Water Bottle Filling Machine

Power: 3.2KW
Voltage: 220V
Hertz: 50/60Hz
Capacity: 50-1000ml(customized)
Dimension: 2500*1500*1800mm(customized)
Weight: 600KG(customized)
Speed: 15-100bottles/min

Water Bottle Filling Machine

This Water Bottle Filling Machine rinsing filling capping 3 in 1 machines are used for pure water, ordinary beverages, carbonated beverages, beer, and other liquids. The filling method is atmospheric rotary filling, the filling valve is specially designed to make sure the filling speed fast and stable. High, with high precision. The capping part is automatically feed cap and screw capping.

Water Bottle Filling Machine can connect with other machines to work together, like bottle blowing machine, labeling, cartonging etc. The whole production line is controlled by PLC+touch screen, which is easy to control and convenient to set parameters. All with high-quality food-grade materials. Meet GMP standard!

Water Filling Machine

❶  Combine rinsing, filling and capping in one machine

❷  The material of water filling machine frame is SUS304

❸  The material of the part in contact with the material can be customized to SUS316L

❹  With intelligent detection function, no bottle no filling, no bottle no capping

❺  Composite CE and ISO9001 standards

❻  The machine can be customized according to speed requirements

❼  Filling accuracy: +-1%

It is suitable for packaging non-carbon dioxide beverages.

❶  orange juice

❷  mango juice

❸  coconut juice

❹  pure water

❺  mineral water

❻  drinking water

Water bottle filling machine is the first choice for food filling industry to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and improve product quality and packaging grades.

Water bottle filling machine is a high-quality, high-performance filling machine independently produced by our company with advanced technology, which can be linked with other packaging machines.

It has a series of functions such as automatic bottle washing, filling and capping.

Can be customized according to the customer’s bottle. Different filling speeds are available.


Water Bottle Filling Machine

Water Bottle Filling Machine Efficiency

Water bottle filling machine with high working efficiency, it can be customized as different speed, from 12 to 80 filling heads, reach to 35000bph. consist of washing, filling, and capping together. all parts control by PLC automaticlly.

Water filling machine can be manufactured use for carbonated beverages with gas and non-carbonnated water. High filling precision, simple operation, high degree of automation. And can be equipped with CIP cleaning system for cleaning too

Water Bottle Filling Heads
Touch screen control panel

Touch screen control panel

Equipped with touch screen control panel,this makes working parameter visual and more convenient to operate with English version,can control working time and set working mode .
The operation language can be customized into different kinds of language according to your need,Touch screen control panel makes it more convenient to adjust parameter.

The visual working data helps you fill liquid more accurately.ensure the machine work stably and fast.Make the machine suitable for fill paste and liquid.It realizes the automated production and can reduce production error.
This helps to save production labor and improve production efficiency.

Water Filling Machine Components

The key components of the water bottle filling machine are internationally renowned brands.

For example, PLC, Inverter, and Touch Screen use Japanese MITSUBISHI; Switch, Contactor, and Relay use the issued SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC; Drive motor uses German SIEMENS In addition, there are other brands NSK, AUTONICS, AIRTAG, ETC.

The essence of the machine lies in the details of the parts, and the parts of well-known brands also make water filling machine more durable.

Water Filling Machine Components

Suppliers of Water Bottle Filling Machine Parts&Components

MAKWELL will provide water bottle filling machine crucial parts&and components from internationallly reknowed and trusted brands after  two years warranty.


How Does the Water Bottle Filling Machine Work?

The main principle behind the function of a water bottle filling machine is the Liquid Filling Line which automates the process of filling bottles with liquid in an efficient and accurate manner.

The following are three main operations involved in the water bottle filling machine:


Washing involves the bottles being placed on a conveyor belt going towards the washing unit where they will be thoroughly washed using a spray of distilled water. The bottles will then be subsequently dried.


There are various types of filling methods of which, Gravity Filling is the simplest. This involves bottles being placed on a conveyor belt going towards the filling unit where there is a platform that raises the bottle towards a filling tube connected to a supply tank containing the liquid which will be drained into the bottle. Gravitational pressure is responsible for the flow of the liquid from the supply tank, passing through the filling tube, into the bottle. Usually, the filling unit also features a special type of backflow valve that avoids leakage. It also controls the level of the liquid accurately to prevent spillage.

c.Capping / Sealing

The final step in the bottle filling process is the capping or sealing. This is where the bottles are sealed by putting caps on them once they are filled. This is an important process to ensure that the liquid contents of the bottle remain clean and uncompromised.

To sum up, the water bottle filling machine is a rotary-type machine that functions as an automatic bottle washing, filling, and sealing machine. It may be used for non-carbonated liquid drinks such as water and other beverages like juices.

