What Are Makwell’s Cosmetic Cream Filling Solutions?

cream filling machines


The first step in understanding different cosmetic cream filling machines is to know what is being filled because the type of filler depends on your product material. And here’s what you need to know;

Cream is one type of cosmetic. Any product that cleanse, enhances, or improves the skin, hair, nails, is a cosmetic. Make-up, perfume, skin cream, nail polish, grooming supplies, soap, shampoo, shaving cream, deodorant, etc., are examples of cosmetics. Using a fingertip as a guide may assist in determining how much cream is required to cover the affected areas.

There are many different kinds of cosmetics, from small liquids like perfume and baby oil to thicker creams and lotions for the skin and hair. In a business that sells many different kinds of goods, one filling machine doesn’t usually work for all of them.

By all means, when filling cosmetic creams, we offer several types of cosmetic cream filling solutions that you may customize to fit your unique needs!


cream filling machines


 Cosmetic Cream Ointment Lotion Filling Machine

Makwell Designs and Builds Filling Machines and Packaging Equipment for Cosmetic Creams

Our cosmetic cream filling machines are of high-quality materials to work efficiently and accurately. Pneumatically equipped auto piston types with practical features and are compact, used to fill cosmetic creams, ointments, lotions, adhesives, balms, food, piston, or pharmaceutical products in cream/lotion, etc. We offer interruption-free, heavy-duty cosmetic filling machines at the most affordable price ranges.

These cream filling machines use rotary valve pistons and operate on a volumetric principle. The machines are compact and adaptable and have a stainless steel body with an elegant matt finish. They have self-centering devices and a stainless steel piston. The main drive of the machine and the conveyor is an AC motor with a variable AC frequency drive that synchronizes with it.

Rotary Valve Model

This cosmetic cream/ointment filling machine has a rotary valve and can be used to dispense lotions and creams with ±1% accuracy. With automatic units, containers move on a conveyor belt, and at the filling station, the container lifts to ensure the right amount of lotion, ointment, or cream is in it. It has an in-feed hopper, a rotary valve with a positive shut-off nozzle that stops drips, a stroke limitation fill volume adjustment, and is made to stand independently. The frame is stainless steel, pneumatic control systems, and electric single-phased. Containers move on a stainless steel slat conveyor and are feed below the filling nozzles through a system of valves that operates pneumatically, and pneumatically controls the stoppers. The containers place right in the middle of the nozzles to keep cream or lotion from spilling out.

What are the main characteristics of cosmetic cream filling machines? 
  1. Fine adjustment of filling volume using volume adjustment stud.
  2. The star wheel under the filling head centers the bottles or containers.
  3. No container, no filling system feature.
  4. The height of the container and the space between the nozzle and the container determine the size of the nozzle.
  5. Fully automatic cream/lotion filling machine for precise filling in jars, containers, and bottles of all shapes and sizes of products with viscosities ranging from thin to thick.
  6. The filling capacity varies from 5 grams to 1 kilogram.
  7. This lotion filling machine features a positive cut-off valve for drip-free filling.
  8. The filling quantity is easily adjustable.
  9. This ointment filling machine is connectable with automatic capping and labeling devices to form a complete cream filling line. Great for filling creams, lotions, ointments, adhesives, balms, etc. in food, pharmaceuticals, or beauty products.
  10. The main drive of the machine and conveyor drive has an A/C motor with a variable A/C frequency drive. These synchronize to the motor.
  11. Choose to fill a wide variety of viscous, thick product materials.
  12. Fill liquids that are viscous all the way up to products that are thick and include particles.
  13. These filling machines for cosmetic creams are easy to use, clean, maintain, and mechanically dependable. Metered dosing is reliable and accurate. Another key point, optional extra parts like a water-jacketed hopper and an acrylic cabinet are available.  With the stirrer screw type pushes material downward.
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