and pre-feeders boost capper efficiency.

Paint Labeling Machine
Paint Labeling Machine

Labeling machines apply transparent, Mylar, or paper labels on containers. Most labeling machines can accommodate multiple containers and print custom text, logos, and graphics. Paint labeling machines are generally selected depending on container form, size, and label size.

Your FAQ Guide to Paint Filling Machine

A paint filling machine might answer your prayers if you’re seeking a way to speed up the paint manufacturing procedure. However, it might be overwhelming to consider all of the possibilities. In this informative FAQ guide, we’ll address some of the most often-asked questions (and their answers) concerning paint filling machines so that you can make the best choice for your company.

Paint Filling Machine: What is it?

A paint filling machine is a tool that precisely and rapidly fills paint containers with specified amounts of paint. The device can accommodate various container sizes and shapes, including paint cans, pails, drums, and more.

How many types of filling machines are there?

You may get filling machines that are fully automated, semi-automatic, or manual. Thanks to technological advancements, automated paint filling machines can provide maximum output for an extended length of time. You may use it with various containers because of its speed control and adjustable height nozzles.

What are the different types of paint filling machines?

Volumetric, gravity, piston, and pump fillers are just some paint filling equipment. Based on how much automation is involved, it may be broken down into three categories—manual, semi-automatic, and completely automatic. The kind of paint you’re filling, the size of the containers, and the required filling pace will all play a role in determining the equipment you’ll need.

What are the advantages of paint filling machines?

Using a paint filling machine has several advantages, such as enhanced productivity, greater precision, and lower labor costs. It’s a great way to keep your finished products uniform in quality and reduce waste.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a paint filling machine?

There are several things to consider while choosing a paint filling machine, such as:

  • Paint container sizes and shapes
  • Paint viscosity
  • Level of filling accuracy
  • Volume of output
  • Automation level
  • Maintenance and operating expenses

How do paint filling machines work?

A paint filling machine dispenses a precise quantity of paint into each container using a measuring mechanism. It may be configured to fill containers of various sizes, and it can change its filling rate depending on the demands of the filling product.

What kinds of paints can a paint filling machine fill?

A paint filling machine can fill a variety of paints, including those that are solvent-, oil-, and water-based. Additionally, it may fill many coatings, including varnishes, stains, and sealants.

Will a paint filling machine accommodate various-sized containers?

Yes, a paint filling machine may be set up to work with various containers, from tiny cans to enormous drums. Depending on the size of the container, the machine may be configured to change the filling volume and speed.

What safety precautions must be observed while using a paint filling machine?

When using a paint filling machine, it’s important to remember to take the following precautions:

  • Taking measures by wearing safety gear, including goggles, aprons, and gloves.
  • Making sure the equipment is correctly grounded.
  • Observing the directions and safety recommendations of the manufacturer.
  • Examining the device regularly for problems or damage
  • Making sure to power off the device while not in use.

How to maintain a paint filling machine?

A paint filling machine’s maintenance needs will vary with the model and the parts it employs. Valves, pumps, hoses, and the rest of the equipment will need to be cleaned, oiled, and inspected often. If you want your machine to work at its best, follow the maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer and get it checked for any problems regularly.

How to ensure paint filling machine accuracy?

Calibration, an inspection of the measurement system, and close monitoring of the filling process will keep your paint filling machine functioning precisely. Perform regular maintenance as the manufacturer recommends and use only high-quality parts and materials to avoid wear and tear.

What is an industrial filling machine?

Industries use filling technology to fill all types of containers. Paint is one industry that uses industrial filling machines.


A paint filling machine might be an excellent investment for companies looking to boost productivity, accuracy, and labor costs while streamlining their manufacturing processes. You can choose the ideal paint filling machine for your unique requirements, guarantee optimum performance, and extend the life of your investment by considering the considerations listed in our comprehensive FAQ guide and working with an established manufacturer.

What is the function of the paste filling machine?

The paste filling machine is excellent for filling thick and sticky products, including creams, sauces, gels, adhesives, paints, watercolors, coatings, and more. To regulate the amount of paste or product material that goes into each container, gear pumps or piston fillers are used.

You can benefit from automatic bottle filling machines as they reduce human error and maximize efficiency when filling bottles with liquid products. Thanks to this equipment, industries like Paint may now package their liquid goods with perfect precision.

What paint filling system works best for bulk filling at consistent weight levels?

Weight-based filling can is ideal for bulk filling with consistent container weight requirements. It can exactly fill paint containers thanks to gravity, which stops when reaching the right weight. Capable of matching various paint container sizes.

Can you customize the paint filling machine?

Yes. Thanks to technological developments that are enhancing efficiency and automating many of the components, paint filling machines of today are customizable and easy to operate.

How much does a paint filling machine cost?

Paint filling machines vary in price depending on many parameters, such as the model, the degree of automation, and the included features and components. More advanced paint filling equipment will often cost more.

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