Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

Plastic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

Automatic ultrasonic filling and sealing machine can smoothly and accurately inject all kinds of paste, cream, viscosity fluid and other materials into the hose, and Siemens PLC control.

Aluminum Tube Sealing Machine

Aluminum tube sealing machine mainly uses metal hoses. This machine is widely used for product packaging in medicine, daily chemical, food, chemical and other industries. d other materials into the hose, and Siemens PLC control.etc.

Manual Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

This model is mainly used for filling and sealing materials with hoses as packaging containers. It is suitable for product packaging in the fields of medicine, daily chemical, food and chemical industry.

Semi Automatic Tube Sealing Machine

The machine adopts SUS304L material, PLC control, manual tube loading, cursor induction, automatic calibration, quantitative filling, high measurement accuracy, and beautiful and firm sealing.

toothpaste tube filling and sealing machine
Toothpaste Filling and Sealing Machine
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Makwell - The Best Tube Filling Machine Supplier in China

Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

Are you seeking an exclusive foundation that establishes in manufacturing multifunctional tube filling and sealing machines for your business and project assistance? Leave those worries away because MAKWELL gets your back! You can experience awe-inspiring product deals and tremendous discounts with your tube filling and sealing machine.

MAKWELL is the top-rated company in the manufacturing mixer, filling, and sealing machine. We accumulate for over 15 years in providing an exceptional production of tube filling and sealing machines. 

At MAKWELL, you can encounter some exciting realization if you ever try our tube filling and sealing machine. It provides you with some prestigious and irreplaceable features. Our tube filling and sealing machine can be advantageous for more comprehensive services since it fills with the extra durability of raw materials. We are providing you with realistic performance while operating. 

In addition, it features high-resilient and high-speed functions. It is a friendly human machine that provides a stable and excellent performance for multi-typed filling and sealing procedures. It also bears a flexible control system where you can control its filling speed and volume. A clean, pollution-free machine and does not do any severe maintenance. 

We, MAKWELL, use the almost tested and proven raw materials to maintain the high perspective of the structural quality of our tube filling and sealing machine. Our senior inspector deeply examines and tests every part of our machines to ensure that it reaches us to the highest percentage of quality standards.

Our tube filling and sealing machine obtains the ISO9001:2000, CE, and GMP certificate licensed. We are the most responsible tube filling and sealing machine manufacturer and supplier that trusts most of the well-rich and extensive market necessities local and international. 

MAKWELL prioritizes pure and absolute humanity service. We warmly accept any of your tube filling and sealing machine customization. We will let you experience pleasurable deals and the most considerable discount of all the machines. 

You can now hand on the most brand new and upgraded version of tube filling and sealing machine at the lowest cost. We can cater to the bulk of your orders. MAKWELL can present you with some of our tube filling and sealing machine samples, catalogs, and manuals for you to choose and testify. 

So if you are planning to extend your filling and sealing sales rating, MAKWELL can be your 100% solution. We aggressively support your filling and sealing profession by manufacturing and supplying you with the abundance of your needed machines. Our managing team and staff are more than anything happy to pick out as your business partner. We are overwhelmed to witness your success in this field of business.

Stay connected at MAKWELL. Feel free to send us your point of view with our manufacturing services!

What are the different types of Tube Filling machines?

The three most commonly used types of tube filling machines are:

1.The Fully Automatic Tube Filling Machine, which is an excellent choice for high-volume manufacturing;

2.The Semi-automatic Tube Filling Machine, which is best suited for small-scale manufacturing and is the most cost-effective option;

3.The Rotary Tube Filling Machine, which is a sort of machine that is available in both fully and semi-automatic configurations, making it simple for companies to choose the exact approach that best meets their production requirements.

What are the different types and advantages of tube filling and sealing machines available at MAKWELL?

MAKWELL is a well-known manufacturer of tube filling and sealing machines in China, developing excellent relationships with more than 100 clients globally. MAKWELL offers an excellent model and a variety of modifications of tube filling and sealing machines to successfully fulfill the needs of clients’ businesses and projects effectively.

MAKWELL supports OEM/ODM tube filling and sealing machine services. Therefore, the machine’s dimensions, widths, lengths, ranges, structural design, power tolerance, speed, and volume significantly increase, which are designed to meet the clients’ specific needs.

MAKWELL Tube filling and sealing machine

The MAKWELL Tube Filling and Sealing Machine fill and seals polyethylene and laminated tubes. The machines can fill and seal different products in tubes such as:

• toothpaste
• shampoo
• ointment
• cream
• gel
• as well as adhesives, sauces, and grease.

Tube filling and sealing machines are used to pack substances with the varying flow and viscosity properties. The machines are built to GMP standards and are suited for filling and sealing aluminum and laminated tubes.

The Different Types of Tubes for Tube Filling and Sealing Machines

During the filling and sealing operation, the machine makes use of a special formulation that is suited to the tube type and product being filled. Among the various types of the tube are:

1. Plastic Co-extruded tubes
2. Laminated tubes
3. Metal Collapsible tubes
4. Aluminum tubes

The tube filling and sealing machine works fully automatically. Discharge hoses automatically, fill, seal, label dates, and run other functions.

The Benefits/Advantages of Using a Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

1. Productivity increases in the manufacturing process– The tube filling lines enable companies to fill tubes with products rapidly. Due to its rapid filling and precision, it improves manufacturing efficiency.

2. Cost reduction– Using a tube filling and sealing machine reduces the amount of money spent on unnecessary manufacturing expenditures. It is thus a cost-saving solution.

3. Enhanced consistency and reliability– The filling machine provides exceptional uniformity and dependability in the filling process.

