What Are The Different Types Of Bottle Filling Machines?

A bottle filler or bottle filling machine is widely used in various industries. They are an excellent choice wherever liquids need to be efficiently filled into multiple containers. Different industries mean different types of liquid filling machines. These machines are made to fit unique bottling needs. Let’s look at the many types of bottle filling machines now!


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Fully Automatic Bottle Filling Machine 

As the name suggests, this machine automatically fills liquids with little human help. It is a bottling solution for excessive human labor. It works so well that all the bottles are set up and filled automatically. This machine is accurate and does not leak when filling. This is because it can quickly fix syringes to suitable sizes. During the filling process, the speed is adjustable using automatic speed variation control.

Automatic bottle filling equipment can also be set up to fill different-sized bottles based on the quantity of packaging. Capping devices place caps on the containers after filling. Following that is the labeling feature. This is where the labels on the containers are fastened.

Semi-Automatic Bottle Filling Machine

A semi-automatic liquid filling machine is partly operated by hand and usually needs more work manually. So you must set up the bottles or other containers yourself before filling them. Remember that in some semi-automatic filling machines, the labels are also put on by hand.

Other Types of Bottle Filling Machine

🔵 Twin Head Liquid Cooler Machine

As the name suggests, it has two filling nozzles and two heads. This machine helps improve the production process and doesn’t need human labor. They are the perfect machine for some of the biggest industries, like cosmetics, drugs, and pesticides. They do a great job of filling milk, oil, and beverages. Even though all these bottle filling machines do the same functions, they are not all the same. Some are semi-automatic, while others are fully automatic.

🔵 Four-Head Bottle Filling Machine

Four head filling machines fill vessels accurately. These machines have features such as rubber stoppers depending on the volume and speed involved. This machine’s optional turntable makes it different from other types. Infeeds and outfeeds are adjustable at the right speed.

🔵 Six-Head Bottle Filling Machine

Six filling nozzles move around the conveyor in this filling machine. The containers place on the conveyor for filling. The nozzles are easily set to meet the manufacturer’s needs and stop spills. These filling machines can handle products that are very thick and those that aren’t as thick. Remember that these machines are not fully automatic, so they need some help from an operator. So, the operator will use touchscreens to change the amount of filling.

🔵 Eight-Head Bottle Filling Machine

This bottle filling machine features up to 8 filling nozzles.

🔵 Vial Liquid Bottle Filling Machine 

Bottle filling equipment are also widely used for vial liquid filling. Filling materials can be viscous, liquids, suspensions, or powders. In the pharmaceutical industry, vials are most typically fill medicinal liquids and suspensions.

Vials also apply in other fields, such as biotechnology, animal health, and ophthalmology. In these industries, the injected liquids fill into glass vials. Then, these vials move through a stop-start transport section until the finished products are ready.

Pharmaceutical bottle fillers are a great way to cut down on product waste. They also make sure that the volume is exact and consistent. To reduce the amount of oxygen, a vacuum can also be added.  These machines are beneficial, adaptable, and come in different forms.

🔵 Electronic Bottle Filling Machine

This type of bottle filler needs electricity to work. It is fully automatic and comes with a clutch brake, labelers, snap cappers, station cappers, turntables, conveyors, etc. Along with these great features, this machine has rotary sorting bowls, vibratory sorting bowls, molten fillers, and inductive sealers. It is complex and made with high-tech parts. So, it requires an expert operator.  It also has pre-feeders, liquid fillers, and elevator sorters. Electronic fillers use a lot in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure precise filling and that the process is fast and clean.

Bottle Filling Machine with Capping feature

This bottle filler has the capability of capping filled containers. It is fully automatic and produces excellent capping results.

Bottle Filling with Rubber Stoppering Machine

This machine is applicable to for low- to medium-speed vial filling and rubber stopper insertion applications. The capacity and output of the vial may vary from 2 to 100 ml. The machine’s speed may increase to fill up to 100 vials each minute.

Bottle Filling Machines for Sale

We offer advanced filling machines with easy controls and high performance. Automatic bottle filling machines are a great way for companies to properly handle massive quantities of liquid filling.

We offer a variety of bottle filling machines at affordable prices that come straight from the factory. You are welcome to let us know what liquid you need to package and what functions you require. We specialize in bottle filling machine manufacture, bringing you the best liquid bottle packaging solutions!

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