Automatic Double Heads Shoe Polish Filling Machine

Type: Automatic Double Heads Shoe Polish Filling Machine
Filling Range: 5-150ml, 30-500ml
Filling hopper: 45L
Voltage: 220V/ 380V
Hertz: 50/60Hz
Capacity: 20-40bottles/min
Dimension: L2500xW1600xH1450(mm)
Weight: 260KG

Shoe Polish Filling Machine

The shoe polish filling machine uses a transmission principle to keep the loading capacity stable. The slot wheel dividing system moves the conveyor table intermittently, which causes it to move back and forth. This filling machine has 8 or 10 tube stations. The tubes will have to be manually fed into the machine.

It automatically places the tubes, fills them with material, heats them both inside and out, seals them, presses codes, and cuts the tails. The finished tubes come out of the machine. The shoe polish filling machine has a PLC automatic control system and a clear and easy-to-see stainless steel frame. Works with vacuum emulsifying mixers as well.

Shoe Polish Filling Machines

❶ The structure of this bottle filling machine is small and compact, and it has automatic control and a fully closed drive part.

❷ This machine has a control system for the tube, wash pipe, filling, folding, and sealing tail. The whole process is completed automatically.

❸ Operates using pneumatic supply tubes, wash pipes, and other precise and reliable mechanisms.

❹ Complete auto-calibration using photoelectric sensors.

❺ Easy to disassemble.

❻ Flexible temperature and cooling system.

❼ Memory and quantitative stoppers are available.

❽ In a fully integrated machine, the tail device is used to seal two-fold, three-fold, saddle-shaped flaps in many ways.

❾ Materials for cleaning, sanitation, and pharmaceutical production are 316L stainless steel. They met all of the GMP requirements.

❿ Safety features, such as a doorstop, a control system, and overload protection, are included in this machine.

The shoe polish filling machine is designed with multiple stations. This machine is suitable for metal tube folding packaging. While both plastics and metals are applicable. Molds and parts are easy to replace.

ALU tubes, plastic tubes, and multiple tube filling and sealing are all possible applications in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, glue, and other filling industries using this equipment. It meets with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Shoe Polish Filling Machine Functions

  1. The pistol plunger makes sure that the filling measurement of the shoe polish filling machine is accurate.
  2. The heating time is both consistent and flexible.
  3. The tail is cleanly sealed, and the trimming is perfect.
  4. This machine is very stable and doesn’t make any noise and pollution while in use.
  5. High-quality stainless steel 304 or SS316L are used for the part that comes into contact with the filling materials.
  6. Machine parts that need to be cleaned are made of a quick-change mechanism that is easy to remove and wash.
  7. An external thermostat can be added to the feeding barrel if needed.
Auto Shoe Polish Filling Machine
Shoe Polish Filling Machine

Shoe Polish Filling Machine Work Flow

  1. Feeding the tubes into the shoe polish filling machine is done manually.
  2. Photoelectrical sensor for automatic mark positioning.
  3. Dosing fills on an automatic mechanism.
  4. Heating of the inner tail.
  5. Sealing the tail and pressing the batch and date.
  6. Trimming tube tail.
  7. Tube automatic ejection.

Shoe Polish Filling Machine Technical Characteristics

  1. The shoe polish filling machine includes an LCD and PLC control panel with a high-quality operating screen, making it easier to use and adding a more human touch. It uses stepless speed adjustment, parameter setting, output counts, pressure index, and failure display settings.
  2. This machine has an automated tube supply, photocell registration, optional inert gas filling, filling and sealing of materials, printing of batch numbers, and delivering finished tube products.
  3. A high-precision photocell register that lowers the chromatic aberration scope or color fringing.
  4. A digital display shows the position of the adjustment parts. This makes it easy and accurate to make adjustments (perfect for producing variable products).
  5. The control system combines mechanical, photoelectrical, electric, and pneumatic integration techniques to keep the filing process from being interrupted by a misaligned tube or too much pressure.
Shoe-Polish Filling Machine

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What are the Advantages of Using a Shoe Polish Filling Machine?

There are many filling machines to select from when packing shoe polish. Aside from designing and building filling machines, we also manufacture packaging lines for shoe polish. Our shoe polish filling machines are designed to adapt to changing demands as the market changes for the shoe polish industry. We create and build the equipment that will fulfill your shoe polish filling requirements and help you achieve your production targets.


  • Energy usage is low, yet the output is great.
  • For easy use and high productivity, touch-screen controls have been added.
  • The volume set allows you to control all of the pistons through the servo system.
  • Each piston’s volume can be set with a single touch on the screen. There is no need to make any manual changes.


  • Small bottles are no problem for this machine’s excellent adaptability.
  • Suitable for shoe polish, eye drops, e-cigarette fluids, penicillin, etc. It also applies as a nail polish filling machine, etc.
  • Conveyors have adjustable guide rails and star wheels that can be changed to fit different types of products.


  • This machine is fully enclosed and easily adjusts for quick changeovers.
  • Access is limited and protected by setting up a password-protected management configuration.
  • Built-in castors let you make the most of your available space.
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