What Are The 4 Bottling Technologies Used In Bottle Filling Machines?

bottle filling machine

In an automated bottle packing line, such as a filling, capping, and labeling line, automatic bottle filling machine guides, arranges, fills, caps, and releases filled bottles.

The process of bottling can be complex. It includes consistently filling products into containers that are shaped and sized differently. The suitable bottle filling equipment will quickly and accurately fill containers with the set quantity of product. With this, we offer various industries full filling and packaging solutions, including bottling systems. We have a wide range of automatic bottle filling machines, as well as capping and labeling devices.

What bottling method is ideal for your product’s viscosity and other properties? Bottling technologies include piston, timed flow, metered flow, and overflow. Peanut butter is best handled by a piston filler, which maintains the product warm, reducing its viscosity, and is powered by a powerful pneumatic cylinder. On the other hand, acetone may be gravity fed into an overflow filler.

bottle filling machine

Beverage/Water/Oil Bottle Filling Machine

Volumetric Bottling Machines

Volumetric bottle fillers are another name for a type of piston filler. In a piston filler, the amount of product that goes into the bottle is determined by the piston’s diameter and the stroke’s length. Change the length of the stroke to fill a glass or plastic container with a different amount of product. When filling bottles with a piston bottle filler, it works best with thicker liquids or liquids that have chunks of fruit or vegetables in them.

Timed Flow Bottling Machines

If you have a filling machine that gives out the product at a steady flow rate, these fillers will use the time to measure your product. This type of machine, which can be big or small, works well with light oils and water-based solutions.

Metered Flow Bottling Machines

To deliver the product at a steady volume defined by pump shaft rotations, use a gear or lobe pump. This type of metered flow filling machine works best with thicker liquids that don’t have any solids in them.

Overflow Bottling Machines

Overflow filling systems are also used to make light oils and watery products that need to be filled to the same level as the top of the container. No matter how the containers look, the products on the shelf will look like it is filled to the same level.

What is the key factor to consider when choosing a bottle filling machine?

Here is the critical factor to keep in mind if you plan to expand your product line using an automatic bottle filler. The viscosity of your product is the most important factor to look at when choosing bottling equipment. A liquid filling machine fills peanut butter and acetone in bottles. Both peanut butter and acetone are liquids, but they are on opposite ends of the range for how thick they are. The process for filling peanut butter in a bottle is very different from the process for filling acetone in a bottle.

Customized Bottle Filling Solutions

Each customer, company, facility, or production has different products and containers. Our bottling systems are customizable to fit special glass or plastic containers and product combinations. In addition, we have a strong track record of integrating bottle-filling solutions with existing packaging systems.

As a manufacturing company, we specialize in bottle filling machine manufacture, providing high-quality and economical semi-automatic and automatic machine bottle fillers for small and large businesses. We have the expertise to give larger companies advanced technology at affordable rates, providing automated packaging lines.

Choosing Bottles/Containers

As you plan your liquid filling system, choosing bottles that will suit your products is important. Using readily available machine parts, simple round bottles with straight sides are easy to handle. Selecting novelty bottles will take longer to plan, build, and test plastic bottling machines.

As the business starts up and grows, it needs a higher rate of production from its bottling system. The first machine a new company buys is usually a simple bottling machine that can fill one plastic or glass bottle at a time. The operator handles the bottles before and after filling process. By adding more nozzles to the bottling system, production rates go up. These machines goes from being semi-automatic to fully automatic. It’s not unusual for bottling systems to fill up to twelve nozzles at the same time, whether to fill glass or plastic bottles. In these filling systems, a conveyor belt moves the bottles under the nozzles, stops while the liquid fills the bottles, and then moves the filled bottles out.

Our team of engineers has the knowledge and skills. We help you choose the best bottling equipment that is suitable for your production rates, product, and containers.

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