Pouch Filling & Sealing with Spout Pouch Filling Machine

Pouches are a common packaging option for many commercial products. Fruit Juice, dairy products, seedlings, almonds, icing, and many others. Automobile oils and chemicals, which are not foodstuffs, are now starting to be offered in spout pouches or pouches. Why, then, are businesses starting to use this trendy packing? How does a spout pouch filling machine function, more importantly? 

Spout Pouch Filling Machine: Pouch Filling & Sealing

Any company, no matter its size or complexity, you may find the perfect equipment in us. When it comes to filling and sealing spout pouches, our solutions cover every angle, from the placing of fillings to capping. 

While it’s true that every company has its own special packaging and production methods, pouch packaging stands apart. Please find below an overview of how a pouch-filling machine works 

In order to provide a general idea of how the pouch filling machine works, let’s discuss each stage of the process. 


Getting your spout pouches or bags made or ordered is the initial stage in pouch packing. You can use little, 2-inch pouches or big, 250mm pouches, considering your packaging needs and the equipment. 

In most cases, printing of some form is carried out in advance. By using unique ink, this procedure ensures that the food remains intact while inside the plastic. The ink cannot pass through plastic as well. After you place an order for pre-made pouches, they will be sent to your location. 

Changing to pouches will help you save money on shipping, which is one of the main benefits. You can transport 35 times as many items in one truck of pouches as in 35 loads of solid packing. 

You need to load the packets into the magazine of the machine as soon as they come. On a daily basis, this appears to be one of the few parts of the process that need your help. Machines need fewer man-hours to run when their magazine capacity is larger

Two or even three magazines may be present in some packaging machines; one holds the caps, the other the spouts, and still another the pouches. A hopper is also standard on all machines for transporting products to the nozzles. 

rotary spout pouch filling machine

Spout Pouch Filling Machine


To make sure the pouches flow smoothly into the spout pouch filling machine, a rubbery pneumatic piston will carefully push them to one side within the magazine. Next, a set of rubber conveyor clamps takes the pouches one by one and transfers them to a suction arm. The clamps incline the pouches as they move them along, making them ready for attaching their spouts. 

A stainless steel funnel carries the spouts from their respective magazines to the dispenser, which then carefully places each one into its corresponding pouch. Once this occurs, the pouch is flash-sealed to the spout in under a quarter of a second as two heat-seal clamps approach from opposite sides. 

Spout-to-Product Material

The air extractor is the next stop once the spout is sealed. The conveyor clamps take the pouches there. In that position, a vacuum tube will extract every bit of the air from the pouches. 

The next pair of conveyor clamps takes them over immediately, sealing off the area below the spout to keep fresh air out. A separate conveyor transports these clamps to a set of filling nozzles. 

Your packaging continues after a further significant stopover. There can be four nozzles on the spout pouch filling machine. For products like adhesives that need more than one element, the machine may be set to fill each component one by one.   

spout pouch filling machine

Final Products-to-Market

The last station for capping is when your pouches move forward once it is full. With the conveyor, you may attach your packaging spout to sealed tubes. Doing so ensures that your product remains free of contaminants that result from excess air as it travels to the capping machine

Here, a steel funnel allows the caps to draw from their magazines. These are secured on the very top of your spouts with a strong grip. At this point, you may send your products out to your suppliers. 

Pouch Packaging Advantages

One way in which the market may help its bottom line is by reducing retail shrinkage using pouch packing. Store scammers have difficulties getting their money’s worth out of things that aren’t sellable as it’s impossible to use half of a pouched product. 

The fact that buyers may see the products before purchase is an additional perk of pouch packing. Customers will have greater faith in your goods and be more willing to purchase them as a result

Last but not least, the seller stands to gain in the event that the product spoils or is otherwise non-recoverable. They could potentially save funds on disposal costs by using pouches instead of conventional packaging due to their lower volume. This is a huge boon for shops as garbage collection and disposal fees are among their most manageable expenses. 

Customer/Consumer Advantages

With a spout pouch filling machine, food and other everyday products are made easier to transport with pouch packing. You may make better use of your spaces as the products shrink in size. Moreover, customers will like the amount of room it saves in their trash can after each use, which means fewer waste bags to dispose of. 

In summary 

An obvious way to boost profits is by installing a spout pouch filling machine. Our equipment may increase the profit you make in the long run by reducing shipping needs, space for storage, and the need for human labor. 

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