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filling machine

Filling speed and filling range are adjustable. The machine can be customized according to different products and bottles and bags.

tube filling and sealing machine

Tube Filling and Sealing Machines are suitable for plastic tubes and aluminum tubes. It can fill toothpaste, body lotion, ointment, cream and other products, etc.

Mayonnaise Filling Machine

Filling machine specially designed for mayonnaise. Automatic induction, no filling without bottle. The filling accuracy is high and easy to adjust.

capping machine

It can be used in many different cap types, such as pump head caps, spray caps, etc. Cost-effective and easy to use.

packaging machine

It can be packed in back-sealed bags, three-side-sealed bags, and four-side-sealed bags. Suitable for sauces, powders, shampoos, etc.

labeling machine

Fast labeling speed and high accuracy. Can be equipped with date printing function. Both round and flat bottles can be labeled.

Mixer machine

Different types of mixing tanks. The capacity and function can be customized according to the product.

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MAKWELL MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer of filling machines, tube filling and sealing machines, packing machines, vacuum emulsifying mixers, and mixer tanks.

MAKWELL has over 15 years of expertise and has developed immensely in the research, design, manufacture, sale, and service of different filling machines, packing machines, vacuum emulsifying mixers, mixer tanks, sealing machines and other equipment used for various products such as liquids, lotions, creams, pastes, sauces, gels, paints, aerosols, powders, and adhesives, across the food, cosmetics, industrial, and pharmaceutical industries in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Are Cosmetic Filling Machines Suitable for A Variety of Products?

It’s not much of a difference between cosmetics, food, and beverage in terms of filling since both employ the same machinery to fulfill variable product consistencies.
Even if the material is as dense as paste, the filling equipment must be precise in determining the quantity of product in each container. A cosmetic filling machine with a range of product consistency is thus crucial to success.

Cosmetics cream filling machines adapt to meet the changing demands of the cosmetics market and constantly improve to accommodate various container types. Our objective is to provide the most delicate machinery for dealing with a wide viscosity range.

MAKWELL machines are available to dispense various liquid cosmetics products, including:

cosmetic cream filling machine• Shampoo and Conditioner
• Cologne and Perfume
• Nail Polish
• Creams
• Lotion
• Balms


From the wide selection of filling equipment, choose from this range of products:

• Accumulating and unscrambling tables
• Siphon, weight, and liquid fillers
• Liquid filler nozzles
• Capping equipment
• Brush inserters
• Ball droppers
• Conveyors

We understand that your requirements may differ from those of others, which is why we provide you with the option of designing your filling machine. Quality and production efficiency are possible by incorporating the elements of your choosing into your manufacturing process.

Moreover, filling machines allow you to meet the demands of the cosmetics industry and other economic sectors- by personalizing your filling machine to ensure that it is the most appropriate for your products, whether they are food, beverages, or cosmetics-related.

The competence of MAKWELL in the production of filling and packaging equipment assures the quality of the craftsmanship put into every cosmetic filling equipment we offer. For this reason, we make it a point to use the latest technologies in our products to give you the most excellent quality possible at the most affordable price.

How Does MAKWELL Provide Filling Solutions in the Cosmetic Industry?

We have every solution for filling your cosmetic products in any container! Filling cosmetic products into normal or difficult container shapes is no problem for our cosmetic filling machine. Our equipment is simple to use, clean, fast, flexible, and most all, made of materials that can process any cosmetic product. Our equipment is constantly updated to be on top of the ever-changing cosmetics industry.

Because cosmetic packaging needs can be very different, we have several packaging options. Our cosmetic filling machine makes filling jars, sachets, bottles, kits, and other containers easy. If you need a piston or an auger machine, we’ll provide you with exactly what you need.

To get the most out of your cosmetics production line, think about installing a system of cosmetic filling machines from MAKWELL in your place of business. We have a variety of cosmetic filling machines that can meet the space needs of your facility. We also have cappers, labeling machines, and conveyors that you can choose from. A custom mix of machines can make your business boost productivity.

Because the cosmetics industry changes so quickly, we work hard to make cosmetic filling machines that suit containers of all sizes and shapes. And can also handle products with different viscosities. We are confident that we will find a solution regardless of how consistent your product is.

To satisfy the ever-changing needs of the cosmetics industry, our cosmetic filling machines are flexible. We are always working to improve our cosmetic filling equipment to fit a wider range of container shapes and sizes. Our goal is to make the best machines that can handle a wide range of viscosities.

Installation of a Complete MAKWELL Cosmetic Filling System

As cosmetics come in a wide range of viscosities, choosing the correct cosmetic filling machine for your operation is critical. We offer cosmetic filling solutions that can handle ointments, creams, lotions, gels, pastes, and other forms of cosmetics, allowing you to keep your lines running efficiently. Depending on viscosity, gravity fillers, pump fillers, overflow fillers, and piston fillers are available.

