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Spout Pouch Filling Machine

MAKWELL Spout Pouch Filling and Capping Machines efficiently fill and cap pouches.
Our rotary and inline pouch solutions are excellent for filling low-volume
pouches and applications requiring high productivity and volume
pouch filling!

MAKWELL Spout Pouch Filling and Capping Machine

The MAKWELL spout pouch filling machine works to bag, open, feed, and seal products. Our machines are best for filling juices, jellies, milk, ketchup, and other liquid substances. The motor features step-down starting with auto coupling, fills bags of varying sizes quickly and easily with a large output and easy operation. The closed waterproof design allows for a more comprehensive application range.

MAKWELL designs the pouch filling machine with a three-stage rotation system, intense double cranking, high-speed disc friction, clutch, and a flywheel to prevent overloading. Regardless of what type of spout product you need, we manufacture our equipment in China with expertise and careful consideration for your needs.

Spout Pouch Filling Machine

Automatic spout pouch bag filling capping machines

This automatic spout bag filling machine offers a customizable filling capacity of 100 to 1000ml. Filling nozzles may be customized, with filling accuracy ranging from 0 to 1%. Suitable for filling various types of spout pouches in different industries.

Automatic spout pouch bag filling capping machine

The filling capacity of this spouted pouch filling machine ranges from 100 to 1000 ml. Filling accuracy may range from 0% to 1%, and filling nozzles can be modified. Excellent for filling a range of spout pouch types across diverse industries.

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Spout Pouch Filling Machine Advantages

Anti-Drip Filling Head
Anti-Drip Filling Head

High filling precision and anti-drip design.

Spout Cleaning
Spout Cleaning

Cleans the bag mouth while filling foamy materials.

Bagless Inspect
Bagless Inspection

Bagless detection with high precision. No bag, no filling system.

Torque-Capping Mechanism
Torque-Capping Mechanism

Torque Capping Device with Constant Magnetic Force. Adjustable tightness and constant torque.

Spout Pouch Filling Machine Applications

MAKWELL spout pouch filling machine applies to filling regular or viscous liquid in premade pouches. We cap regular and irregular pouches, flat, stand-up pouches, gussets, and so on. Liquid pouch filling machines allows feeding, dosing, pouch filling, and capping liquid packaging with products like juice, soybean milk, ketchup, mustard, hand washing, sauce, shampoo, lotion, edible oil, liquid soap, paint, etc., into a stand-up pouch.

The standard caps application is an anti-opening or screw-on cap with dual hanging slots. You may find MAKWELL consumers use this machine in several industries, including food and beverage industries, pharmaceuticals, industrial, paint, chemical, and many other industries.

spout pouch filling machine
pouch filling machine

Spout Pouch Filling Machine Features

The MAKWELL spout pouch filling machine offers many desirable features for efficient production. These include the PLC control and HMI system; adjustable speed using different frequency systems; rotary positioning using precision slicers; automatic bag feeding to reduce labor costs; and quantity filling that provides high accuracy. Spattering and foaming cannot occur with a plug-in filling mechanism.

The machine features automatic feeding and cap arranging devices, while the capping is adjustable to ensure a perfect and precise seal.

This MAKWELL machine features a stainless steel frame coated in stainless steel, a door made of organic glass, and automatically produces output products.

Doypack Machine Working Flow

❶ Pouch/bag Feeding
❷ Automatic Filling
❸ Automatic Blowing, Washing Pouch Spout Mouth
❹ Automatic Caps Unscrambling
❺ Automatic Spout Mouth Capping
❻ Automatic Caps Screwing
❼ Automatic Dispense final Products

spout pouch filling machine

Spout Pouch Filling Machine Technical Benefits

spout bag filling machine
spout pouch filling machine

What is a pouch maker?

Automated pouch packing machines fill and seal items in pouches. Food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and other industries use it.

What is the use of pouch filling machine?

This fills solids or liquids into pouches and similar soft packaging materials. It can make all sorts of pouches, including those that stand independently.

How does a pouch filling machine work?

To prepare the pouch for filling, the equipment opens it using a pair of jaws and then inflates it using an air blower. Then, with the bag open wide, the machine measures out the exact amount of your product to for filling. Sealing the pouch requires meticulously pressing out any residual air.

What is pouch filling?

Pouch filling or pouch packing machines fill and seal premade pouches with products. There are two primary types of pouch filling machines: inline and rotary.

How to fill and seal spout pouch?

Packing methods vary by material and specifications. You can also have a stand-up bag with a spout, complete with a cap and pour spout. Fill the pouch to the brim using the top opening, and then secure it with a heat seal.

What is a spouted pouch?

A spouted pouch is a more sustainable option than conventional PET and HDPE bottles for a variety of products, including food, drinks, cleaning supplies, and personal care items.



Spout Pouch Filling Machine Technical Benefits

  • The installation of the variable frequency and speed system controls the pace of output.
  • The precision indexer contributes to proper turnplate alignment.
  • This spout pouch filling machine is designed with an intelligent pouch-feeding system to lessen labor effort.
  • This spout pouch filler uses a unique measuring device to guarantee precise filling.
  • A vacuum and an insert-style liquid filling method can prevent liquids from spilling and bubbling.
  • Automatic adjust cap handling and tightening system for reliable sealing or capping.

🔵 Control Panel with SIEMENS PLC
System of intelligent control. Using the PLC system, the width of all the clampers may be easily changed.

