Semi-Automatic Ultrasonic Plastic Sealing Machine MWPF-2

Model: MWPF-2
Tube Material: Plastic, Composite tube
Output: 18-30tubes/min
Power: 2.6kw
Filling Range: A: 5-50ml; B: 10-120ML;
C: 25-250ML; D:50-500ml
Dimension: 1200*1000*1650mm
Voltage: 50/60HZ

❶ Simple debugging, using automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic generator, no need to manually adjust the frequency;

❷ This ultrasonic tube sealing machine is suitable for composite pipes, PE pipes and aluminum-plastic pipes;

❸ The tail seal is not deformed, and the tail seal pattern is clearer;

❹ No need to preheat, it can be used immediately after starting up; energy saving and environmental protection, no need to equip a chiller, saving electricity and space;

❺ For hoses of different sizes, the cost of replacing accessories is low; just replace the cup holder, no need to replace the end cap;

❻ This tube filling and sealing machine does not rely on heating to weld the hose, will not destroy the filling material composition; fully protect the protective material;

Suitable Sealing Diameter: 13-50mm
Suitable Tube Height: 60-210mm
Filling range:  A: 5-50ml; B: 10-120ML;
C: 25-250ML; D:50-500ml
Air pressure: 05-0.6Mpa
Sealing systems Machine tuck/Hot air
Filling range: 3-180ml
Output: 18-30tube/min
Power: 2.6kw
Machine Body: 304#stainless steel
Filling Accuracy: ≦±1%

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