What Are Industries That Widely Use Tube Filling and Sealing Machines?

Have you ever thought about how your favorite cosmetic cream got to be in a plastic tube? Tube filling and sealing machines are used by companies to fill tubes with fluids like liquids, semi-liquids, pastes, and thick fluids. These tubes are then sealed and labeled.

These tube filling and sealing machines are packaging machines that are used to fill cosmetic creams, toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, adhesives, ointment, shoe cream, and other pharmaceuticals in tubes made of plastic, aluminum, or laminated plastic.

It’s not easy to simply pack these products quickly and efficiently as their properties make it complicated. Thus, this automatic filling and sealing machine becomes essential, filling various types of products into suitable tubes.

Tube filling and sealing machine is used widely in many industries to improve productivity and efficiency while making the production process easier. No matter how thick the liquid is, this machine can fill many different kinds of tubes. Now let’s look at some of the industries that widely use this automatic filling and sealing machine;

Pharmaceutical Industry

ointment tubes

Why is a tube filling machine an essential part of medical packaging? During the packing process for ointment, a tube filling machine is a must.

Tube filling machines are applicable with all kinds of medical creams, liquid medicines, and syrups. Also, tube filling machines in the pharmaceutical industry are flexible as they are suitable for many different tasks, such as filling, sealing, and sorting.

Cosmetics Industry



Tube filling machines are very important in the cosmetics business, the world’s largest sector market. People today can’t nearly live without makeup because it gives them more confidence and energy.

Tube filling machines are most common in the cosmetics industry to fill creams, lotions, face masks, lipsticks, liquid foundations, etc. Tube filling machines in the cosmetics industry can definitely fill tubes and other similar containers, like composite pipes. So, this machine is changeable to fit the needs of each product. It also seals labels and package cosmetic products.

Food Industry

food tubes


Foods need to be processed, packaged, and sent to different places, so the types of food also affect the types of machines used to package food. But with the help of tube filling machines, there are now many different kinds of machines that can fill tubes with different types of food. All the production steps, like feeding, metering, filling and bagging, printing the date, and putting the product out, can now be automatic. This saves a lot of time and effort and is very convenient.

The tube filling machine helps fill food like peanut butter, milk, chocolate, laminated food, etc., into tubes and seal them.

Daily Chemical Products Industry

toothpaste tubes

Think about how much we use toothpaste to see how important the tube filling and sealing machine is to our daily lives. Using an automatic filling and sealing machine for tubes will solve the problem of loose sealing from foreign substances on the pipe wall. The packaging process will become more aesthetically pleasing as well. Applicable in filling shampoo, liquid soap, foot bath liquid, body and hair treatments, and even color.

Tube Filler and Sealer Design

Tube fillers are designed to fill products in tubes aseptic or cleanly. During the filling process, maintaining the aseptic condition of the products is important. This means that flavor and color enhancers in drinks aren’t necessary to meet the standards for safe products.

Because this tube filling and sealing machines are so popular, sterile, sensitive, and diverse products with low minimum order quantities have become the standard, while products with large capacities have become the exception.

As the trends and demands keep on changing, MAKWELL, as a tube filling machine manufacturer, have come up with a tube filling machine that is more flexible and is suitable for many different kinds of packaging.

Auto Ultrasonic Plastic Sealing Machine MWPF-1
Ultrasonic Plastic Sealing Machine MWPF-1

This ultrasonic tube filling and sealing machine not only speeds up the development of new technologies but also improves the accuracy of filling and sealing by using new technologies, intelligence, and automation.

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