oil bottle filling machine

The rapid opening of the times has accelerated the rapid opening of Filling Machine Supplier. Only by closely following the footsteps of the era, we may not be chosen. Today’s society is looking for efficient and intelligent, and oil companies are no exception. The fully automatic Oil Filling Machine is just right for the large-scale and intelligent production that oil companies seek. Earth’s fully automatic edible oil filling line integrates bottle feeding, filling, sealing, and bottle discharging as a whole, with a fully automated process, requiring only one person to operate the entire line. In addition to these, the convenient fully automatic

Oil filling machine has the following advantages.

1. Fewer people

Harmonious control of the entire line, only one person to operate.

2. Simple operation

Humanized planning of the entire line, fool-like operation, simple exercises can be easily grasped.

3. Repairing convenience

Easy to install and dismantle structure is selected for easy protection and repair.

4. Disadvantage rate is low

Selection of high-quality and imported components, durable.

5. Advanced performance

Nanny-style punctual return visit performance, which deals with hidden shortcomings in advance.

6. Easy repair

Select high-quality anticorrosive materials for agrochemical operations, and use special materials for special materials to ensure corrosion resistance

7. High pass rate

The stand-alone pass rate is high and the multi-line detection and removal system of the entire line equipment ensures that each product is 100% qualified.

8. High production capacity

Fully excavate the output of a single machine and equip the entire line with intelligent harmony system, which is 20% more production capacity than similar products.

9. Fast switching

Modular planning, numerical standard indication, and quick-installation structure ensure fast switching.

Common fault knowledge of Oil filling machine

First, after the controller is started, the grease nipple comes out but the controller does not measure (less running)

Clean up:

Inspect if there are damage and disconnection in the signal line. If there’s a disconnection, connect it according to the original color, or change it. Introspect for damage in the platinum resistance. If there is, change it. Clarify that the temperature signal line is short-circuited or disconnected. If the temperature displays -20 ° C, clarify for the temperature signal line disconnection, please reconnect it. If the temperature display does not fluctuate, it indicates that the platinum resistance has a performance, please change it.

Second, the filling nozzle of edible oil does not go down

Third, the concept of catching the oil will not go down

Fourth, the oil does not fluctuate during the filling process

Scrub the oil filling machine once a week, especially the places that are not easy to clean in normal use or blown with compressed air.

Oil filling machine is an indispensable device for filling edible oil. In order for the Oil flling machine to achieve a more perfect filling effect, it is also necessary to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance.

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