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Pre-Made Pouch Packing Machine

Our Pre-Made Pouch Packing Machine is for packing various products to contoured-
shaped pouches, corner spout pouch, standard flat pouch, pouches with zipper,
stand-up pouch, etc.

MAKWELL Pre-Made Pouch Packing Machine

Are you looking for a filling and sealing machine for premade pouches?
It’s good news for you; preformed pouches are now in high demand in different industries.

MAKWELL premade pouch packing machine fills and seals custom premade pouches, from one to four at a time, at a rate of 60 to 200 cycles per minute, depending on the unit type. It comes in a wide range of configurations; Material measurement and filling device, material elevator, working platform, vibrating feeder, finished product conveyor, weight checker, metal detector, etc. Our machine is simplistic and open, allowing it to be accessible and flexible and grow as you do.

Pre-Made Pouch Packing Machine

Rotary premade pouch packing machines automatically fill and seal pouches. These are fast devices that can handle liquids, powders, grains, and pieces for the food and other sectors. Compact and designed to save space.

horizontal premade pouch packing machine

This horizontal premade pouch packing machine uses Siemens PLC, a touch screen, and electric control system for a user-friendly interface. Automated checking: no pouch, pouch open fault, no fill, no seal.

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Pre-Made Pouch Packing Machine Advantages

Flexible Fillers premade pouch packing machine
Flexible Fillers

With the ability to switch feeders, load from solids to liquids to thick liquids to powders.

automatic detection premade pouch packing machine
Automatic Detection

Automatic detection when no pouches or unopened pouches. No bag, filling or sealing.

complete packing premade pouch packing machine
Complete Packing

Automatic sorting, measuring, filling, bag, counting, etc. Adjustable screw packing number of 1-10.

customize premade pouch packing machine

Completely adaptable to client demands. branding, custom setups, etc.

Premade Pouch Packing Machine Applications

The MAKWELL premade pouch packaging machine can fill and seal premade pouches that are heat-sealable. Such as contoured-shaped pouches, corner spout pouch, standard flat pouch, pouches with zipper, stand-up pouch, etc.

With this machine, you can pack any product from coffee to snacks to legal cannabis with six to eight stations. Dosing devices come in many configurations, like linear scale, a volumetric cup, multi-head scale, liquid pump, or auger. To achieve the best results, you must ensure that the premade pouch packing machine you select is compatible with the pouch specification you have in mind.

Rotary Premade Pouch Packing Machine
Premade Pouch Packing Machine

Premade Pouch Packing Machine Features

MAKWELL premade pouch packing machine makes your operations more efficient and productive. You can fill and seal premade custom pouches using our equipment, so there is no need to stock film rolls. Thus, your product stands out visually and is a convenient option that is incomparable to others.

Other features include being simple to learn and use. Package possibly any products. The system integrates easily with scales, conveying equipment, infeed, outfeed, etc. Quick seal your products and has the latest components and servo drives. Moreover, our premade pouch packing machine is durable and hygienic with stainless steel construction.

Pre-Made Pouch Packing Machine Working Process

  1. Bag Feeding
  2. Coding
  3. Bag Opening
  4. Material/Content Filling
  5. Heat Sealing
  6. Forming and Output Product
Main Performance & Structure Characteristics

Main Performance & Structure Characteristics

Main Performance premade pouch packing machine
premade pouch packing machine Structure Characteristics
  1. Automated detection of no pouch or an incompletely opened pouch, no filling, and no sealing.
  2. The horizontal infeed conveyor can hold up to 300 pieces of zippered bags at once.
  3. Servo-driven zipper puller/opener system.
  4. PLC adjusts clamping for bag width. The auto PLC can adapt the various bag width widths in approximately two minutes.
  5. Independently controlled temperature system.
  6. System for automatic lubrication. PLC controls the lubrication period, lubricating machine components automatically.
  7. It has a 3-line * 17-character ribbon-style date code.
  8. Protective measures include a glass door alarm and an air pressure abnormality detector.
  9. Use a free oil vacuum pump to prevent production-related environmental pollution.
  10. Cam with internal grooves. The high-precision technology is suitable for a maximum packing speed of 50 cycles per min with the consistent operation.
  11. It meets the standards for use with consumables by using a shell made of stainless steel 304.

Machinery Options

  • Gas flusher
  • Hole puncher
  • Middle capper
  • Zipper opener
  • Metal detector
  • Date code printer
  • lnline check weigher
  • Vertical or horizontal bag loading system
  • Sticky product dimple-plated contact parts
  • Teflon-plated contact components for very sticky goods

premade pouch packing machine More Product Details
More Product Details

◎ Touchscreen Multilingual
The 7-inch touchscreen supports several languages and is simple to use.
◎ Pouch Magazine
The large-capacity magazine is adjustable to fit the sizes of bags.
◎ Hopper for Filling Weights
The material hopper’s food-grade stainless steel construction ensures the safety of its contents.
◎ Pick-up Cylinder Pouch
Very effective vacuum suction for precise bag retrieval.
◎ Bag Sealing and Auto Bag Opener
In its process, the bag is automatically opened, filled, and heat-sealed to guarantee airtightness.

