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Stick Pack Machine

Pack non-free-flowing and powdered materials such as milk powder, 3in1 coffee
powder, powdered sugar, chocolate powder, medicinal powder, baking mixes,
etc., of up to 600 stick packs per minute!

Stick Pack Machine

With 15 years experience in packing machine manufacturing, MAKWELL effectively design and develop a stick pack machine according to specific and various applications.

We satisfy stick pack demands by producing advanced and economical machine models. High-capacity stick pack machines for up to ten lines, including rotary fillers for all granular materials, multilane auger fillers for powder products, and multilane liquid pump fillers for liquid products. When it comes to stick-pack applications, our machines are the best!

4 Lane Stick Pack Machine
6-lane Stick Pack Machine

This stick pack filling machine can produce up to 240 stick packs/per minute & can pack liquid & sauce.

stick pack machine for powder
6-lane Stick Pack Machine

This stick pack filler can produce 240 stick packs per minute, more suitable for packaging powder.

8-lane stick pack machine
8-lane Stick Pack Machine

This stick packaging machine can produce 320 stick packs per minute, Ideal for packing granule products like salt, sugar &etc.

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Sealing Types for Stick Packaging

stick pack
Stick Pack Bag
3 side seal
3 Side Seal Bag
4 sied seal
4 Side Seal Bag
pillow bag
pillow bag

Stick Pack Packaging Machine Main Features

  • Stick pack machines offer high precision and adjustable range PLC control system.
  • Auger (screw) filling mechanism for stick pack filling.
  • Suit a variety of filling systems.
  • Best to pack powder products in stick bag packaging.
  • The interior workings and components of this machine are constructed of stainless steel and aluminum.
  • The core mechanism, which optimally combines a mechanical and pneumatic system, produces an ideal result using little power and air.
  • Low running costs and maintenance requirements.
  • Easy-to-operate and straightforward device.
stick pack machine
stick packs

Industry Applications

The stick powder packing machine is widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, agricultural chemical, and other industries for packing powder and granular materials;

  • medicinal powder
  • chocolate powder
  • nutrition powder
  • herbal powder
  • coffee powder
  • grain powder
  • milk powder
  • tea powder, etc.

Auger Filling Technology

The stick pack filling of the stick pack filling machine auger filling mechanism works well for non-free-flowing products. The rotation of the stainless steel screws allows for the filling non-free-flowing goods. The screws are rotated using servo motors. The desired number rotation determines the weight of each packet.

Any powdered product, including but not limited to instant coffee, coffee cream, hot chocolate, cappuccino, 3 in 1 coffee, pharmaceutical powders, etc., may be filled with this type of filling system.

auger filler
stick pack machine

Auger Powder Stick Pack Filler Highlights

  • PLC controller with excellent functionality and control over the machine’s work processes.
  • A touch screen controls its programmable logical controller. The touch screen’s menu is in English and other languages, making it incredibly user-friendly.
  • A multi-lane machine may simultaneously generate many lanes of bags.
  • A high-precision photocell sensor automatically follows the printed “eye mark” on the film roll to ensure that each bag is cut correctly.
  • Its operation has very minimal friction and is moderately steady.
  • Warning sound to let the user know when problems arise.
  • The stick packaging machine is constructed entirely of stainless steel.
  • It has a relatively compact construction, moves swiftly and effortlessly, and has a high operating speed.

Stick Pack Packaging Machine Basic Components

Stick Packaging Machine
Stick Packaging Machine
What are stick packs?

Stick packs are thin and narrow, and they’re versatile packaging. Powders, dry (but sometimes liquids, gels, or semi-solids) substances, are the most common products packed there for portability and ease of usage.

What is a stick pack machine?

Stick pack machines work similarly to vertical form fill seal packaging machines, cutting and shaping a roll of film into many stick packs, filling and sealing the bags vertically, and reaching target rates.

This machine receives packaging film from a film unwinder. It automatically shapes film into stick-type tubes and fills pouches with products. After filling, the machinery seals them.

How does the stick pack machine work?

Just like a vertical form fill seal packaging machine, the stick pack machine cuts a roll of film into many stick packs, fills the bags with products, and seals them vertically.

This multilane packing machine is efficient because of the interplay between their many parts. Maintaining the efficiency of the stick packaging machine requires knowledge of its many components. The following are some of the most vital components of the stick packing machine:

Feeding System

Stick packs are filled with product from the hopper and feeding portion. A filling station, such as an auger filler, volumetric filler, etc., receives product from the hopper.

Film Driving Mechanism

The auto-centering film holding shaft, driving shaft, and adjustment roll comprise the film driving system.


The film is unwound from the stock via rollers in the bottom part of the machine. The tension of the film is kept steady with the help of these rollers. Nip rollers, for instance, provide force to film to maintain its tension.

Bag Former

Turning the adjusting knob adjusts a bag former. That can choose many product sizes in one packaging machine.

Film Cutter

The film next moves to the slitter setup, commonly known as the cutting area, as it contains the blades that do the cutting. The film is cut into smaller strips by non-motorized cutting tools. These strips are what give the stick pack its structure.

Tube Forming

This stage makes the pack of hollow sticks. If the sliced strips reach the top of the forming tubes, they will be wrapped around them. The forming tube acts as a glue to join the outermost layers.

