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Sauce Packaging Machine

Sauce packaging machines automatically measure, fill, make, print, and cut bags.
Improves industry performance and packaging for big, small, and
medium-sized businesses!

MAKWELL Sauce Packaging Machines

When it comes to filling sauce, sauce packaging machine is the best to use. With MAKWELL, you can fill and pack sauce and other liquids of different thicknesses. We have various equipment, manufactured in China to handle everything from sauce-thin liquids to liquids thicker than sauce.

MAKWELL’s multi lane sachet packing machine and other sauce packing machines are the best choice for packaging various sauces. Filling sauces with meat bits or vegetables in stick sachets is easy for our stick pack machine with the piston filling method; fill even the thickest sauces with solids; use the 5 best packaging for sauces. We’ll work with you to ensure that the equipment for your sauce packing system is appropriate for your needs.

Sauce Packaging Machines

honey packing machine

Packaging speed of 30-50 bags/min. Suitable for packing many different products like honey, ketchup, jam, fruit juice, sauce, butter, jelly, shampoo, facial cream, bath foam, oil, toys, etc.

Ketchup Packing Machine

Packaging speed of 20-50 bags/min. Packs liquid products both thick and thin, such as oil, sauce, honey, ketchup, syrup, lotion, water, cream, shampoo, pastes, chocolate, perfume, etc.

Stick Pack Machine

Features an auger (screw) filling system that produces 240-320 stick packs per minute, Ideal for packing powder and granule products.

Multi-Lane Sachet Packing Machine

8-10 lanes for producing 320-400 stick sachets per minute, best for packing liquids products.

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Sauce Packaging Machine Advantages

Sauce Packaging Machine User-Friendly

Simple and straightforward interface with language options (both English and other languages).

Sauce Packaging Machine Clean Precise Cut
Clean Precise Cut

Digital input of the cutting location and high-sensitivity photoelectric color tracing provide more precision.

Sauce Packaging Machine All-In-One Packaging
All-In-One Packaging

Automatic and highly accurate bag-making, filling, sealing, cutting, and counting.

Sauce Packaging Machine

Adjustable bag-making to meet the individual needs of clients and products.

Sauce Packaging Machine Applications

Machines that pack liquids are the best choice for filling sauces. MAKWELL machines can fill and pack sauces and other liquids of varying thicknesses. When it comes to sauce packing needs, we offer an optimal solution.

MAKWELL sauce packing machines are applicable in filling liquid products such as water, tea, juice, soybean sauce, shampoo, etc. And for viscous liquid products like jam, cream, meat sauce, barbeque sauce, chili, butter, salad, tomato sauce, facial cream, facial lotion, and other similar products. This sauce packing machine is common in food and beverages, pharmaceutical, edible oil, pesticides, daily chemicals, and many other industries.

sauce packing machine
sauce packaging machine

Sauce Packaging Machine Features

MAKWELL condiment packaging machine offers several features and benefits. Anodized steel and aluminum make up these machines to prolong machine life. The system uses accessible disassembly features to increase cleaning efficiencies, such as flanged fittings, tri-clamp connections, and detachable valves and pumps.

There are additional clean-in-place solutions available. Each line filler is adaptable and straightforward, allowing the system to run multiple products and containers with no or minimal changes.

MAKWELL sauce packaging machine operates efficiently and quickly. Fill periods can be set up quickly to avoid outages, and the packaging line runs more efficiently.

Sauce Packaging Machine Characteristics

❶ Every 304 stainless steel cover complies with GMP requirements.
❷ Antipollution and dust proofing devices are available.
❸ Automatic modification of the filling range and bag size.
❹ The photocell controller is simple to use.
❺ This sachet packaging machine has an automatic self-supporting lubrication system, a maximum output of 90 bags per minute, and a working time of 24 hours daily.
❻ All of the functions are shown on a digital screen and managed automatically.
❼ PID temperature control ensures a precise setting and a sealing tolerance of ± 2%.
❽ Help the consumer save money by constructing an automated no-packing warning system.
❾ Designed with a simple access mechanism.
❿ The machine may have a product stirrer and heated jacket for high-temperature packing.

sauce packing machine

Sauce Packaging Machine Highlights

sauce packaging machine
sauce packaging machine

How to make sauce sachets?

Typically, sauces are filled into sachets using an advanced vertical seal packaging machine (VFFS) or sauce packaging machine. Using a horizontal seal packaging machine (HFFS), you may fill certain unique sauces or sachets.

How are sauce sachets filled and packed?

A sauce packing machine is a vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machine used to pack the sauce into sachets. One sachet is produced from a single, flat roll of film. As you fill the product, the sachets will form.

What is sachet packaging?

