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Sauce Filling Machine

Our sauce filling machine meets industrial sauce demands. We aim to manufacture to help fulfill
your production needs. Our equipment can handle liquids from sauces to water-thin liquids. For
a full sauce-filling system, we can help you choose the proper equipment;

  • S.S. 304 body, strong and durable structure, exquisite matt finish, and all contact parts are S.S.316.
  • No bottle No filling mechanism with ± 0.5% filling accuracy on a single dose.
  • Pneumatic bottle stopper, PVC-braided hose pipe connectors, 80-liter tank.
  • Applicable for Glass, Plastic, PET, HDPE Bottles, etc., containers.
  • Fill various sizes without changing parts.

MAKWELL Filling Machines & Packaging Equipment

Our sauce filling machine allows you to build your unique manufacturing line for sauces and other condiments. We can guide you on the best pieces of equipment for your company and manufacture them to your specifications. Our sauce filling solutions will make your packaging operation more profitable and productive.

Liquid filling machines must be capable of handling sauce filling applications. Our solutions include a complete selection of liquid filling equipment, cappers, labelers, and conveyors for filling and packaging sauce and other thicker liquids. We’re here to support you in setting up a fully functional system by providing the best sauce filling machinery for your needs.

Sauce Filling Machine

paste fill
Paste Filling Machine

This semi-automatic paste pneumatic filling machine has a maximum filling of 5000ml at one time. The filling head adopts anti-leakage, high filling precision and low consumption.

jam filler

This single-head servo rotary lobe pump jam filling machine has a filling range of 15ml to 5000ml. Faster filling, 50ml jam bottle, 60 bottles/minute with 0.4% accuracy.

Honey fill

This honey filling machine uses high-quality piston quantitative electromechanical & pneumatic parts. Filling volume of 100-1000ml, ±1% accuracy, and 800-1200BPH filling speed.

sauce fill

This 4-head pneumatic sauce bottling machine features filling ranges of 5ml up to 5000ml. It has an operating speed of 20 to 50 bottles/min with ≤0.5% filling accuracy.

hot sauce fill

This automatic servo motor paste hot sauce filling machine has a filling volume of 5-100, 10-300, 50-500 & 100-1000ml. It can fill 10-25 bottles/min with ≤±0.5% filling accuracy.

sauce filler

This fully automatic piston ketchup filler uses quantitative plunger filling, PLC positioning, filling, and bottle-out. Filling 50ml-5000ml; ±1% filling accuracy; Filling speed of 6 to 40 bottles/min.

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Sauce Filling Machine Advantages

flexible sauce icon
Flexible Pumps

Volume displacement plunger pump, adjustable pumps, fast and easy.

sauce plc control
Advanced PLC Control

PLC control system, color touch screen display, filling volume adjustable, simple to use.

effective sauce icon
Effective Filling

Efficiently fill free-flowing liquids, semi-liquids, and even viscous sauces with tiny particles.

customize sauce icon

Depending on your production capacity, set up from 4, 6, 8 to 12+ filling heads.

Sauce Filler Salient Features

  • Schneider servo system-regulated, variable-rate filling.
  • Easy-to-use Schneider PLC-integrated digital control.
  • Easy changeover and maintenance.
  • ISO-9001-certified manufacturing, & GMP standard stainless steel.
  • Bottom-up filling, bottleneck location, touchscreen controls volume; servos control filling pistons, & individual piston adjustment.
  • Stainless steel frames protect the filling zone.
  • Digital control system for double, triple, and more sauce bottle filling. Nozzles may be placed above the bottle mouth or bottom up to match the liquid level to avoid foaming.
  • Three-step-filling to prevent bubbling and spilling.
sauce filler feature
sauce bottling

Piston Sauce Bottling Machine

The piston sauce bottle filling machine operates on a basic principle. When product materials go in the funnel, it activates the rotary valve, connects the leaping funnel to the cylinder, and then rotates the cylinder and discharge tube by 90 degrees. The piston is then pushed back into the cylinder, drawing in the substance or product materials. The following rotary valve redirects the product away from the nozzle and into the hopper. The material then freely flows from the nozzle into the container.


Sauce Filling Machine Applications

We’ll start with sauce packing. Most manufacturers use 2oz, 5oz, 10oz, and 12oz glass bottles, and others use squeeze plastic bottles.
Gravity and piston fillers are two types of commercial sauce bottle fillers. The consistency of the sauce influences machine selection. Just like the mayonnaise, a piston-driven pneumatic device is essential for filling or pressing thicker sauces, salsa, or chutney. While water-like sauces are applicable using gravity filler devices.
Most commercial sauces are thick, so we’ll concentrate on a piston-style sauce filler. We may modify the number of filling heads on our automatic sauce filling machine from 2 to 12 depending on the size of your facility and the number of sauces you need to fill.

sauce filler selection

Why Choose Makwell Sauce Filling Machine

why choose makwell sauce filler
why choose makwell sauce filler 2

Do you need a sauce filling machine to take your sauce manufacturing to the next level? Let us take care of all your needs! We provide safe and cost-effective automatic and semi-automatic sauce fillers. With Makwell, you can experience what big companies are enjoying!

✔ High Filling Accuracy
The accurate piston strokes of the advanced servo system, which allows for consistent filling, control the filling volume. The intelligent design of the piston’s adjustable mechanism gives precision control.

✔ Advanced Servo Drive System
We use a series volumetric filling system that regulates the principal filling structure with a sophisticated servo drive for excellent stability and precise placement. The filling piston’s vertical motion results in significant long-term energy savings and an effective reduction in machine load rate.