Pre-Made Bag Packaging Machine Benefit
Pre-Made Bag Packaging Machine Benefits

✅ Using advanced technology, the pre-made pouch packing machine can efficiently and precisely pack goods into pre-made pouches.
✅ It can perform a variety of tasks, including automatic measuring, printing, sealing, and detecting.
✅ It is extensively used in the manufacturing of products for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, daily needs, and other sectors.
✅ Fast feeding, smooth running, low noise, no raw material damage, simple operation and adjustment. Precise feeding count, no leakage, multi-material, material clamping feature, and sensitive counting control mechanism to assure bag accuracy.
✅ It features an ergonomic design that is simple to use and has outstanding safety performance.

Pre-Made Pouch Packing Machine Filler Options

Auger premade pouch packing machine
Auger Filler

Pre-made pouch packing machine with auger filler is best to fill various powder products into premade pouches/bags.

volumetric cup premade pouch packaging machine
Volumetric Cup Filler

Volumetric cup filler is suitable for packing a wide variety of granules products into pre-made bags/pouches effectively.

Multi-Head Weigher premade pouch packing machine
Multi-Head Weigher

This filler is also excellent for grain packaging and other granulated products, such as candies, chips, etc.

Piston Pump vertical premade pouch packing machine
Piston Pump

Piston pump is best for packaging liquid products into pre-made bag packaging.

tablet capsule pouch packaging machine
Tablet/Capsule Counting Filler

A capsule counter and/or tablet filler is made to fill tablets and capsules, among other medicinal items. Used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry.

vibrating nail screw premade pouch packing machine
Vibrating Filler

Vibrating fillers are best to fill block solid items such as nails, screws, and many more.

Makwell - The Best Packaging Machine Supplier in China

MAKWELL Premade Pouch Packing Machine

Having MAKWELL premade pouch packing machine in your production process increases productivity by automating and speeding up the packaging process. Our machine provides numerous benefits, such as quicker production, automatic operation, reduced labor expenses, and less waste. The premade pouch packing machine is for packing various products to contoured-shaped pouches, corner spout pouch, standard flat pouch, pouches with zipper, stand-up pouch, etc.

Our premade pouch packing machines can pack a wide variety of products, saving you time and money! Contact MAKWELL to learn more!

MAKWELL Premade Pouch Packing Machine Benefits

  • Fully Automated– Our premade pouch filler is fully automatic. Basically, the machine will do all the work for you, including feeding, opening, filling, and vacuum sealing. You will not have to operate the equipment manually.
  • Filling and sealing efficiency– The machine fills and seals premade pouches efficiently. You can make a big difference in production rates this way.
  • Cost-effective– Enhancing your production process with an automated system will reduce your labor costs, operating costs, injury-related costs, and other overhead costs.

Searching for a Premade Pouch Packing Machine?

For an affordable, convenient premade pouch packing machine that can handle a wide range of different products, look no further than MAKWELL! We are a highly dedicated Chinese filling and packaging equipment manufacturer with the most advanced technology today.

Our team of experts is ready to assist you in finding the best and ideal packing options for your business. Call us today, and we’ll help you take your premade pouch packaging to a whole new level!

How many bottles can the packing machine produce per minute?

The speed of a packing machine is expressed in completed bottles per minute (bpm). This value shows the final output per minute. The packing machine speeds for your operation will depend on your product, qualities, factory environment, bottle type, operator competence, and budget.

Calculate the equivalent bpm if you have a specified target bottle. A semi-automatic or manual packing method might be preferable for varying production needs. Whereas automating the operation accelerates the whole process.

Are there any specifications for packaging machine bags or containers?

Yes. It is essential to understand the precise specifications of your bags or containers to specify the suitable equipment and present you with an accurate packing machine estimate. There are certain specifications for each packaging machine, and the manufacturer’s suggestions will base on your container size and type.

Here, you must provide the dimensions, weights, or volumes of the package and any applicable legal restrictions. Metric units measure in mm or ml, whereas imperial units measure pounds, inches, and ounces.

What is the difference between Free-Flow and Non-Free-Flow products?

Understanding whether your product is free-flowing or non-free-flowing is critical to any powder packaging machine. This impacts the filler your product needs to disperse powder into its package.

With the effect of gravity, the free-flowing product falls rapidly. Non-free-flowing materials, on the other hand, must be sufficiently compacted and supported during packing since their cohesive qualities need whole new filling processes to carry the materials efficiently.

Volumetric or free-flow auger product fillers are for packing free-flow powders, and non-free-flow powder packing requires an auger filler that can correctly dispense cohesive materials.

What should I consider when using a granule packing machine?

Granule packaging machine contains electrical components for controlling their operation. Avoid flushing it right away. You may risk damaging the control parts. Choose power and air source that comply with applicable equipment restrictions. Ensure that the air and power supply are off before dismantling or cleaning the equipment. Some circuits in the electrical control remain active even after shutting off. Ensure the machine has a power socket with a ground wire to prevent electric shock.

What role does the viscosity of a liquid play in its packaging?

Fluids differ by their viscosity; it is their resistance to flow. The molecular structure of fluid with a high viscosity doesn’t flow as easily. In comparison, a fluid with low viscosity flows very quickly because its molecular structure causes very little friction when moving.

In selecting a liquid packing machine, consistency is an important consideration. Viscosity dictates the product filler used: it must exert the appropriate force to produce flow without overfilling the package.

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