powder filling machine

Powder Filling Machine

We provide filling solutions for dry powder and granular products. Our vibratory and auger-fed
weight fillers handle sugar, flour, pepper, spices, tiny seeds, coffee grounds, beans,
small sweets, unshelled peanuts, parmesan, powder detergents, etc.

MAKWELL Automatic Powder Filling Machines

MAKWELL manufactures powder filling machines for any production rate or commodity. Our powder fillers efficiently fill dry products or powders into containers of various sizes, shapes, and types for food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and other sectors. Auger technology dispenses powders, grains, and even nuts. Our food-grade, industrial-strength filling equipment can survive daily use and chemical resistance.

Our high-precision powder filling machines can handle several powders and manufacture in quantity to meet your needs. Degassed fillings prevent powder fallout when the auger stops. Our powder filling machines may be connected into production lines with container feeders, cappers, checkers, and labelers.


Powder Filling Machine

Automatic small bottle powder filling machine

Fill powders, tiny particles, and other powders into small glasses, plastic, tin, aluminum, paper, etc. containers. It measures weights by changing screws and has configurable precision. Fill 10 bottles/min of powder materials in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries to precision.

Automatic small bottle powder filling machine

Fill 40 to 120 bottles per minute of powders and grains into glasses or plastic bottles, depending on requirements. Powder and dry syrup-friendly. A vacuum or pressure system dispenses products. Applicable in food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, and chemical industries.

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Powder Filling Machine Advantages

plc control icon in powder filling machine
PLC Control

PLC-controlled touchscreens. Set the touch screen to Chinese, English, or your favorite language. Request a GUI-based PLC system.

custom powder filler

Customized equipment helps unique applications. Flexibility, automation, and adaptation to suit various production needs.

high-quality powder filler
Premium Components

Famous brand electrical and pneumatic parts enhance machine dependability and longevity. Schneider Electric, Siemens PLC, etc.

reliable powder filler

Servo motor-augers for accurate filling. Automatic material convey, measure, fill, bag-making, date-print, and product output.

Filler Powders

Many industries pack powders. The material’s properties can help you choose a packing container and powder filling machine. Powders from disintegration, crushing, or grinding solids may include air and moisture. Fill powder as raw materials, intermediate products, and pre-final products in industry. All three of these factors will influence your filling container decision. Before selecting a powder filling machine, study the powder properties first. Essential traits include:

Powder Fineness/Texture

  • Powder fineness ranges from very fine to coarse or thick.

Powder-Flow Properties

  • Cohesive strength, frictional properties, bulk density, permeability, flow rate, sliding impact, segregation tendency, angle of repose, and other powder flow characteristics are instances.
powder filling machine
powder filling machine

Powder Filling Machine Parts

Filling motor Controls powder capacity by regulating filling container rotations.
Mixing Motor Regulates powder blender intensity.
Mainframe Heads A shield against mechanical damage.
Level Detector Measures powder levels (continuous or point level detector).
Feeding Port Allows powders to pass. 304 food-grade stainless steel.
Hopper Stainless steel 304 dosing system component.
Filling Spout SS 304 dosing system component.
Worktable A platform that holds filled containers.
Electric Scale Automatic package weighing.
Overflow Collector Trough or chute for fill powder spills.
Control Box This locker holds power, controller, and plugin buttons.
Pedestal Offers mechanical assistance for equipment placement.

Powder Filling Technologies

Powder-filling Tooling and Drives

The auger and tube size of any auger powder filling machine depends on the weighted fill., accuracy level, dosing rate, product, & container necks.

Gravimetric Powder Filling Technology

This uses weight-based precision to achieve accurate filling. This method features dry weight matching, product consistency, solve weight filling, & reliable fill weight.

Volumetric Filling Technology

Volumetric filling focuses on capacity. Thus, a container’s fill is proportionate to the auger’s rotations. This applies to single or many augers and semi- or fully-automated devices.

powder filler

Why Choose Makwell Powder Filling Machine

automatic powder filling machine
powder filling equipment
What is powder filling?

The term “powder filling” describes a method for precisely filling powder and granular materials into a container. This works well for packing powders specifically in a variety of packaging containers, including bottles, cans, and bags.