4. Minimize Product Waste– As the machine is very effective and precise, It reduces the level of production waste.

Tube Filling and Sealing Machine Operation

The tube filling machine is operated in a fully automated manner. At filling stations, tubes are mounted on a circular rotational plate. After the tube filling system’s initial setup, the product then moves on to the next step, which involves folding the tube. Once folded, it advances to the next station for coding. The filled tubes are then sent out as finished products to complete the process.


Tube Filling and Sealing Machine Process

Plastic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine dispenses cream, gel, and ointment into aluminum and plastic tubes; these tubes are then sealed with a sealing device. Starting by manually feeding tubes into the tube feeder, then a single chute transfers tubes and turns the bottom up.
From there, rotation wheels move the tubes to the dosing station, while a mobile vessel will transfer the semi-fluid product to the filling machine. A vacuum or sanitary pump will supply the filling machine with semi-fluid products to fill the tube using adjustable volume, then travel to the sealing station. Finally, the sealed tube moves onward.

What machines are needed in a complete production line of tube filling and sealing machines?

The machines that are needed in order to complete the production line of a tube filling and sealing machine are the filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, and finally, the cartoning machine. We are a tube filling machine manufacturer as well as other filling and packing machines. We are your source for tube filling machines.

How to deal with tube filling and sealing machine parts that are worn out?

To deal with tube filling and sealing machine parts that are worn out, first, make sure that all the lubrication levels are correct. If they aren’t, the parts will wear out faster. As soon as you know this part has done its job, change it right away. Nozzles are most commonly changed. As your tube filling machine manufacturer, we understand that production time is valuable. That is why we supply you with tube filling machine parts that are always available.

How effective is a semi-automatic tube filling machine?

As a tube filling machine manufacturer, we provide tube filling and sealing machines that meet your specific needs. The semi-automatic machine is common and costs less. With the help of a worker or an operator to work by hand, it can run almost all of the needed applications.  This type of tube filling machine can produce 30-35 tubes per minute, which is suitable for small-scale production units. Small in size and easy to use.

What is a rotary tube filling machine?

Rotary tube fillers are a popular choice in tube filling and sealing machines because they have many applications. A good thing about this machine is that it comes in both semi and fully automatic versions so that you can choose the best one for you. Rotary tube filling machines use heavy materials to ensure their reliability. Multitasking is easy with this machine because it can fill and seal, batch code, crimp, and eject all at the same time. Get in touch with us if you are looking for a tube filling machine manufacturer!

How important are tube sizes?

In the tube filling and sealing machine, the size of the tubes is very important. Only one item at a time should be on the production line. As soon as one product is done, the tube filling machine can move on to the next product with a different tube size. Please do not hesitate to contact us, your tube filling machine manufacturer, if you need further assistance.

How safe is the MAKWELL tube filling and sealing machine for beginners to use?

Our automatic filling and sealing machine for tube products are definitely safe for beginners. It has a safety system that protects the parts that make the machine work. It is useful when there is an emergency, and you need to act quickly. If an unlikely problem arises, you will be notified, ideal for new operators. Our filling and sealing machine for tube products’ safety system will automatically control the machine’s work and let you know what’s going on and what the problem is.

What happens if the tube filling and sealing machine malfunctions?

If you are experiencing problems with the automatic filling and sealing machine for tubes, we have technical support packed with professional engineers who can help fix problems or go to your site to assess your tube filling and sealing machine.

What are the specifications of the tube filling and sealing machine?

Basically, the specifications of the automatic filling and sealing machine for tubes will depend on your unique requirements. This addresses the individual needs of tube productions. With our help, consumers are free to choose what general specifications they want for their tube filling and sealing machine.

Does a cartoning machine necessary in tube filling production?

A complete line of automatic filling and sealing machines is always advantageous for tube productions. The cartoning machine will pack finished tube products for you, maximizing your whole production. Your line of tube filling and sealing machine will be more efficient and effective.

What happens to the cooling liquid after use?

With the automatic filling and sealing machine for tube productions, you must drain the cooling liquid used in the machine after each production. This will help maintain your tube filling and sealing machine.

What products can I fill with tube filling and sealing machine?

The MAKWELL automatic filling and sealing machine tubes fills a wide range of tube products. It is a machine used to fill cylinders with various fluids. You can fill pharmaceuticals, beauty care products, toothpaste, creams, and greases into many types of tubes. Contact us to find out why we’re the best tube filling machine manufacturer!

Does MAKWELL have different types of tube filling and sealing machines?

As a competitive tube filling machine manufacturer, we have a wide range of automatic filling and sealing machines for your tubes that can meet your needs. You can choose from Plastic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine, Aluminum Tube Sealing Machine, Semi-Automatic Tube Sealing Machine, and Manual Tube Filling and Sealing Machine. Our team can also customize one especially for you!

How reliable is the tube filling and sealing machine's dosing?

We are a tube filling machine manufacturer that guarantees consistent product dosage with our filling machines. Our automatic filling and sealing machine dosing pumps dispense dosing substances perfectly and accurately toward your required filling point. Dosing pumps let you get an exact flow rate regardless of what method you are using to fill your product.

Can I easily adjust the tube filling and sealing machine discharge unit?

As a tube filling machine manufacturer, we know each industry has its requirements. And yes, you can easily control and change the specific operations of the discharge unit to meet your needs. We give you an automatic filling and sealing machine discharge unit that is adjustable and measures the correct amount of filling products to fill your tubes.

What is the best tube filling machine filler for my paste products?

If you need a tube filling machine manufacturer for your paste products, we’re here to help! We have volumetric systems in our automatic filling and sealing machine that calculates and monitors the filling amount in paste fillers. This filler is very effective with highly viscous products and easy to keep up with.

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