🔵 Automatic Bag Adjustment 
With a wide, automatically adjusting bag, the accuracy of the sections is improved.

🔵 Easily Setup and Run
Coding, filling, and sealing may all be automatic.

🔵 Large Capacity
Depending on the material and size of the bag, up to 30-50 bags, in a minute can be produced.

🔵 Effective Sealing
The sealing mold is adjustable according to your specific requirements.

spouted pouch filling machine
Doypack Machine Basic Components

◎ Machine Bottom Flame
◎ Pouch Loader
◎ Dust-Proof Cover
◎ Pneumatic Control Cabinet
◎ Material Pump (Hopper)
◎ Filling Machine, Food Pouch Filling Machine
◎ Cleaning Device
◎ Plastic Cap Elevator
◎ Vibrating Tray
◎ Plastic Cap Loading Device
◎ Capping Machine

liquid pouch filling machines
3 Spout Pouch Filling Solutions

❶ Fill via the spout after sealing the spout in the bag, and then fasten the cap securely.

❷ The pouch filler machine fills contents or products into pouches through the opening in the middle, then secure the cap.

❸ Corner spouted pouch: fill through the top opening of the pouch and seal.

Spout Pouch Filling Machine Variations

rotary spout pouch filling machine
Rotary Spout Filling Machine

The rotary spout pouch filling machine suits low-volume applications as well as pilot lab applications. It can produce up to 100 pouches each minute.

inline spout pouch filling machine
Inline Spout Filling Machine

An inline spout filling machine is the most effective for high-volume, high-productivity pouch filling. It can produce 500 pouches per minute in capacity.

MAKWELL - The Best Packaging Machine Supplier in China

MAKWELL Spout Pouch Filling Machine

Want to place your products into spout pouches with a filling machine? Here’s what you need to know. MAKWELL spout pouch filling machine can serve as the ideal solution for your spout filling needs. This high-speed machine features a continuous-motion system applicable to the filling and capping of premade spout pouches. Applies to all types of pouches, whether flat, stand-up pouches, gusset pouches, etc.

The process of preparing premade spout pouches includes feeding, dispensing, filling, and spout capping liquid products, like ketchup, milk, juice, mustard, sauce, soybean, hand washing liquids, shampoo, liquid soap, lotion, paint, edible oil, into pouches. Generally, found in food and beverage production and several other industries.

Spout Pouch Filling Machine Characteristics

This packaging machine has structure and surface that are stainless steel 304 and duralumin. It is easy to operate and troubleshoot as it combines PLC and HMI controls and features frequency-converting motors for optimal driving performance. The system includes automatic loading of caps, pre-capping, sorting, and adapting to a wide range of pouch sizes. This spout pouch filling machine can fill and cap premade spout pouches of various types, such as flat or stand up, regular or irregular, etc.

Spout Pouch Filling Machine Benefits

As a vertical-type machine, the equipment offers many benefits. This machine features a continuous filling cap process, adjustable to pouch sizes in seconds, and easily handles large pouches. The top center spout and corner spout are adaptable according to your preference. Another advantage of the spout pouch machine has a conversion speed control system that adjusts the speed within a specific range depending on your packaging needs. Also included is a safety door made from plexiglass that protects the operator’s safety.

If you need a spout filling machine, you can be confident that MAKWELL develops high-quality equipment to guarantee maximum efficiency.

How does this machine regulate the production rate?

Production rate regulation is possible by the installation of a variable frequency variable speed system.

How do spout pouch fillers provide precise filling?

For exact turnplate alignment, the accurate indexer is a must-have. A specialized metering system is used by this equipment to guarantee precise filling amounts.

What features ensure safety caping?

The automatic adjustable cap handling and tightening system is a feature of this spout pouch filling machine that guarantees a tightly secured cap.

What are the advantages of the spout pouch filling machine?
  1. Installing the variable frequency and variable speed system controls the pace of output.
  2. The turnplate may be precisely positioned with the help of the indexer.
  3. The automatic pouch feeding mechanism included in a spout pouch filler helps cut down on labor costs.
  4. Use of calibrated metering system to guarantee precise dosing.
  5. The insert-type liquid filling and vacuum eliminate the liquid spilling and bubbling risks.
  6. Integrated cap tightening and handling mechanism that can be adjusted automatically.
  7. Automatic standing pouch unloading system and an organic glass screen for optimal safety.
  8. 304 stainless steel housing plate, and stainless steel electroplated pressing plate and rack.
How does the spout pouch filling machine work?

Spout Pouch Filler Workflow;

  1. Pouch feeding pouches
  2. Automatic filling
  3. Automatic blowing and washing of spout pouch mouth
  4. Automatic cap unscrambling
  5. Automatic cap installation on spout mouth
  6. Automatic cap screwing
  7. Automated dispense of finished products
What are the best spout pouch filling machines?

A fully automatic spout pouch filling machine is the best spout pouch filler today. It saves time and ensures precision as it does both the filling and capping in one operation. Because fewer people will be needed to operate the machines, businesses may save money on labor costs. Workers may focus their efforts elsewhere now that there is less to accomplish.

How do spout pouch filling machines customize filling?

Operators may customize the filling process using a servo motor and electric cylinder; a touch screen controls the filling amount.

How is the MAKWELL spout pouch filling machine designed?

Our spout pouch fillers are designed to be practical and make it easy to use. The features combine functional and aesthetic elements. Capable of high throughput, user-friendliness, and enhanced presentation.

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