What Are the Different Types Of A Tablet Capsule Counting Machine?

Capsule Counting Machine

A tablet or capsule counting machine may be broken down into many distinct categories, each of which is dependent on the machine’s functioning and design. From a technical point of view, recognizing the wide variety of this equipment is essential for every user. Tablet counting machines are characterized as follows depending on their way of operation:

Different Types of Tablet Capsule Counting Machine 

Manual Counter

This is the first generation of capsule counters using older-generation technology. This equipment, however, is highly recommended as it meets all cGMP requirements.


This machine can count capsules as well as tablets of varying sizes and shapes. However, a manual capsule counting machine is only as accurate and efficient as its operator. Some are rather simple; for example, tablet counting may be done efficiently using a portable device.

Some of them are rather complex and have several qualities in common with semi-automatic devices. Nevertheless, most manual tablet counting machines are simple to use, reliable, and quiet.

Semi-Automatic Capsule Counter Machine

It’s an equipment that combines manual and automatic features into a single unit. The operating foundation filters down to the features that rely on user input. However, sometimes other occurrences would take place within the machine. This means that there will be moments when human input will be necessary during operation.

Semi automatic capsule counting machine

The results you get from using this equipment will often be excellent. PLC systems with built-in HMIs are one of its distinguishing characteristics. It also incorporates a mechanism for hands-free bottle feeding and removal.

In addition, the semi-automatic capsule counting machine’s photoelectric system of scanners ensures pinpoint precision while counting capsules. Considering it has superior technological qualities, it is an ideal piece of machinery for counting pharmaceutical products.

Fully Automatic Tablet Counting Machine

The advanced technology included in this tablet counting machine makes it the most effective option available today. The name says it all: this capsule counting machine is fully automated, so it scarcely needs any human input at all.

This machine’s technical innovation enables it to count tablets using a specially created algorithm. It combines technologies from several branches of mechanical, computer, optical, and electrical engineering. Of course, the main goal of the integration as a whole is to provide accurate counting methods. Even so, because it requires steps such as data entry and adjusting performance settings, it does not totally remove the need for human involvement.

Capsule Counting Machine

Its cutting-edge, high-tech image processing capabilities are one standout feature. As a result, it can precisely count pills even while processing them in mass. When counting capsules, it is also very quick, effortlessly counting several thousand per minute. This equipment has full automation and uses a sophisticated PLC system for all facets of operation. Additionally, it has a colorful touchscreen HMI that you may use to adjust various operational settings conveniently.

Additionally, this technology automatically removes uneven capsules and capsule bottles with incorrect fill levels. Also, it has anti-dust and auto-self-clean systems, both of which are necessary while working in a dusty environment.

How do full-automatic and semi-automatic machines compare then? The fundamental difference between these two categories of capsule counter machines is often one of the capabilities. The following characteristics of these two machines distinguish them from one another:

Production Capacity

Fully automatic counting equipment is preferable to semi-automatic counting machines because it can count a greater number of tablets in a shorter amount of time.


Without question, more advanced technology is included in a tablet counting machine that is fully automatic. Therefore, it has a better accuracy, which is near perfection. This is a significant improvement in comparison to what the semi-automatic option provides.


Compared to fully automatic options, semi-automatic models often have lower initial costs for their acquisition and configuration.

Labor Demands

Because almost all of the machine’s characteristics are controlled by computers, full-automatic devices often need very little human supervision, which lowers labor expenses. On the other hand, a semi-automatic machine still requires some level of human participation. And as a consequence, it may need somewhat more costly labor expenses.

The above-mentioned technological factors make it plainly clear that a fully automatic capsule counting machine is significantly more productive than a semi-automatic one. However, the number of tablets, capsules, or pills you need to count is the most crucial consideration when deciding which of the numerous options is the best choice for your purposes.

So even today, there may still be a number of circumstances and applications where a semi-automatic machine is suitable. Simply put, it is crucial to choose the capsule counting machine that is most compatible with your production needs and, of course, your budgetary restrictions.

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