A sachet packaging is having all three or four sides of a sachet sealed and the product is usually powder, paste, condiment, or liquid. Many different products, including sauce, ketchup, condiments, pastes, creams, and many more, come in these convenient single-dose packaging.

What is a sachet packaging machine?

The sachet packaging machine fills small sachets with products like thin to thick liquids, powders, and granules. Companies that make foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other products would benefit greatly from this machinery. Your productivity will skyrocket when you install a sachet packaging machine.

What is a sachet filling machine?

The sachet filling machine is widely used for filling sachet and disposable packages with different products, same as the sachet packaging machine.

Highlights of the Sauce Packaging Machine

🔵 Servo Control System

Bag-making, sealing, and film-pulling machines all require servo control systems. One person may run 15 devices simultaneously, a cost-cutting measure because when one component has a problem, the machine will automatically stop working and alert to remind the operator to inspect.

🔵 Multilingual Touch Screen

The multilingual touch screen allows for simultaneous language switching. In the event of a machine malfunction, it will sound an alert, halt the process, and display the precise location of the malfunction.

🔵 Pneumatic Pump Metering Device

When the package weight is off, a specialized pneumatic pump scale may be designed to adjust until it reaches the target weight, automatically saving time and money.

🔵 Scale Weighing Device

During the weighing and testing of the finished packaging products, if the packaging weight is inaccurate, it will automatically reject the unqualified products and feed them back to the measuring cup metering device system for automatic adjustment of the entire weight, thereby increasing the percentage of qualified products to 100%.

ketchup packaging machine
Sauce Packing Machine Benefits

Enhances Efficiency: Fill and seal multiple containers at once by the sachet machine, cutting down on workforce and improving output.

Greater Precision: Ensuring the sauce is measured and packed in the proper quantity prevents filling inaccuracies.

Reliable: Guarantees packing uniformity, which fills and seals each container in the same manner.

Clean: Meets strict hygiene requirements to prevent sauce contamination during packing.

Adaptability: Versatility lies in its ability to pack sauces in various packaging sizes and shapes.

Cost-Effective: Using a sachet filler machine may reduce the expense of human labor, errors, and revisions.

What are the different types of sauce packaging?

Containers for sauces range from  jars and glass bottles to portable pouches and single-serve sachets, and they come in a variety of sizes. The sauces keep fresh, are easily dispensed, and kept secure in the container.

What is the best packaging for sauces?

The 5 Best Sauce Packaging

  • Squeeze Sauce Bottles. Squeeze bottles work well for condiments like mayonnaise and tomato sauces.
  • Plastic Bottles. The majority of sauces come in a plastic bottle.
  • Plastic Tubs. Because of its thick nature, aioli is best packaged in plastic tubs.
  • Glass Jars. The sauces taste best in glass jars.
  • Pouches
ketchup packing machine
Working Principle

A form-fill-seal machine or a multilane sachet packing machine is often used to package sauce into bags. The following are the steps;

1. To make the sauce, ketchup, or honey simpler to handle, it is first heated and liquefied.

2. A roll of film is placed into the machine to create the bags.

3. The film is folded, the sides are sealed, and the bags are then cut to the required size by the machine.

4. The liquefied sauce is poured into the bags using a nozzle or filling tool.

5. The bags are sealed after being filled with a zipper or heat-sealing.

6. After filling and sealing, the bags are packed, tagged, and ready for delivery.

Sauce Sachet Packaging Machine Types

back seal
Back Seal Sachet

Easily pack all kinds of sauces or paste products, such as ketchup, tomato paste, honey, etc., into back-sealed sachets. Please get in touch if you’re interested in having your own unique shaped bag packing made.

4 side seal
4 Side Seal Sachet

Easily pack all kinds of sauces or paste products, such as ketchup, tomato paste, honey, etc., into 4 side-sealed sachets. Please get in touch if you’re interested in having your own unique shaped bag packing made.

3 side seal
3 Side Seal Sachet

Easily pack all kinds of sauces or paste products, such as ketchup, tomato paste, honey, etc., into 3 side-sealed sachets. Please get in touch if you’re interested in having your own unique shaped bag packing made.

Stick Sachet

Easily pack all kinds of sauces or paste products, such as ketchup, tomato paste, honey, etc., into stick sachets. Please get in touch if you’re interested in having your own unique shaped bag packing made.

MAKWELL - The Best Packaging Machine Supplier in China

MAKWELL Sauce Packaging Machine

Is your company on the lookout for a one-of-a-kind manufacturer of multipurpose packaging machinery? Let MAKWELL handle the hassles for you! With our packaging machines, you’ll be able to take advantage of some of the best offers in the industry.