✔ Tool-Free Easy Adjustment
Making PLC changes doesn’t always require special equipment, but doing it yourself may ensure a smoother workflow. Thanks to the system’s precision servo control design, there is no problem pouring sauces of varying densities into a bottle’s opening, neck, or surface.

✔ Flexible and Highly Adaptable
An automated servo sauce filling machine may be designed and used in various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, etc.

sanitary sauce filler
Sanitary GMP-Standard

For consumable products like sauces and dressings, choosing a filler that not only meets but exceeds your industry’s sanitation criteria is essential. We manufacture sauce filling systems that use T sanitary 316L stainless steel, PTFE, and Viton in all “wetted” sections to fulfill food sauce criteria. This guarantees that your product is produced in a safe and sanitary manner. The stainless steel structure with rounded and sloping surfaces adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices.

Our sauce fillers can have clean, lubricant-free pneumatics, tri-clover hopper connections, and a design that makes them easy to clean. The machine can be taken apart and back together in about 5 minutes. This is important for the sauces and dressings industry because a single machine can fill the whole production line. This means switching between products and containers takes as little time as possible and doesn’t stop production.

sauce filler advantage

Faster Production: In each cycle, automatic sauce fillers with 16-fill head can fill thousands of bottles daily at 120 per minute.

Consistency: Fill according to level, volume, weight, or other measurements with speed and consistency.

Flexibility: Fill containers with thin to thick liquids. Machine flexibility may benefit companies with multiple products.

Easy Controls: Easy to set up—only simple manual adjustments to switch bottles. A central touchscreen interface will set fill timings, indexing times, pump speeds, and more.

Upgradeable: Fill heads as production rises. Most devices can fill sixteen containers every cycle using sixteen fill heads on the nozzle bar. Each machine’s top speed depends on bottle size, shape, and filling material.

Sauce Filling Machine Selection

piston filling machine
Automatic Piston Sauce Filling Machine

Sauces are usually viscous, which is why piston fillers are recommended. Piston fillers provide drip-free filling and product line accuracy. It reliably fills sauces, stews, batters, meat/sauce mixes, and pastes products. The piston sauce filling machine provides the best fill accuracy and lowest product deterioration in the industry.
This piston sauce filling machine takes 30 minutes to disassemble and clean. For companies that make sauces and dressings, you can fill your whole product line with one machine and spend less time switching products and containers, saving time and money.

rotary lobe filling machine
Automatic Rotary Lobe Pump Sauce Filling Machine

Fully automated CIP systems use our lobe pump sauce fillers. The rotary lobe pump filling device uses high-precision stainless steel rotor pumps to measure liquid volume. Servo motors power pumps’ wide filling range and accuracy. Simple construction, operation, and maintenance. The touchscreen adjusts the volume. A servo motor raises the valve, filling the liquid level with bubble-friendly liquid. Machine is 304 stainless steel.
This fully automatic rotary lobe pump sauce filler easily handles a variety of container sizes, filling volumes, and product kinds. The filler may fill thin and pasty materials. It can effortlessly fill creams, heavy sauces, honey, etc.

Makwell Sauce Filling Machine

Dressings, sauces, and other thick products are best filled into bottles, jars, and cans using filling machines. High-demand goods like ketchup, honey, salad dressings, salsa, and pastes need precise and timely packaging. Our range of filling machinery includes both semi-automatic and fully-automatic viscous filling machines.

We offer fully automated and semi-automatic filling machines and packaging equipment that are both within your budget and complies with safety and efficiency regulations. An advanced sauce filling machine will boost the effectiveness and efficiency of your industrial product packaging operations, whether starting from scratch with a brand-new manufacturing facility, ramping up production of an expanded product line, or simply needing a replacement piece of equipment. With our sauce solutions, you can automate the filling process to save time and money on labor.

Purchasing a filling machine for sauces, dressings, vinaigrettes, or a whole turnkey line might be a wise investment. Benefits range from improved precision, less room for human error, enhanced fill dependability, reduced product waste, and higher throughput rates. Investing in high-quality filling equipment may help you improve operations, reduce expenses, and boost earnings.

How Sauce Filling Machines Help Your Business?

Your businesses benefit from sauce filling machines in many ways, such as:

Adaptable Sauce Filling Solution

The sauce filling machine is made to meet your specific sauce packaging needs. Making sure you get a sauce-filling solution that is right for your product will help your business stay good for a long time. Different machines are needed depending on how thick your product is. Getting the sauce filling machine that works best for your product’s density or thickness will make the packaging process more efficient.


When you pack and label your products, you can use the automatic sauce filling machine as one of the best ways to brand your product. This machine helps you brand your product in a unique way that meets your needs. A machine that is made to make packaging for your product gives you the chance to make your packaging unique.

Safe and Secure

Sauce packaging needs to be updated to keep workers safe and make manufacturing more efficient. Automatic filling machines are ideal to ensure the safety and speed of production.

Spend Less on Labor

Depending on your needs, you may choose a manual, semi-automated, or a completely automatic machine to pack your sauce products. Highly precise sauce filling machine provides correct filling and sealing while reducing labor costs and increasing productivity.

What to look for in a sauce filling machine?

A manageable price
The equipment price will make a difference if you are starting in the sauce industry and have a restricted budget. However, the production capacity and range per bottle of costlier equipment will generally be higher. Think about the machine’s intended use and its potential for future expansion before making a purchase.

A high level of craftsmanship
The equipment you purchase has a chance of malfunctioning at some point, but this does not necessarily mean that it is of low quality. There may be a direct correlation between cost and quality for many machines.

Functionality tailored to your needs
You’ll need a machine that can fill bottles of the size you prefer. Milliliters are an international unit of measurement, so most machines show the amount in milliliters. If you don’t know how to convert milliliters to ounces, you’ll have to fill each bottle more than once.


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