MAKWELL Ultrasonic Tube Sealing Machine

Ultrasonic plastic tube sealing machine mainly seals composite pipes, PE pipes and aluminum-plastic pipes.

It uses ultrasonic waves to make the part of the plastic hose that seals produce a lot of heat because of the action of the transducer.The power can be freely adjusted according to the material and size of the hose, and the output is strong and stable

Unlike the internal heating sealer, the ultrasonic sealer can quickly change the tube, only 20 minutes, and there is no warm-up time.

Ultrasonic Tube Sealing Machines

Auto Ultrasonic Plastic Sealing Machine MWPF-1

Speed:15-35 tubes/minute
Adopt automatic identification system, no pipe, no filling, no sealing,304 stainless steel, resistant to acid and alkalinity and corrosion.

Semi-auto Ultrasonic Plastic Sealing Machine MWPF-2

Speed:18-30 tubes/minute
Suitable for composite pipes, PE pipes and aluminum-plastic pipes, no need to manually adjust the frequency, no need to preheat.

Semi-auto Ultrasonic Plastic Sealing Machine MWPF-3

Speed:8-12 tubes/minute
Using ultrasonic sealing technology, the sealing effect is stable; manually drop the tube, and the machine automatically sets the standard, fills, seals, codes, and trims the tail.

Manual Ultrasonic Plastic Sealing Machine MWPF-4

Speed:8-12 tubes/minute
It is suitable for aluminum tube sealing, with clear sealing pattern and simple operation. It can be combined with other types of filling machines to work at the same time.

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Ultrasonic Tube Sealing Machine Features.

  • The speed of sealing is fast.
  • The quality is excellent and aesthetically pleasing.
  • With its low impact on chemicals and no pollution, end sealing can be done without having to worry about the surface becoming dirty.
  • The ultrasonic sealing machine moves in a circuit and seals the tail of the hose and the composite pipe with ultrasonic waves.
  • The stability of operation is very good, and the efficiency is excellent.
  • All of the parts that move are from well-known brands.
  • The machine seals all kinds of soft tubes, like toothpaste, oil, cosmetics, food, industrial supplies, medicine, and so on.

Ultrasonic Tube Sealing Machine Service

  • From raw materials to finished products, strict quality control is maintained.
  • The use of various plugs and voltage rates.
  • Engineers will take orders for both OEM and ODM equipment.
  • Well-run logistics make sure that machines get to their destinations on time.
  • Response time of 24 hours or less, a one-year guarantee, and round-the-clock technical assistance are all included.
  • Protection of personal information.

Why Choose MAKWELL Ultrasonic Tube Sealing Machine?

ultrasonic generator
ultrasonic horn

MAKWELL has 15 years of production experience in ultrasonic tube sealing machine, MAKWELL ultrasonic sealing machine has unique advantages.

  • Pros and cons of mold making is an important part of the ultrasonic, we introduce advanced blocking analyzer, mold spectrum analyzer, through precise testing for mold’s frequency and analysis of mold’s wave by these equipment, thus can help machine with more stable and effective output power of ultrasonic, and reduce the chronic damage because of incompatible frequency with machine, what’s more, prolong life for machine and mold.
  • The ultrasonic sealing machine only needs to replace one set Cup holder, no preheat section,compared with the internal heating tube sealing machine.
  • Does not rely on heat to weld the hose and will not destroy the filling material composition.
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