Sealing System

The stick packaging machine seals with horizontal and vertical bars. These sealing jaws prevent product leakage by closing packing film edges. Vertical jaws glue film layers’ sides, while horizontal jaws glue the top and bottom.

Back and Center Sealing

The back seal has two wheels. The other set compresses and warms as the first draws the film.

End Sealing

Adjustable sealing jaws in a single package. A second pair of top brushes is situated at the sealer’s end to aid in cutting and end-to-end sealing.

Automatic Weighing

This machine has auto-weighing and lifting components to package products accurately.

Lifting System

A hoisting gear that helps with lifting package contents is also available in this machine.

Electrical Panel

To guarantee precision and efficiency in the packing process, an electrical system is built from servo motors, drivers, and a PLC control unit.


Sensors make the machines operate, identifying machine anomalies. These pieces help fill products precisely, maintain film tension, and detect the film edge. The sensors prevent film leakage.

Screen Touch Interface

The side touch panel sets operating settings. This is essential for machine control. The interface may also diagnose machine component errors.

Conveyor System

A conveyor system helps move materials smoothly between machine parts.


Manufacturing information such as product ingredients, brands, and expiration dates may be printed on the film using these alternative parts.


By supporting them on their structure, the frame enables the complete machine system stability.

Stick Pack: Unfolding New Era of Packaging!

Stick Pack Machine
Stick Packaging Benefits

How is a packing stick used?

The stick packaging or stick pack pouch is a tiny, thin packaging that is flexible. It is usually used to pack dry powders and even solids, liquids, and pastes for travel.

🔵 Size and convenience are the stick pack’s primary advantages. Stick packaging is thin, making pouring ingredients into water bottles easier. One stick pack carries one serving and fits nicely in your bags or pockets.

🔵 Stick packets are easier to open while offering the proper quantity of product. Guarantees product freshness.

🔵 Stick packs are best for powder, granular, and even liquid products—3-sided vertical fill, form, and seal (VFFS) packaging. Paper, plastic, or PE-coated aluminum may be used for packing. Fancy, colorful patterns attract customers, yet stick packs use 35% less packing material than sachets while being wrapped separately.

🔵 Stick packs offer lower film costs than other package options. This lowers production and packing expenses.

🔵 Convenient stick packs in eye-catching sizes attract buyers. It doesn’t go bad before it’s eaten, doesn’t need refrigeration, and may be used in one sitting.

🔵 Stick pack packaging machines measure the right quantity of powder for flavoring a standard-sized water bottle and packs it into individual packets. The stick-shaped packaging has various materials and colors, from plastic to paper. They may carry a small quantity of desired powder, similar to other packages. Often used to keep powdered juice and energy drinks fresh. S

Stick Pack Machine
MAKWELL Stick Pack Machine Benefits

🔵 Saves on materials like plastic and paper. This implies a low environmental effect from the stick packs.

🔵 Makes mass packet production straightforward and economical. These eco-friendly packs are ideal for companies with high production rates and minimal expenses.

🔵 MAKWELL makes stick pack machines with 55mm stick packs, designed for optimum performance and quality. With 180mm length and extra characteristics, stick pack equipment can satisfy consumers and ensure fulfillment.

🔵 Guarantee a system that is both lightweight and effective. Stick pack weight management that’s accurate means less wasted product. The convenience of easy maintenance is an additional bonus.

🔵 Selecting numerous lanes advantages from pistons for liquid items and auger dosing for powder products.

🔵 The easy-to-use PLC touch screen, greater product flow visibility, precise dosing, and little product loss are key features of our packaging equipment.

🔵 The efficiency and precision dosing will allow the machine to work quickly. With rapid speed, the 12-lane stick pack machine can pack up to 600 sticks per minute, making it ideal for operations requiring many shifts—compact size, mounted dosing device for ease of use and cleanup, and lightweight construction.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Stick Pack Machine? 

Stick packs transformed the distribution and consumption of a wide variety of products, from spices and drink mixes to sauces and even toothpaste. You can grab one of these pre-measured packets and carry it with you wherever you go. Stick packs are also cheaper to manufacture, mainly if you invest in a high-quality stick pack machine. You’ll be able to drastically minimize trash, which will help your business have a smaller environmental impact.

There are a few essentials to keep in mind when looking for a stick pack machine for sale. The following are some guidelines on what you should look for;

  • Whether you’re producing a powder, liquid, granule, or gel, you’ll find that there are machines that can fill ten or more lanes simultaneously. When selling and packing a wide variety of items, it might be helpful to have access to equipment that can fill a variety of stick-pack package sizes.
  • It is crucial to have a system that can identify and reject empty stick packs that made it through the production process.
  • Prioritize buying a piece of long-lasting equipment. Seek a sturdy machine made of corrosion-resistant metal. Customers will want your equipment to be able to shape tubes and collars to their specifications, as well as make zigzag cuts. The machine you’re using must be able to fill these tubes with the correct quantity of the finished product.
  • Finding a machine that can print stick pack tubes and stick packaging is also crucial. Identifying the contents of each stick packaging is an essential component of the manufacturing process.
  • Look for a device that has excellent controls that you can easily use. Choose a machine that is intuitive to use.

When looking for a stick pack solutions, you should keep in mind that not all stick pack machines are built the same and that there are a number of qualities you will want to have in a good one. Moreover, be a stick pack manufacturer and start creating your stick packs now. Let us be your stick pack co packer by providing you only the best  stick pack machine!

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