The filling capacity of this machine in terms of volume is 50-1000ml but it may also be customized depending on your requested specifications. The filling speed is 15-100 bottles per minute, and it has an accuracy of 0-1%. Water bottle filling machine can accommodate high quantities of product in a minimal amount of time making it highly productive, as well as cost and time efficient.


What are the advantages of an automatic water bottle filling machine?

Filling water bottles with water is, actually, an arduous, tedious, and slow-moving process. A water bottle manufacturer knows all too well how hard it is to keep up liquid production. A great deal of effort and expense is involved, regardless of how big or small the company is. The best option for automating this process is by using a water bottle filling machine.

Water bottle filling machines are becoming more common in packing processes, and they come with many benefits. With a filling machine, it is no longer necessary to fill bottles by hand. Using a filling machine is essential when the volume of output is big enough. To learn more about these gadgets’ potential, here are some advantages of investing in water bottle filling machines.

water bottle filling machine

☞  Adaptability and Flexibility

For packaging companies, water bottle filling machines can adapt and be flexible. In large manufacturing, filling heads might number eight or more. The nozzle bars of the machines can accommodate up to 16 filling caps. Note that restrictions and speed of the filling machines are different for each part. They depend on the shape and size of the container as well as what is inside or contents.


☞  Stability and constancy

Hand-filling of empty bottles is likely to result in variations in the amount of product. Automatic filling machines with dosing devices eliminate volume variance. Aside from speed, it can maintain a steady fluid flow throughout the operation. The filling will always be consistent regardless of weight, volume, or quantity.


☞  Operator demands are not necessary

An automatic water bottle filling machine does not need any human interplay. Setting up the production may seem complicated, but switching between bottles is easy. It only takes simple controls for pump operation, fill time, and scheduling or recording fills. It requires no operator intervention once set up. Packaging companies can meet market demands without being too overworked.


☞  Increase product output

With a water bottle filling machine, packaging companies can operate more efficiently. The machines also include bottle loading turning tables and a volumetric dosage dispenser. Sixteen filling heads enable the filler to load up to 130 containers per minute.


☞  More versatile and better-quality production

Automated filling machines fill multiple products on different types of containers. It can accommodate a wide range of container kinds and sizes. Furthermore, these amazing machines can also serve beverages of multiple thicknesses. And are helpful for loading and contracting a variety of products.


What is the working principle of the water filling machine?

Water filling machines employ a gravity-based system for filling production. The number of operators required for these machines varies depending on the level of automation, which may range from semi-automated to completely automatic.

Better understand the operating concept of automated water filling machines, as well as the fundamental facts that one should be aware of when dealing with a water filling machine.

The first step is to describe how the liquid filling line works in general. Generally, liquid products are filled into empty bottles. Additionally, cardboard boxes, pouches, and cans can also be used for liquid filling.


Water Filling Machine Working Principle

There are three primary operations are performed by liquid bottle filling machines:

1. Washing: Empty bottles are put on a conveyor belt and transported to the next phase. At the washing station, the bottles are cleaned thoroughly with distilled water before being dried.

2. Filling: Bottles are conveyed to the filling equipment and filled using a variety of methods depending on the viscosity of the filling liquid.

3. Sealing: The filled and labeled bottles are ready for sealing in this section. The water filling machine must be connected to the sealing unit for the sealing procedure; This is critical for the purpose of safety and cleanliness.

working principle of water filling machine

Gravity Filling-Water Filling Machine Working Method

The gravity filling procedure is a quick and straightforward way of filling liquids into bottle containers. To reach the filling tank in the machine’s center, bottles must travel along a conveyor and a platform.

The size of the housing bore and the time delay relay controls are attached to the magnetic coil are the ones responsible for controlling the filling speed and amount of the filling process.

Now, describe the procedure in the following order:

• Bottles that have been cleaned are transported to the filling station using a conveyor. It is brought to this stage by the use of a platform.

The platform automatically changes the height of the lifting platform based on the size of the bottles being lifted.

• Once the water tank’s tap is moved to the bottle filling station, the nozzle will automatically open, and the filling process will begin.

• Air rises above the water in the filling container when it is vented through the tube in the bottle.

• The excess water level in the vent pipe rises to the same level as the liquid in the reservoir.

• After the container is filled to the required level, the filling valve is closed by lowering it from the filling position at a predetermined time.


Utilizing an automated water filling machine may result in increased production since it is equipped with speed-controlling features that enable it to adjust the pace of filling as required.

The production process may be managed in accordance with market demands, resulting in increased productivity. A water filling machine is an excellent approach to minimizing labor expenses, saving time and money in the packing process, and providing growing profitability, making it a worthwhile investment.

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