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MAKWELL Spout Pouch Filling Machines

The MAKWELL spout pouch filling machine works to bag, open, feed, and seal products. This machine is best for filling juices, jellies, milk, ketchup, and other liquid substances. Its motor features step-down starting with auto coupling, fills bags of varying sizes quickly and easily with a large output and easy operation. The closed waterproof design allows for a more comprehensive application range.

MAKWELL designs the spout pouch filler with a three-stage rotation system, intense double cranking, high-speed disc friction, clutch, and a flywheel to prevent overloading. Regardless of what type of spout product you need, we manufacture it with expertise and careful consideration for your needs.

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Spout Pouch Filling Machine Applications

MAKWELL spout pouch filling machine applies to filling regular or viscous liquid in premade spout pouches. We cap regular and irregular pouches, flat, stand-up pouches, gussets, and so on. The spout pouch filling machine allows feeding, dosing, filling, and capping liquid products, like juice, soybean milk, ketchup, mustard, hand washing, sauce, shampoo, lotion, edible oil, liquid soap, paint, etc., into a stand-up pouch.

The standard caps application is an anti-opening or screw-on cap with dual hanging slots. You may find MAKWELL consumers use this machine in several industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, industrial, paint, chemical, and many other industries.

spout pouch filling machine
spout pouch filling machine for ketchup

Spout Pouch Filling Machine Features

The MAKWELL spout pouch filling machine offers many desirable features for efficient production. These include the PLC control and HMI system; adjustable speed using different frequency systems; rotary positioning using precision slicers; automatic bag feeding to reduce labor costs; and quantity filling that provides high accuracy. Spattering and foaming cannot occur with a plug-in filling mechanism.

The machine features automatic feeding and cap arranging devices, while the capping is adjustable to ensure a perfect and precise seal.

This MAKWELL machine features a stainless steel frame coated in stainless steel, a door made of organic glass, and automatically produces output products.

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Spout Pouch Filling Machine-MAKWELL

Want to place your products into spout pouches with a filling machine? Here’s what you need to know. MAKWELL spout pouch filling machine can serve as the ideal solution for your spout filling needs. This high-speed machine features a continuous-motion system applicable to the filling and capping of premade spout pouches. Applies to all types of pouches, whether flat, stand-up pouches, gusset pouches, etc.

The process of preparing premade spout pouches includes feeding, dispensing, filling, and spout capping liquid products, like ketchup, milk, juice, mustard, sauce, soybean, hand washing liquids, shampoo, liquid soap, lotion, paint, edible oil, into pouches. Generally, found in food and beverage production and several other industries.

Spout Pouch Filling Machine Characteristics
The machine structure and surface are stainless steel 304 and duralumin. It is easy to operate and troubleshoot as it combines PLC and HMI controls and features frequency-converting motors for optimal driving performance. The system includes automatic loading of caps, pre-capping, sorting, and adapting to a wide range of pouch sizes. This spout pouch filling machine can fill and cap premade spout pouches of various types, such as flat or stand up, regular or irregular, etc.

Spout Pouch Filling Machine Advantages
As a vertical-type machine, the equipment offers many advantages. This machine features a continuous filling cap process, adjustable to pouch sizes in seconds, and easily handles large pouches. The top center spout and corner spout are adaptable according to your preference. Another advantage of the spout pouch machine has a conversion speed control system that adjusts the speed within a specific range depending on your packaging needs. Also included is a safety door made from plexiglass that protects the operator’s safety.

If you need a spout filling machine, you can be confident that MAKWELL develops high-quality equipment to guarantee maximum efficiency.

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