What Are The Different Types Of Vacuum Emulsifying Mixers?

Lifting Vacuum Emulsifier

Vacuum emulsifying mixers are mixing equipment with many uses. It can mix, disperse, homogenize, emulsify, and aspirate materials that are very thick. It has a way of keeping dead corners from happening. This is because it has scrapers that help get materials off the inside surface of the machine. It is controlled by electricity, with oil and water in cans around the edges. It also has a vacuum system, a heating system, and a cooling system. This machine is used to mix various products, including creams, lotions, ointments, and liquid creams.

Following are the types of vacuum emulsifying mixers:

Vacuum Homogenizer

This vacuum homogenizer can deform, stir, and homogenize or mix materials. It has a vacuum emulsifier, a platform for operating the machine, and a vacuum system and is controlled by an electric system.

This machine processes resources in the food industry. It makes gels, creams, and lotions for cosmetics. While the pharmaceutical industry also uses this technology to make ointments, oral syrups, and creams.

The oil pot, water pot, and operating platform are adjustable to fit the operator’s needs. It is made according to CGMP rules, and the parts that touch the products are made from SS316L. This vacuum homogenizer works well with materials that aren’t too thick.

Vacuum Planetary Mixer

This vacuum planetary mixer combines very thick and sticky materials. When it starts to work, the planet carrier spins, which makes the shaft in the box that stirs also spin. This happens very quickly around the tank for emulsifying. The strong shearing and kneading of the materials caused by the fast rotation helps emulsify, spread, and mix the materials.

Inside the mixing tank of this machine is a knife-like scrapper. It helps remove materials stuck to the wall of the mixing tank. This boosts the machine’s efficiency by doing so. It can also perform reliably under vacuum and discharge water and other materials. Water or oil may be used to heat or cool the mixing tank. This machine features a double column that automatically elevates and lowers its rack, cover, and agitator through hydraulics. The planetary vacuum mixer includes an efficient and user-friendly charge and discharge mechanism.

Vacuum Stainless Steel Mixing Pot

This vacuum stainless steel mixing pot is the simpler option for vacuum mixers. It leaves out other parts of the machine that are unnecessary. This machine is very affordable and works well for industries that only need to mix simple materials. It mixes chemicals for cleaning, soup, building materials, and fluids. Also a “washing pot” because it mixes chemicals used for daily washing.

What is an automatic vacuum emulsifying mixer?

Because it has a high-speed shear head, this automatic vacuum emulsifying mixer operates at a very high speed. It has a blade mixer for mixing very thick ingredients and a high-speed homogenizer that helps make emulsions. Use scrapers to get rid of materials stuck on the surface of the mixing tank to avoid dead corners.

This machine makes a downward current that helps mix the materials and move them through a continuous process. High speed causes pressure to change from the bottom to the top of the homo-head. This causes breaking, mixing, and emulsification. The materials pour out of the homo-head’s top, and the blade mixer’s down-force brings them back. This occurs if the upward pressure decreases.

This automatic vacuum emulsifying mixer is perfect for mixing materials with low viscosity. The vacuum function automatically pulls the raw materials into the mixer. Vacuuming, heating, and cooling may all in a single process. Because it is automatic, emulsification, mixing and spreading out evenly happen in a fairly short amount of time. The control system is fully automatic. It has a touch button, a timer, and a recorder for the process. Stainless steel makes the parts that don’t touch the materials. Because it works in a vacuum, it automatically stops air from getting into the mixer’s chamber. This automatic emulsifying mixer can also be with a CIP, which helps keep the mixer clean by triggering it to clean itself regularly.

What is a semi-automatic vacuum emulsifying mixer?

This semi-automatic vacuum emulsifying mixer works with both human and machine contributions. The materials place into the pots by hand, and so the machine runs. It does emulsifying work, and the final product is taken out of the tank by hand. Also, it has to be cleaned and sanitized by hand. This is because CIP and SIP are not built into the semi-automatic emulsifying mixer.

This semi-automatic vacuum mixer machine has a vacuum system, water, and oil pots, a hydraulic lifting system, and a system for tilting the machine. It also has a system for heating and cooling, a system for controlling the temperature, and an electric control panel. Semi-automatic vacuum emulsifying mixers work the same as automatic ones, but the emulsification process must be by hand for it to work.

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