After the cosmetic filling process is complete, different kinds of equipment may keep the packing process running all the way smoothly to the end. Capping equipment can be used to cap containers of all shapes and sizes. In addition, labelers apply labels of any size or shape with custom graphics. And conveyors pass products between stations at varying speeds.

What Are the Different Liquid Fillers Used in the Cosmetic Industry Today?

A cosmetic filling machine fills cosmetic products that can range from thin liquids to thicker creams and lotions. The cosmetic industry uses several types of filling machines to accommodate today’s different kinds of creams, lotions, and other cosmetic products.

Overflow Filler 

Overflow fillers offer a good visual fill for cosmetics in clear containers. Thinner creams and lotions may also work with this filler. In general, this type of cosmetic filler works by overfilling the container and transferring the extra product to a holding tank through special nozzles. When thicker material is used, the time it takes to fill may go up a little. To decide whether to use this type of filling machine for lotions and creams, you will usually have to balance the value of a level fill against the amount of time it might take each cycle to get a level fill.

Pump Filler

Pump filler is often used in the cosmetics industry for creams and lotions. Because it uses a lot of different pumps and nozzles, this liquid filler can work with thicker products. It can move more viscous products with the right pump and can be used with many different types of heads, making it a highly functional packaging machine. This equipment will need a pump for every fill head.

Piston Filler

Piston fillers are very flexible filling devices because they can handle a wide range of product viscosities while correctly filling volumetrically in a single operation. For industries that fill cosmetic products with viscosities ranging from low to extremely high, this machine will give a solution for all products, based on different factors such as speed, bottle size, or other container sizes, and the characteristics of the products being filled.

All the filler types mentioned above have the capability to run automatically in high-speed industries, or they can be made into semi-automatic machines for cosmetic companies that need less speed. A simple analysis of the product, packaging and production needs will help you find the best solution.

Our line of cosmetic filling machines can help your cosmetics production process become more efficient and productive. We provide a variety of cosmetic filling machines and other equipment such as cappers, conveyors, and labeling equipment to meet the demands of businesses even with a limited floor area. A customized combination of machines may help your operation run more smoothly while also improving productivity.


How does a plastic tube filling and sealing machine works?

As your filling machine manufacturer, MAKWELL is here to make your tube filling easy and convenient to work with. The plastic tube filling and sealing machine works with a round rotary plate at filling stations. The first station is where the filling procedure takes place. The following station of the machine will fold the tube into two. After folding, the process moves to the next station, where the coding process begins. Following that, expect to be seeing final tube products.

What can we expect with the new plastic tube filling and sealing machine?

MAKWELL plastic tube filling and sealing machine fill your products in cylindrical metal, laminate, fill and seal plastic tubes. Our new tube filler and sealer feature an ergonomic design for maximum productivity. The goal is to have a simple, user-friendly working experience that is easy to set up, change, and maintain. If you need a filling machine manufacturer who can provide such equipment, we would be happy to help.

What are the control parts of the plastic tube filling and sealing machine?

As a leading filling machine manufacturer, all equipment we provide you includes comprehensive control parts, such as the controls on our plastic tube filling and sealing machine. The machine features an operation control panel, man-computer interface, large touch screen display, also included are filling speed, motor speed, direct screen display, screen control, screen display, and temperature setting.

Why should I choose MAKWELL plastic tube filling and sealing machine?

We are an established filling machine manufacturer that consistently delivers good quality pieces of equipment. Such as the plastic tube filling and sealing machine, giving you an excellent solution for your plastic tube filling needs. Our automatic tube filler machine provides a high level of automation, a color labeling system, automated sealing, batch coding, and automatic tube dispensing.

What are the contact parts of the MAKWELL plastic tube filling and sealing machine?

In our role as a filling machine manufacturer, we place a high priority on high-quality machines. That is why we manufacture our machines to GMP standards. The contact parts that make up our plastic tube filling and sealing machine comply with GMP standards by using stainless steel 316L.

What is the working principle of a tube filling and sealing machine?

1、The first phase in the plastic tube filling and sealing machine process is storing the tubes in the tube storage. This part positions the tubes in the tube holder so that the next step can be carried out one at a time.

2、Second, the tube holder will begin to rotate with the turntable, putting tubes in the right places. In this case, you must ensure that all settings on the control panel are accurate so that the machine can do all tasks properly.

3、In the third phase, the machine will do all filling, sealing, cut tail, and batch number printing. The control section monitors the process and adjusts settings.

What is an ultrasonic filling and sealing machine?

It is, as the name says, an advanced tube sealing device. The plastic tube filling and sealing machine uses ultrasonic waves to make a spot on the plastic tube where seals get very hot and melt to glue quickly. It seals tubes quickly, and the quality looks good. An ultrasonic machine has the advantage of having little influence on chemical agents. This method has also overcome adhesive and hot fusion welding issues. The intelligent digital ultrasonic welding eliminates the weakening effects of foreign matter attached to the walls.

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