What is the function of a powder filling machine?

The powder filling machine is a piece of equipment used to measure and fill powder products into bottles, bags, pouches, or jars. Both the manufacturing and packing industries make use of it.

The powder filling machine is widely used to fill containers with various pharmaceutical items, including dry syrups, granules, powders, and OEM products. It caters to both consumer and bulk markets. You may fill powders using the auger mechanism. First, the material is placed in a hopper. The hopper feeds all of the materials into the tooling system. The tooling component is a system that generates exact setups and settings that may satisfy specified requirements.

How quickly can a powder filler machine operate?

At 120 bottles per minute, this machine can handle it. The amount and kind of dry powder determine its high-speed capabilities.

Easy Control System Regardless, you’ll want an easy-to-use machine. We combined a digital PLC with an excellent HMI to deliver the best service. Additionally, it’s user-friendly.
Powder Filler Variations Choose from semi-automatic or fully-automatic models. Both equipment works efficiently. Simply entering the proper info makes them easy to use.
Fast Filling We constantly strive for a machine with a high production rate. We can evaluate your needs and find suitable machinery.
Excellent Driving Components Rotating components are powered by the motor. Servo, stepper, vacuum suction, VFD, and electric motors are options for our motor system. However, the servo approach is most common.
GMP-Compliant Construction There are other possibilities, but rust- and corrosion-resistant construction is most crucial. GMP recommends using type 304 stainless steel for all powder-contact parts.
Detectors, Sensors, Timers, Fill Control The most precise filling procedure requires this equipment combo. Filling professionals supervise as timers precisely fill.
High Filling Accuracy There is no perfect machine, but you should strive for a controllable fault count. In fact, our machines fill accurately. This provides consumers piece of mind throughout filling.
Flexible Hopper Volume If you want the right hopper volume, consider the material size. We may give a large hopper for bulkier products and vice versa.
Adaptable Filling Range Choose a container to determine filling range. We can provide you versatile equipment that can manage several fill masses by doing this. Filling machines typically fill 1gram.

powder filling machine price
Beneficial Machine Characteristics

🔵 The automated powder filling line contains a bottling machine, feeding machine, single-head powder filler, capping/sealing machine, labeling machine, inkjet machine, and chain conveyor belt packaging platform, depending on the product selection pipeline design.

🔵 The speed may reach 25 fills per minute, depending on container size and product amount. The powder may include medications, talcum, etc.

🔵 This filler contains an auger-filled hopper. The powder is filled through an auger on the machine’s top plate parallel to the funnel plate. This is to prevent powder spills.

🔵 All manufacturing line equipment is stainless steel. The interior meets or exceeds food and medicinal industry hygiene requirements.

🔵 National food and drug health rules apply to all GMP equipment. The fully automated line removes human involvement, ensuring clean, dependable manufacturing.

🔵 Sand and polish product-contact surfaces. The machine has removable connections for clean product changes.

filling machine for powder
Powder Filler Quality Compliance

ISO/TC 313: international packaging and filling standards.

CE Mark: shows the machine’s health, environmental, and safety compliance.

RoHS: this restricts the use of hazardous material parts like filler in electrical and electronic products.

cGMP: a rule that sets minimum manufacturing process criteria to protect equipment users.

CCC Mark: All products sold, used, or imported in China must have a safety mark.

FDA Compliance: This certification tests food and beverage product handling equipment.

Please keep in mind that these certification criteria may differ depending on your location.

Grain, Dry Product, & Powder Filling Machines

Powder and Dry Product Filling Machine
Powder and Dry Product Filling Machine

Two or four filling channels may feed one or two fill heads in an automated vibratory weight granule packing machine. Vibratory feeders efficiently weigh dry granules, dog food, flowers, and little sweets. Products load cells without auger damage by vibrating delivery tubes.

Tablet Capsule Counting and Filling Machine
Tablet Capsule Counting and Filling Machine

We provide desktop counters and automated conveyor counters to count capsules, soft gels, pills, caplets, and chewables as they drop into packaging. On a capsule counter, operators transfer product containers under the output chute.