MAKWELL, which has been in business for 15 years, is a manufacturer, supplier, and distributor from China of fully integrated packaging machines aiming for innovation and consumer satisfaction.

As a leading packaging machine manufacturer, we accommodate clients from various industries, providing solutions for solid, liquid, powder, and sauce packaging applications.

MAKWELL is an established manufacturer of packaging machines used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, health, personal care, industrial, paint, chemical, and home product production.

Moreover, a line of packaging machines is available for cleaning, emulsifying, filling, capping, labeling, sealing, wrapping, and packaging end products on various automation levels. MAKWELL packaging machines can carry out multiple tasks, such as sorting, counting, and arranging materials into different packaging adapted to the working environment.

To ensure smooth operation, packaging machines have specific characteristics. Among these features are longevity and adaptability to specific requirements; Equipment that does not require extensive monitoring for routine maintenance and is easy to collect and monitor data.
Stainless steel parts are clean, safe, and compact for efficient storage. Good mobility is also crucial. In addition to utilizing less energy, the fully automated machines are more accurate, which increases automation efficiency.

Packaging is vital to protect products, primarily through packaging machines. Machines are becoming more critical in enhancing worker efficiency, maintaining packing quality, and handling specific needs. Using a packaging machine saves time and improves working conditions for heavy items.

Additionally, it reduces the environmental impact of dust and dangerous chemicals on employees and protects the environment. Decreases packaging and storage costs, while most importantly, ensuring food and medicine safety through no hand-to-hand contact.

As per your specifications, MAKWELL makes each packaging machine consistent in performance and durability. Our specialists may perform various checks on your packing equipment to guarantee optimal functioning. With MAKWELL, ensure that your packing machine is of the highest quality.

For custom pricing on our sauce packing machine, sachet packing machine for sale, and sachet packing machine for sale, send us a message, and we can give you the best deal!

How many bottles can the packing machine produce per minute?

The speed of a liquid sachet filling machine is expressed in completed bottles per minute (bpm). This value shows the final output per minute. The packing machine speeds for your operation will depend on your product, qualities, factory environment, bottle type, operator competence, and budget.

Calculate the equivalent bpm if you have a specified target bottle. A semi-automatic or manual packing method might be preferable for varying production needs. Whereas automating the operation accelerates the whole process.

Are there any specifications for packaging machine bags or containers?

Yes. It is essential to understand the precise specifications of your bags or containers to specify the suitable equipment and present you with an accurate packing machine estimate. There are certain specifications for each packaging machine, and the manufacturer’s suggestions will base on your container size and type.

Here, you must provide the dimensions, weights, or volumes of the package and any applicable legal restrictions. Metric units measure in mm or ml, whereas imperial units measure pounds, inches, and ounces.

What is the difference between Free-Flow and Non-Free-Flow products?

Understanding whether your product is free-flowing or non-free-flowing is critical to any powder packaging machine. This impacts the filler your product needs to disperse powder into its package.

With the effect of gravity, the free-flowing product falls rapidly. Non-free-flowing materials, on the other hand, must be sufficiently compacted and supported during packing since their cohesive qualities need whole new filling processes to carry the materials efficiently.

Volumetric or free-flow auger product fillers are for packing free-flow powders, and non-free-flow powder packing requires an auger filler that can correctly dispense cohesive materials.

What should I consider when using a granule packing machine?

Granule packaging machines contain electrical components for controlling their operation. Avoid flushing it right away. You may risk damaging the control parts. Choose power and air source that comply with applicable equipment restrictions. Ensure that the air and power supply are off before dismantling or cleaning the equipment. Some circuits in the electrical control remain active even after shutting off. Ensure the machine has a power socket with a ground wire to prevent electric shock.

What role does the viscosity of a liquid play in its packaging?

Fluids differ by their viscosity; it is their resistance to flow. The molecular structure of fluid with a high viscosity doesn’t flow as easily. In comparison, a fluid with low viscosity flows very quickly because its molecular structure causes very little friction when moving.

In selecting liquid packing machines, consistency is an important consideration. Viscosity dictates the product filler used: it must exert the appropriate force to produce flow without overfilling the package.

How sauce packing machine deals with foaming when filling products?

The single lane stick pack machine is equipped with diving heads nozzles for a bottom-up filling to decrease foaming.

How do sauce packing machines handle overfilling?

The liquid sachet filling machine has a pneumatically powered bottle clamping system that holds the bottles in position after being placed. This makes sure that the bottles are in the right place under each filling head, preventing or minimizing under- or over-filling.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a sauce packing machine?

When choosing a sachet packing machine, you need to consider the product you’ll be filling, the output capacity you want to reach, and the containers’ material, size, and shape.

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