Vertical Automatic Coffee Packaging Machine

Type: Vertical Automatic Coffee Packaging Machine
Bag Length: 80-400mm
Bag Width: 80-250mm
Max Width of Roll: 520mm
Packing Speed: 5-70 bags/min
Air Consumption: 0.65
Gas Consumption: 0.4m3/min
Power: 4kw
Voltage: 220V
Filling accuracy: ±1%
Weight: 600KG
Dimension(L*W*H): 1150*1790*1700mm

Vertical Automatic Coffee Packaging Machine

This automatic coffee packaging machine makes different types of bags, from film roll stock to ground coffee packaging. Pillow-shopped bags, gusset bags, and hanging hole bags are some of the bag types available. The operation is easy and efficient with a high-quality PLC control system and a color touch screen.

Use the latest servo film transport system and an imported color sensor for precise positioning, high machine performance, and flawless packaging. Automated alarm protection mechanisms help reduce losses. This vertical form fill and seal machine are widely used in coffee, spices, food, and many other industries.

automatic coffee powder packaging machine

Vertical Automatic Coffee Packaging Machine Features

  1. This coffee packaging machine is used to pack coffee. Different types of bags can be made, like pillow bags, gusset bags, quad seal stand-up bags, etc.
  2. Change the bag former quickly and easily.
  3. PLC control system with a user-friendly touch screen.
  4. This machine’s multiple servo motors allow it to operate smoothly and steadily while maintaining accurate placement.
  5. Auto alarm protection mechanism helps to prevent losses.
  6. Measuring, feeding, filling, bagging, and printing are all automated processes.
  7. Stainless steel 304 is food safe and long-lasting for use in packing preparation.
  8. One operator is all that is needed to run and maintain this machine.
  9. Up to 70 bags per minute packing speed.
  10. With 4 temperature sensors to ensure greater temperature stability, each heating block has its temperature controller.
chilli powder packing machine
powder packing machine

Vertical Automatic Coffee Packaging Machine Applications

This automatic coffee packaging machine can form different types of bags like pillow-shopped bags, gusset bags, and hanging hole bags. etc., from film roll stock for packaging ground coffee powder and other powder materials. It is suitable for many kinds of powder, such as coffee powder, flour, protein powder, milk powder, spice, starch, etc. This automatic powder packing machine is widely used in food, medicine, chemical, and powder products like protein powder, juice powder, seasoning powder, spices powder, masala powder, etc.

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What are the Characteristics of a Coffee Packaging Machine?

✔ Technical Characteristics

  1. This automatic coffee packaging machine is CE-certified.
  2. With servo motor-driven auger filler, servo motor drawing film, double belt for a faster, more stable operation.
  3. The Mitsubishi PLC computer has a touch screen that is simple to use.
  4. International brands make up the Siemens frequency changer and all of its spare parts.
  5. The five-sided forming tube makes it easy to create the ideal stand-up bag style.
  6. Optional equipment includes a heat transfer printer, an automated film correction motor, and an anti-static device.

Working Process

  1. Turn on the machine, wait for the temperature to reach a specific number, then use the touch screen to set the parameter.
  2. Place the material in the hopper of the feeding machine and turn it on to feed the material to the measurement hopper.
  3. Make sure the packing machine is working before setting the packaging film.
  4. Material is measured and bagged using the automatic auger.
  5. The bag former automatically makes bags, with automatic sealing.
  6. After the bag is sealed, a cutting device automatically cuts the final product and then dispenses.

Optional Bag Shapes 

Pillow bag, gusset bag, brick shape bag, bag with hanging hole, flat bottom stand up bag, quad seal stand up bag, and bag with an easy tear notch.

Optional Features/Devices

Date printer, quad seal bag assembly, bag-in-bag configuration, flat bottom bag assembly, hole punch, load shelf, product settler, gas flush, static elimination, tear notch, in-feed and takeaway conveyors, printers, metal detectors, label applicators, and check weighers

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