Plastic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine MWSF-2-50

MWSF-2-50 automatic plastic tube filling and sealing machine is mainly used for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and other PE, aluminum laminated tube filling and sealing.

Model: MWSF-2-50
Tube Material: Plastic Tube, Composite tube
Output: 30-50 tubes/min
Power: 1.5kw
Filling Range: 2-300ml
Dimension: L2100*W1100*2200mm
Weight: 500KG

❶  This automatic tube filling and sealing machine features frequency control.

❷  Hot air generator from Switzerland supplies stable heat energy for hot-melting the tail of hoses.

❸  Circular heater heats the inside of the hoses’ tail, circular water chiller cools the outside of the hoses’ tail, that makes heating evenly, achieving tight sealing of the inside of the hoses’ tail, and the printed words clear and beautiful.

❹  Location according to the specific color mark, adopt photoelectric recognizer from Germany, and also with high-precision drive and step-motor, keeping the pictures and words on the right position.

❺  Terminal compressed air system uses multi-level flite ration(with filter device for oil and air, it makes compressed air be clean without pollution) .

❻  Lubrication system uses unified standards of fuel feeding, it makes sure the effective lubrication and Prevent the pollution to the working environment.

❼  This tube filling and sealing machine is suitable for different filling demands of different physical and chemical properties products.

Suitable Tube Diameter: 15-50mm
Suitable Tube Length: 50-250mm
Sealing systems Hot air
Air Work Pressure: 0.5 to 0.6MPA
Hot Air Gun: 3KW
Filling Range: 2-300ml
Output: 30-50tube/min
Power: 1.5kw
Power Supply: 220V
Optional: Externally allocated refrigerator
Filling Accuracy: ≦±1%

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Plastic cream Tube

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