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MAKWELL Powder Packaging Machines

Powder packaging machines work well for filling low-fluidity or fluidic powder products like coffee, milk powder, and granular additives. With MAKWELL powder packing machines, the automatic multi-lane sachet packaging machine is ideal if your product is coffee powder and you want to pack them into sachets.

This machine automatically fills multiple sachet sticks with powder and seals the packing to create a completed product. The automatic powder filling machine options include single lanes, two lanes, six lanes, eight lanes, ten, and 12 lanes, which you can select according to your product requirements and desired output.

Powder Packaging Machine Applications

MAKWELL Automatic Multi-Lane Coffee Powder Sachet Packaging Machine is best for packaging stick-packed small granules or free flow powder products such as coffee powder.

Aside from filling coffee, this powder packing machine is also suitable for sugar, three-in-one powders, concentrated beverage powder, Ajinomoto, energy drink powder, seasoning powder, spice powder, desiccant powder, etc.

We offer you a choice of bag types such as backside bag seal, three-side bag seal, four-side bag seal, and even specific bag seal as per your requirements. The Automatic Multi-Lane Coffee Powder Sachet Packaging Machine applies in food, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticides, and many other industries.

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Powder Packaging Machine Features

MAKWELL Automatic Multi-Lane Coffee Powder Sachet Packaging Machine can produce output from multiple lanes at once. Automatically splits the film at the correct point, measures product volume, and has multi lanes for filling and sealing bags.

Additionally, this powder filling machine cuts, tracks, and has a counting mechanism. There are also functions for emergency stopping, auto-stop settings, automatic bagged output, and step-by-step manual testing.

The stainless steel parts of the machine can withstand liquids well. Auto tracking of the eye mark on the film roll allows each bag to be cut precisely at a specific spot. And the high-functioning PLC controls all of the machine’s work processes.

MAKWELL Powder Packing Machines

The powder filling machine standard for powder filling applications is the MAKWELL Automatic Multi-Lane Coffee Powder Sachet Packaging Machine.

The machine can automatically feed, fill, measure, form bags, print date codes, close and cut bags, and punch holes. With its motor, the machine pulls heat seal film.

It can also trace color marks automatically with its high-sensitivity fiber optic image sensor. The PLC control system and touch screen are for changing the packing settings. Visually monitor machine output and errors onscreen. Moreover, the PID temperature controller regulates the heat seal level of the machine.

Automatic Powder Packing Machine

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What is the packing machine for stick-packed coffee?

The Automatic Multi-Lane Coffee Powder Sachet Packaging Machine fills coffee powder and other powder products into sachets, bags, pouches, etc. It is applicable in the pharmaceutical, food, pesticides, chemical industries, and many other sectors.

The MAKWELL powder packaging machine simultaneously dispenses powder into sachet sticks and seals the packing to finish the final product. All types of free-flowing goods may be filled in, from flour to coffee powder, starch, milk powder, powdered medications, and chemical powders. Automatic powder filling machine selections include single, two, six, eight, ten, and 12 lanes.

Product Features

  • Using several lanes simultaneously increases product output.
  • Bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, and printing is fully automated.
  • Multi-lane packing uses new PLC and photoelectric control methods.
  • Filling and sealing with precision.
  • Easily accessible and easy to modify. Quickly changed pouch length without removing the mold. Also, functions such as filling, embossing, longitudinal sealing, dotted line cutting, and transverse cutting are adjustable.
  • Settable to work with a wide range of films.
  • Features compact structure, high-performance, and low-noise design.
  • Steel contact parts.
  • Compliant with GMPs in a compact manner.

Product Advantages

  1. The Automatic Multi-Lane Coffee Powder Sachet Packaging Machine has an excellent heat-sealing mechanism and an intelligent temperature controller.
  2. Thermally balanced and capable of handling a wide range of packing materials.
  3. The packing machine creates minimal noise and seals lines clearly and firmly.
  4. A color-code system ensures the packaging of all trademark patterns.
  5. With no need to change any parts, you can change the bag’s length and machine speed.
  6. The system automatically matches up every procedure. It’s easy to change bag length and has high system precision.
  7. The machine performs all tasks in the packaging process, from bag forming, filling, measuring, sealing, cutting, counting, batch numbering, etc.
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