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At MAKWELL, we value establishing long-term ties with our clients in addition to offering efficient, premium, and reliable machinery that will endure for many years.

We know how frustrating delays are for your company. That is why you can rely on our experts to remain by your side through it all, and to ensure that your machines continue to function at peak efficiency.

We provide excellent customer care that can assist you in scheduling performance reviews and finding the most affordable options for your machine and components.

  • Training in operations and maintenance for both new and veteran staff.
  • Routine inspections or one-time evaluations for preventative servicing.
  • Restoration includes upgrades, replacement of old or damaged parts, and repair and reconditioning of machine parts.

You can reduce downtime by carrying out preventative checks. Get in touch with us right away if you need an assessment done all at once or if you want to set up examinations to check on your machines at set times.

By doing regular maintenance, you can ensure that your equipment is operating at its best. We may provide advice on upgrading or replacing worn components and suggest enhancements. It is also possible to provide parts for a repair or refurbishment quotation.

Trust that our support will keep your filling and packaging machines performing well and help your business grow. Feel free to contact us at any time for help or to make a purchase.


Standard Filling Machine Maintenance

  1. Clean the equipment regularly to keep the surface and interior of the equipment free of dust and debris.
  2. Lubricate the lubricating parts regularly to ensure smooth operation of the equipment.
  3. Conduct regular inspections of wearing parts and replace them promptly if damaged.
  4. Regularly check whether all parts of the equipment are intact and whether fasteners are loose.


Instructions for Using Emulsifier


  1. Add heat transfer medium (water or heat transfer oil) before heating.
  2. CAUTION, hot surface.
  3. Close the vacuum and then raise the lid.
  4. Do not touch when homogenizing, stirring, dispersing and other parts are working.
  5. Add hydraulic oil before using the hydraulic lifting type.
  6. Do not turn on homogenization when the liquid material in the main pot does not exceed the upper 8cm of the homogenizer.

Maintenance and Inspection

  1. Turn off the main power supply before maintenance.
  2. Wipe the guide rod area with transformer oil every week.
  3. Add mechanical oil to the lifting gearbox every 6months.
  4. Add lubricating oil to the lifting screw every 20 days.
  5. The mixing reducer should be maintained every 2500 hours.
  6. Maintain the transmission gear box every 2500 hours.
  7. Test the emergency stop switch once a week.

Common Problems and Solutions

  1. Q: The lid of them pot cannot be raised.
    A:Check if the pointer of the vacuum pressure gauge is in contact with the contact point of the atmospheric pressure pointer.
  2. Q: No heating after turning on heating.
    A: Reset the target temperature and check whether the heating contact or is closed.
  3. Q: Heating suddenly slows down.
    A: Check if the resistance of each heating tube is normal.


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