Vertical Automatic Flour Packaging Machine

Type: Vertical Automatic Flour Packaging Machine
Bag Length: 80-400mm
Bag Width: 80-250mm
Max Width of Roll: 520mm
Packing Speed: 5-70 bags/min
Air Consumption: 0.65
Gas Consumption: 0.4m3/min
Power: 4kw
Voltage: 220V
Filling accuracy: ±1%
Weight: 600KG
Dimension(L*W*H): 1150*1790*1700mm

Vertical Automatic Flour Packaging Machine

This flour packing machine automatically weighs, feeds, fills, makes bags, and prints dates. It can make different bags, like pillow bags, gusset bags, etc. Change bag former quickly for various bag sizes. This machine is controlled by a PLC control system and user-friendly touch screen and runs quickly, smoothly, and reliably with dual servo motors.

With automatic alarm system to reduce loss and one operator to work and maintain. It is 304 stainless steel and has up to 70 bags per minute packing speed. Each of the 4 temperature controls has its heating block for stable temperature. This vffs vertical form fill seal machine is suitable for packing powder products like flour, baking powder, spices, etc.

automatic flour powder filling machine

Vertical Automatic Flour Packaging Machine Features

  1. This flour packaging machine is low-cost, high-capacity, quick, and efficient.
  2. Large touch screen PLC control system from a well-known brand with easy operation.
  3. The horizontal sealing and film pulling down systems are operated by a servo motor.
  4. A fully automated warning system to keep losses under control.
  5. It is equipped with a feeding and measurement device for feeding, measuring, filling, sealing, dating, printing, charging (exhaust), counting, and distributing completed products.
  6. Depending on production needs, this machine can make a pillow-style bag, a bag that stands up, etc.
  7. Easily maintained with a single worker.
  8. Packing speed of 70 bags per minute.
  9. This vffs vertical form fill seal machine has 4 temperature controllers. Each heating block has its temperature controller to keep the temperature stable.
chilli powder packing machine
chilli powder packing machine

Vertical Automatic Flour Packaging Machine Applications

This automatic flour packing machine can weigh, feed, fill, make bags, and print the date simultaneously.

This machine is suitable for different types of liquids, grains, and powder products like flour, baking powder, coffee powder, spices, protein powder, medical powder, chemical powder, etc.

It is widely used in flour, powder industry, food, chemical, etc.

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Why is Automatic Flour Packing Machine Excellent for Packaging Wheat Flour Powder Products? 

Powder packing whole grains flour powder is important for health and food processing. Health and productivity are directly linked to the type of packing machine you choose. Now, what is the most effective flour packing machine? The automated vertical flour packaging machine is the best choice for packing 50g flour powder products. This machine measures flour for dispensing and has outstanding features, making it very popular.

Why automatic flour packing machine is the most suitable for wheat flour packaging? 

  1. This powder packing machine is specifically made to pack fine powders. Wheat flour packaging materials with a powdery effect are ideal for packing flour, corn flour, starch, grains, and food powders.
  2. This flour packing machine is equipped with international brand parts and is safe and environmentally friendly. Wheat flour can be safely packaged with it.
  3. Powder packaging machines lock wheat flour’s nutrients inside. It protects the flour from the harmful effects of moisture and decay, extending its shelf life and also preventing environmental damage.

High-precision automated flour packing machines are now available, thanks to improvements in automation and intelligence in powder packaging machines, which have led to more high-tech machines. This automatic vertical wheat flour packing machine is more time-saving in the production process and environmentally friendly.


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