Toothpaste Filling and Sealing Machine

The new automatic Toothpaste Tube Filling and Sealing Machine is suitable for filling paste products. It can be filled with three-color toothpaste, and the filling speed is 90-110tubes/min.

Model: Three-color toothpaste
Tube Material: Aluminum/Plastic, Composite tube
Output: 90-110 tubes/min
Power: 3.7kw
Tube length: 100-220m
Tube Diameter: 22-40mm
Dimension: 2950*1310*2300mm
Weight: 3300KG

❶  In compliance with the standard of GMP dosing pump is a new type stainless steel butterfly valve for ointment filling a screw fine adjustment device is provided, so the ointment weighing is accurate.

❷  Thanks to the Adoption of the sophisticated accurately and reliably

❸  Change frequency to control the machine speed, Used FuKaiShen index drives and international advanced tube sealing systems.

❹ All parts of this aluminum tube filling and sealing machine in direct contact with the filling product are made of stainless steel 316L.

❺ According to the characteristics of the filling product, the filling nozzle can provide suction type and blow-off type.

❻ The mechanical folding combination knife can provide three ways of folding tail

Suitable Tube Diameter: 22-40mm
Suitable Tube Length: 100-220mm
Tube seat quantity: 40 site
Tube diameter 13-32mm
Compressed air pressure: 6bar
Filling range: 3-180ml
Output: 90-110tubes/min
Power: 3.7kw
Power Supply: 50Hz/380V
Working form: Double pump, pipe belt type
Filling Accuracy: ≦±1%

★ Applicable to related parts of a hose specification

★ Automatic hose feeding device

★ Cursor positioning device

★ Two stainless steel 316 filling pumps

★ 50L hopper (acid-proof design)

★ Mechanically elevated filling cam device

★ The tail is in the front out of the pipe device

★ Safety clutch for conveyor belt

★ Mechanical folding device

★ Full color touch screen electrical control system

★ Inverter speed controller

aluminum tube filling

aluminum tube filling and sealing machine
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