What Makes Tube Filling and Sealing Machines The Best Tube Manufacturing Solution?


tube filling and sealing machine

As one of the tube filling machine manufacturers in China, we offer cost-effective ways to fill a variety of products into different tube-shaped containers.

A tube filling and sealing machine is the best solution when you need to fill creams and liquids into tubes. They provide even and precise filling. Filling, sealing, and labeling are all three operations that may be completed automatically by this single machine. It is widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, daily chemical, chemical industries, etc.

This machine has a smooth and flat surface, no dead corners, is odorless and non-smelly, is easy to clean, and is simple to maintain and service. The design, production, assembly, debugging, testing, and the major components and materials were all done in compliance with GMP (GMP).

Filling and sealing tubes is easy with the tube filling and sealing machine, which is small and easy to use. It can smoothly and correctly fill a wide range of paste, ointment, viscous fluids, and other materials into different types of tubes.

The heating head will heat the tube with hot air, and operations such as sealing and batch number printing will work for both plastic tubes and aluminum tubes. With its largest production capacity, the machine can meet the needs of a wide range of industries. When filling, volume error is less than 1%. It is a filling and sealing equipment that performs hot air internal heating of composite tubes and plastic tubes through touch screen controls.

Additional Features

  1. This multi-purpose tube filler has 12 stations, each with a separate manipulator to fulfill the demands of different tail folding, plastic tube sealing requirements, and laminated tube requirements.
  2. Eye mark monitoring, tube feeding, optional tube cleaning, material filling, tail fold sealing, batch number printing, and final product discharge are all automatic processes that can work in a single run of the machine.
  3. The height of the tube storage is adjustable up and down by using the motor to meet different tube lengths. Also available is the external reversing feeding mechanism, which makes tube charging easy and organized.
  4. It has a mechanical linkage photo sensor that has a precision tolerance of less 0.2mm. This reduces the scope of chromatic aberration between the eye and tube mark.
  5. The machine has an integrative control system that includes photo electronic, electric, and pneumatic components. If there is no tube, there is no filling. The system alerts you when there is a change or low pressure.
  6. As a tube filling machine manufacturer, we put safety first. This means that we have a machine that stops operating when filling goes wrong. Perhaps when there is a safety door opens.
  7. The internal air heating of the multi-layer jacket quick heater. This ensures that the pattern on the tube’s outer wall has no damage and that the sealing effect is solid and attractive.
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