What Are Makwell’s Shampoo Filling Solutions?

The shampoo is a hair care product that is used to clean hair. It usually comes in the form of a thick liquid. The shampoo is sometimes in a bar shape, like a soap bar. To use the shampoo, apply it to wet hair, massage it to the scalp, and then rinse it. Some people may use a hair conditioner after shampooing. Most of the time, people use shampoo to get rid of the buildup of sebum in their hair, but not so much that it makes their hair unmanageable. Most shampoos are made by mixing water with a surfactant, sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium Laureth sulfate, and a co-surfactant, Cocamidopropyl betaine. The sulfate element functions as a surfactant, or heavy-duty soap, making it easier to capture oil and grease. If you want to bottle shampoo, we have several different types of shampoo filling machines for you to choose from.

Makwell Designs and Builds Filling Machines and Packaging Equipment for Shampoo


shampoo filling machine

Our shampoo filling machines are built to keep up with the evolving demands of the shampoo industry. We design and build the best shampoo filling machines to match your production needs.

The shampoo is one of many liquid products that can be filled and packaged by our equipment. Almost any shampoo packaging facility can use complete systems of shampoo filling machines, labelers, cappers, and conveyors to meet its needs. Our machines can also fill and package various other liquids, from beverages to industrial liquids with low to high viscosity. You can make your liquid packaging facility last as long as possible by using our system of reliable equipment.

Integrate A Complete System of Shampoo Filling Machines

Shampoos are one of the thick liquids our liquid filling machines can handle. In addition to the shampoo filling machine, we offer different types of liquid packaging technology to ensure that your packaging system is complete, reducing the chance of failures while increasing output. We give you several options to meet your application’s needs.

After filling the bottles, the capping machine attaches customized caps to make an airtight seal that keeps the bottles from getting dirty or leaking. The labeling machine applies clear labels made of Mylar or paper on containers. Each label has its own logo, text, and images. You may use a system of conveyors with custom speed settings to ensure that your shampoo products move quickly and efficiently from the beginning to the end of the filling and packaging processes. Using all of these pieces of equipment together, you can make a production line that works well and gets the desired results.

Design A Customized System of Machinery

Our full line of shampoo bottle filling machines are customizable to fit different shampoo production needs. We offer equipment that comes in many different sizes and can be set up in a way that makes it easy to use in almost any kind of production line. If you need help finding the best shampoo filling machines and other equipment for your production line, our team of experts can help you choose the machines, set up the system, and install them for you. Using a customized liquid packaging system, you can keep breakdowns to a minimum and get the most work done over time.

If you want to start designing and establishing a new system for packaging and filling liquids, give us a call today. Our skilled and experienced team will help you. We offer extra services like operator training, field service, performance improvement, field service, and leasing to help you get the most out of your shampoo filling machines, making you more productive and successful.

Shampoo Filling Machines

Our automatic shampoo filling machines can fill all kinds of liquids with different viscosities. This machine can also cap, label, and print on shampoo bottles. Bottles of different sizes and shapes may be directly inserted into the machine for filling and can also be used to fill bottles with odd shapes.

This shampoo bottle filling machine has a pneumatic piston booster and a volume measurement that makes filling very accurate. It is applicable extensively in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, and other industries.

  • This shampoo filling machine combines compactness and affordability.
  • Using international brands on electrical parts such as the main powered cylinder, double-action cylinder. It also has a magnetic switch, PLC, photoelectricity, and touch screen to ensure excellent quality and long-term consistency.
  • Maintenance is easy and doesn’t require any tools. This machine is easy to take apart, clean, and fix.
  • Filling accuracy and quantity is adjustable and set within a wide range before trimming.
  • We can make the filling machine fit your production needs. Changing the number of filling heads and the size of the cylinders. You may choose 6 heads, 8 heads, or 10 heads. Choose a cylinder size between 25 and 250 ml, 50 and 500 ml, 100 and 1000 ml, and 250 and 2500 ml. The speed of the whole machine is adjustable.
  • Because the materials have different viscosities, we set up a special filling valve. It is flexible and adaptable to fit different situations. We developed a descending filling lift system. We also made a horizontal bottle-aiming fixture for materials. This would fall in the right place at the mouth of the bottle.
  • This machine uses a weight-filling mechanism to set the flow parameter. This makes it flexible enough to handle a wide range of materials. The system makes it possible for one machine to have multiple uses without the need for extra parts. This reduces spending costs on equipment repeatedly.
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