Cannabis Packaging and Weighing Machine
Cannabis Packaging and Weighing Machine

Cannabis product-filling machines that accurately fill dry flowers and liquids. The piston-style fillers fill CBD topical creams and lotions in jars. Pinch series timed flow fillers range from entry-level to an automated system can fill twelve containers every cycle.

Syringe Filling Machine
Syringe Filling Machine

Syringe fills dose 0.1 ml accurately using stepper motors. By reducing dosage mistakes and fluid loss through fumbling, our syringe fillers meet pharmaceutical demands. It can handle different syringe sizes and doses due to its 0.1 ml lower precision cap.

Overflow Powder Filling Machine
Overflow Powder Filling Machine

Our automatic fill-to-level or overflow fillers start with a two-bottle capacity. Overflow filling machines fill containers to a specific level. The system can identify size discrepancies and fill all containers evenly.

Rotary Powder Filling Machine
Rotary Powder Filling Machine

These machines can fill a medium- to high-volume orders. One or more filling stations make them appropriate for granular and powdered products. Product flow and process packaging will determine setup.

MAKWELL Powder Filling Machine

MAKWELL is a professional powder filling machine and packaging equipment manufacturer that meets GMP standards, has several honors, and serves over 500 customers worldwide. Our technical staff and after-sales support team have been our strongest assets over the years.

MAWELL powder filling machine is PLC-controlled, which allows you to configure the machine to make it run very efficiently. High-quality stainless steel construction ensures that the machine will last for years without rusting and that your manufacturing workshop will always fulfill GMP standards. Feature high-quality auger filling elements controlled by a servo to provide excellent filling accuracy.

Our powder filling machines are adaptable to a wide range of products and industries and are available in several configurations. Its application in the manufacturing industry is on the rise because it offers numerous benefits.

Using a fully automated powder filling machine reduces the need for sporadic labor expenditures and spillage costs, which helps businesses save money. Standardizing the filling procedure will result in more precise and reliable powder fills. Flexible machine components will allow for adaptation to a broad range of container sizes and fill levels. We offer a variety of sizes and production capacities of powder filling machines to suit both low- and high-volume productions.

If you have any questions or feedback on our powder filling machine, please feel free to get in touch with us. At every opportunity, we will answer your questions and provide you with any additional information you need.

What are the powder filler categories?

Powder filling machines may be divided into three major categories:
• Manual powder filling machine
• Semi-automatic powder filling machine
• Fully automatic powder filling

Manual Powder Filling Machine
Manual means working on hand on operations. Thus, you must be vigilant within the filling process. The operator will stop and restart the machine, grossly weigh the filled products, and calculate the amount.

Semi-Automatic Powder Filling Machine
Since such fillers are similar to fully automated ones, you may update them with little tweaks. A single control or PLC can automate quantification, filling, measurement error correction, and more.

Full Automatic Powder Filling Machine
This equipment is more compact, sturdy, and cost-effective thanks to technological advances. The tank is automatically fed, measured, and filled. It works well with powders and granules. This type of machine is simple to use.

What is the degassing feature?

The degassing feature uses a degassing filter to remove the air contained in the powder carried by the auger screw, lowering the amount of dust in the air. This filling machine enhances the bulk density of the powder. While filling powder products, the degassing function may prevent powder from falling from the auger’s tip. Using the auger in combination with the vertical-pillow filler prevents powder from sticking to the sealed space, eliminating the potential for contamination. The auger filling machine models provide a degassing option.

Can I visit your mixer Tank and filling machine manufacturing factory in China?

Welcome to visit our mixer tank and filling  machine in Jiangsu province China. Fly to shanghai directly and we will pick you up.

How can I know your machine has good quality?

We will send video of the machine working condition, video chatting see our workshop and also you can come to visit ourfactory.

What are your advantages?

1)Competitive price;
2)Excellent technical support;
3)Great after-sale service;
4)Over 15 years experience

What is the payment terms?

30% deposit, the balance before delivery.

How long of the delivery time?

Normally 40-50 working days depend on the detail machine you request.

What is your warranty time?

Two years. Life-long maintenance services and technical support.

Can you offer overseas service?

Yes, if request.We suggest online problem solving firstly, if the problem still shows we can arrange engineer to go to your factory to solve the issue.

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