Hand Sanitizer Automatic Filling Capping Machine

Control System: SIEMENS PLC + Touch Screen
Number of Filling Heads: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 (can be customized)
Filling Accuracy: +-1%
Filling Ranges: 30-5000ml (can be customized)
Filling Speed: 10 to 70 bottles per min (can be customized)
Bottle Size: Customized
Bottle Type: Glass, plastic, metal, etc.
Capping Type: Screw, pressing, crimping, etc.

Hand Sanitizer Automatic Filling Capping Machine

This automatic hand sanitizer filling and capping machine uses a peristaltic pump or piston pump built for small to large-capacity filling tasks and operated by a servo motor for excellent accuracy. Its filling nozzles are constructed of SS316 and are resistant to filling at high temperatures. Photoelectric sensing prevents overfilling and has no bottle, no filling feature. This machine uses an advanced mixing method and suitable scraper blending to provide uniform homogenization and smoother and brighter results.

Depending on the bottle’s diameter, height, shape, and measuring cap size, this machine may produce up to 70 bottles per minute of round or irregularly shaped PET, LDPE, or HDPE bottles. An automatic hand sanitizer filling machine is widely used in chemical, oil, and other sectors and can fill various fluids with high viscosity.

hand sanitizer filling capping machine
  • This hand sanitizer automatic filling capping machine is explicitly created for filling, capping, and labeling liquids such as hand sanitizers.
  • One machine for filling, plugging, and capping; less complexity and less waste.
  • World-famous electrical components provide line stability and longevity.
  • Uses a high-precision peristaltic pump or piston pump for filling.
  • No bottle, no filling, and no drip, no leak features.
  • Touchscreen with a simple user interface. Operation interface in English or other languages.
  • PLC control allows operating together seamlessly or independently.
  • Change components for various bottle diameters in minutes.
  • All liquid-contacting machine components use corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel.
  • Machines feature emergency stop buttons and automatic stop devices for safety.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Alcohol
  • Disinfectant
  • Disposable hand sanitizer
  • Gels
  • Liquid soap
  • Nursing liquid
  • Shampoo bottle filling
  • Toiletries
  • Detergent, etc.

Hand Sanitizer Filling and Capping Machine Working Process

  1. Place the bottles on the rotating table by hand.
  2. The bottles are transferred to automated filling and capping equipment.
  3. Automatically moves bottle to cap section after filling.
  4. then moves to a machine for automated labeling or sleeve shrink labeling
  5. Turn table collection of full bottles.


hand sanitizer filling capping machine
hand sanitizer automatic filling capping machines

Hand Sanitizer Filling Machine Complete System Advantages

  1. Various setups are available for different forms of automated equipment assembly.
  2. Food safety regulations conform to every aspect of the machine’s construction.
  3. Cleaning is much simpler as the connections between the washable structures are similarly simple to dismantle.
  4. Full package, no manual effort required as the whole line is automatic.
  5. Servo-driven piston-type measuring cylinder suited for liquid filling with big particles of viscous substances.
  6. Juice, edible oil, sauce, medication, and other similar liquid, fluid, and paste materials are best suited for the packaging line.

Hand Sanitizer Automatic Filling Capping Machine Selection

MAKWELL offers several hand sanitizer bottle filling devices that can fill low- to medium-viscosity liquids. Recommended are:
Gravity Filler: Can fill containers ranging from 50ml to 5L with water-thin to medium viscosity liquid.
Overflow Filler: Ideal for filling containers ranging in size from 50ml to 5L with liquids of varying viscosities.
Piston Filler: Work on a volumetric basis and provide simple operation for liquids ranging in consistency from water to oils.

hand sanitizer automatic filling capping machines

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MAKWELL Hand Sanitizer Automatic Filling Capping Machine

Because of their key role in modern hygiene kits, the demand for hand sanitizers is increasing. As a consequence, hand sanitizer filling machines and hand sanitizer capping machines have grown in popularity. To achieve the highest standards of cleanliness, such devices should use only materials, including sealing components and authorized equipment. We are the go-to manufacturer for filling machines and packaging equipment in sanitary environments. With our competence and moral commitment, we can provide hand sanitizer producers with all the components they need for their hand sanitizer production needs.

MAKWELL Hand Filling and Capping Solutions

There are several steps to making sanitizer. A system for making sanitizer uses a wide range of machines for everything from making the product to packaging it. Filling and capping hand sanitizer bottles are two steps in the packaging process. These steps are done by:

Hand Sanitizer Filling Machine

Low and medium-viscosity hand sanitizers are the norm in the industry. To fill liquids of a certain consistency, they must be with machines that can do so. Bottles of hand sanitizer are filled using gravity fillers, piston fillers, and overflow fillers.

Hand Sanitizer Capping Machine

Machines like cap completion systems, cap feeding systems, and plugging systems complete the capping process after the hand sanitizer filling process.

MAKWELL can produce sealing components for filling and capping machines for hand sanitizers. Because of our well-equipped facilities and extensive expertise, we can meet complex production needs for hand sanitizers.

Dispensable hand sanitizers come in various bottle shapes and sizes, each with its unique cap and seal. The most common ones are:

  • Flip-top closures
  • Snap top closures
  • Fingertip sprayers
  • Dispensing pumps
  • Threaded screw caps

MAKWELL supplies a range of excellent hand sanitizer capping machines to assure the safety of your goods. This element is important to ensure the final products are ready for consumers. Among our hand sanitizer capping options are the following:

  • Cap Feeding Systems
  • Cap Completion Systems
  • Bottle Capping Machine Plugging Systems

Considering the cap’s form, bottle size, and desired capping technique is crucial before deciding on a suitable machine for capping hand sanitizer bottles.

Labeling Machine

Labeling the hand sanitizer bottles is the last operation in the assembly process. Here at MAKWELL, we have labeling solutions that can accommodate a wide range of hand sanitizers in containers of all sizes and shapes. The labeling equipment to label hand sanitizer bottles and the exact machine to be selected must depend on the container’s form, size, and label size.

After liquid filling, use capping equipment to seal bottles of any size and shape with unique caps. Our labeling machines can apply high-quality labels with graphics, logos, and product information to hand sanitizer containers after capping. Depending on the application, our conveyor system may transfer packing between stations at low to high rates.

With more people realizing hand sanitizers’ importance, you’ll need to be creative to keep up with demands. We produce machinery to fill antibacterial hand soaps, gel hand sanitizers, and water-based hand soaps. We provide manufacturing facilities with the appropriate machinery for various filling needs, and we even offer the option of fully automated processes. Our whole product range is built for precisely filling and sealing containers containing liquids of varying viscosities.

Design A Custom Production Line

If you require a reliable hand sanitizer filling system, our machinery may be constructed in a wide variety of liquid packing configurations to fit your exact specifications. You may choose from several sizes and shapes to find the perfect fit for your space and merchandise. If you need help with the layout of your system, our team of specialists is here to help. We’ll design and set up a liquid filling system that makes the most of your line for its entire useful lifespan.

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